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Charmaine Chitate

Harare, Zimbabwe
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About Charmaine
I am a Communication & Media Specialist, continuously working on evolving into a resource influenced by creative elements. I have over fifteen years of experience working in varied capacities with advertising agencies, television production houses and for one of Africa’s largest multidisciplinary arts festival (CNN, 2014).  I bring experiences gained from my past lives into humanitarian and development aid to serve one purpose: amplifying the stories of those I meet, visually and through written narratives.
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A documentary prepared for the USAID-funded Takunda resilience food security activity in Zimbabwe.

Art and Protest in Zimbabwe: The Fall of Mugabe and the Role of the National Gallery

05 Apr 2023  |  Contemporary And
The article discusses the intersection of art and politics in Zimbabwe during the end of Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule. It highlights the role of artists and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in the protests against Mugabe's government. The gallery, which showcased works by local and international artists, became a stage for protests. The military siege in November 2017 and the subsequent resignation of Mugabe were pivotal moments for the country, with artists like Kudzanai Chiurai critiquing the post-colonial state through his exhibition 'We Need New Names'. The article also describes spontaneous performance art in the streets during the protests, contrasting the inclusive nature of street art with the more exclusive atmosphere of gallery openings. The author, Farai Mudzingwa, provides insights into the cultural scene in Harare and his involvement in a critical writing workshop.

Josephine’s Story

14 Aug 2020  |  medium.com
Josephine Mupambwa, a star athlete and top student from Mutoko, Zimbabwe, had her education and dreams constrained by financial difficulties. Despite her academic and athletic success, she was unable to complete her high school exams due to lack of funds. She married her high school teacher and they have three sons. The story also includes a parable about the importance of sharing resources, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing drought in Zimbabwe.

Kundai’s Story

18 Jul 2020  |  medium.com
At the age of 9, Kundai Chihuri assumed her parents' responsibilities after they immigrated to South Africa, leaving her to care for her younger siblings, Haley and Tanatswa. Without support, the children dropped out of school, and Kundai sought part-time jobs in nearby neighborhoods. Despite the absence of her parents for six years, Kundai remains determined to avoid early marriage and return to school. The story highlights the importance of child safety, especially during lockdowns when reporting abuse becomes more challenging.

Thrilling Opening Game for the Rugby Africa Gold Cup

16 Jun 2018  |  rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com
The Rugby Africa Gold Cup opened with a match between Zimbabwe Sables and Morocco’s Atlas Lions on June 16, 2018, ending in a 23-23 draw. The game was intense, with both teams showing strong defense and taking advantage of penalties. Zimbabwe's Shingirai Katsvere and Morocco's Hmidouch Chakir were notable players, contributing significantly to their teams' scores. Post-match comments from both teams' captains and Morocco's coach reflected a recognition of the challenges faced and the need for improvement. The event was praised for its excitement and the growing popularity of rugby in Africa by Rugby Africa's chairman and APO Group's CEO. Upcoming games include Namibia vs. Tunisia and Morocco vs. Kenya, with Zimbabwe set to play Namibia on August 4.

Photography credit.

Photography credit, commissioned by Gender and Media Connect for HIVOS.

Photography credit, commissioned by the Zimbabwe Rugby Union for World Rugby.

Photography credit.

Lost and Found: Resilience, Uncertainty, Expectations, Excitement and Hope

23 May 2018  |  www.herald.co.zw
The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is set to host a photographic exhibition titled 'Lost and Found: Resilience, Uncertainty, Expectations, Excitement and Hope' curated by Chief Curator Raphael Chikukwa. The exhibition reflects on the recent political transition in Zimbabwe, capturing the nation's history of strained race relations and contested ownership. It marks the turning point of November 18th, which signified a new era of hope after decades of authoritarian rule. The exhibition showcases the role of photography in documenting this historic moment, featuring works by artists and amateur photographers alike. It explores the resilience of Zimbabweans and their expectations for the future, using art to question historical narratives and engage with recent events. The exhibition, which opens on February 22nd, aims to reaffirm the artist's role as a storyteller and provide insight into the social and economic fabric of Zimbabwe during a time of political upheaval.

