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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Charles Kombe is a journalist based in Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania. Charles is a Presenter and Producer for Mlimani Radio. 
He also works as a freelance radio producer for Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) as well as Safari Channel Documentaries; programs based on creating awareness to the community on national reserves and tourism.
Charles is also a Correspondent at Voice of America.


English Swahili


Albino Killings in Northen Tanzania


Tanzanians are grappling with a hike in tomato prices, as some customers in the country's biggest city, Dar es Salaam, say they have seen almost a threefold increase in tomato prices around February an march this year. The shortage said to be caused by poor infrastructures especially roads that many are destructed by the ongoing rain that hinder transportation to the market. Here is my report from Dar es salaam - Tanzania


This was the world spin day (Oct 16) 2017. A physiotherapy company conducted a demonstration to advocate the best ways of getting aware from destructing the spinal cord and how people can protect.

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