Charis McGowan

Charis McGowan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Charis McGowan

Freelance journalist. 
Areas: Music, culture, literature, tech
Topics: Feminism, gay rights, environment.

My work has recently been published in El Pais, Noisey, Clash Magazine, Sounds & Colours, Cambridge University Press' Journal of the Marine Biological Association, Papen Press' nonfiction book, "Was Gabo an Irishman?" and Sounds and Colours' 2016 book on Argentinian Culture.

MA political communication & journalism, University of Amsterdam


English Spanish Dutch

Are you losing your individuality to your company? | What happens when businesses, or employees, take the "brand ambassador" concept too far? How much does becoming your brand mean sacrificing your individuality?


"Women that make noise" One day after the mass Ni Una Menos protest, which demanded women’s rights and safety against rising instances of domestic abuse and femicide in Latin America, Chilean pop star Francisca Valenzuela talks to us about using music as a platform to campaign for women’s equality.



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