Selected images commissioned by UNFPA Zimbabwe. Pages:12-13, 14, 18 and 22.

Selected images commissioned by UNFPA Zimbabwe

Photography commisioned by MSF Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE: Serious barriers prevents adolescents from accessing SRH services safely & confidentially

23 May 2018  |  msf-sa-press.prezly.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by adolescents in Zimbabwe in accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. It highlights the barriers such as the need for parental consent, cultural expectations, and stigma from health workers. The article points out the high rates of adolescent pregnancy and HIV in the country, and the lack of knowledge about sexual health among young people. It also touches on the difficulties faced by young people living with HIV, including the struggle with accepting their condition and adhering to treatment. The article then describes an initiative by MSF in partnership with the Harare City health department, which established an 'adolescent-friendly corner' at Edith Opperman clinic in Mbare to provide free health services to young people, including HIV testing, STI screening, and contraceptives, along with peer education programs.

Photography commissioned by MSF Zimbabwe

Harare Exhibition Captures End of Mugabe Era In Pictures, Videos, Paintings and Posters

01 Mar 2018  |  Voice of America
An exhibition titled 'Lost and found' has opened at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, showcasing a collection of images from protests against the country's former president, Robert Mugabe. The exhibition features photos, videos, paintings, and posters that document the events leading up to Mugabe's ousting by the military in 2017. Curator Raphael Chikukwa emphasizes the importance of Zimbabweans telling their own stories, while photojournalist Charmaine Chitate and guests like Rutendo Makon and Chido Nyakudya reflect on the resilience and hope captured in the artwork. The exhibition, which includes around 20 exhibitors, also serves as a platform for artists to express and examine the country's political climate post-Mugabe. It will be open until April.

Cima, MacGinty Among Eagle Starters for Uruguay Clash

01 Feb 2017  |  Goff Rugby Report
USA Men's 15s Head Coach John Mitchell has announced his team to play against Uruguay, featuring a mix of new and returning players. Peter Malcolm will start as hooker, with Anthony Purpura and Chris Baumann. The team sees the return of Al McFarland and Todd Clever, with Clever set to play his 70th test match. Ben Cima will start at flyhalf, with AJ MacGinty playing at inside center. The backline also includes Bryce Campbell, Zack Test, Blaine Scully, and Mike Te'o. Potential debutants include Will Magie, Matt Jensen, and Dino Waldren. The match is part of the preparation for the upcoming Rugby World Cup Qualifiers in June. The game will take place at Toyota Field in San Antonio and will be broadcast on The Rugby Channel. The article also lists the full lineups for both the USA and Uruguay teams.

The Role of Family Health in Ensuring a Sustainable Future

15 May 2016  |  UNFPA Zimbabwe
Choice Damiso, a Programme Specialist for Gender at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Zimbabwe, discusses the importance of family health and wellbeing in observance of the International Day of Families. The article emphasizes the role of families in ensuring a sustainable future and highlights several key areas: maternal health, sexual health, family planning, and gender-based violence. Damiso outlines the challenges faced by families in Zimbabwe, such as high maternal mortality rates, the spread of STIs, and the prevalence of gender-based violence. She advocates for the involvement of family members in promoting health and preventing violence, and underscores the support provided by UNFPA to the Government of Zimbabwe in addressing these issues.

Mbare, Harare's oldest township, gets CONDOMIZED

01 Jan 2016  |  UNFPA Zimbabwe
The article discusses the CONDOMIZE campaign in Zimbabwe, aimed at promoting condom use to prevent the spread of HIV, particularly among young people. The campaign, supported by UNFPA and partners like MoHCC, SafAIDS, SAYWHAT, and the Global Condom Project, uses innovative methods such as roadshows, entertainment, and giveaways to educate communities on sexual and reproductive health. Despite challenges such as cultural and religious values, the campaign has seen success in Zimbabwe, with the government distributing a significant number of male and female condoms. The campaign aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals to curb the AIDS epidemic by 2030 and has educated over 5000 people in Harare's high-density areas. A national campaign is planned for 2016 to further encourage safe sex practices.

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