Chima Nwankwo

Chima Nwankwo

Abuja, Nigeria

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Chima Nwankwo

Chima Nwankwo is a Multimedia Journalist based in Abuja, Nigeria. He shoots, scripts, voices, edits and uploads content on the go in West Africa.
He was the pioneer Nigeria Correspondent for the CCTV Africa project. He has also created multimedia content for clients like Associated Press, IHA News Agency, Reuters, Aljazeera Plus, Voice of America and now Agence France Presse. 
Right now he does media training as well as packages short and on occasion, long form, factual content on demand.



Nigeria's Meteorological Agency has released its seasonal rainfall prediction which anticipates that there may be flooding in the North West and South Western parts of Nigeria. Meanwhile Nigeria"s Emergency Management Agency says it is on standby for any natural disasters.CCTV's Chima Nwankwo now reports from Abuja



  • Chibok Girls kidnap- 4 years after-113 girls still missing

    Abuja, Nigeria Current Affairs April 30 @ 12:00am

    Chibok Kidnap Anniversary TITLE: Chibok Kidnap Anniversary Date of event: 14/04/2018 Backstory : On April 14, 2018, it will be exactly 4 years since 219 girls were kidnapped from Chibok, in Nigeria’s North East. Pitch: I intend to anchor the story around Aisha Yesufu who has been the... Read more

  • Shiites Shutdown Abuja

    Abuja, Nigeria Current Affairs April 30 @ 12:00am

    Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria have staged a massive rally in Nigeria's capital, Abuja. They demand the release of their supreme leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El Zak Zaky who was incarcerated by the Nigerian government in December 2015. The Nigerian government also killed thousands of... Read more

  • Exclusive Interview With Chibok Parent

    Abuja, Nigeria Current Affairs April 30 @ 12:00am

    On the 14th of April,2018 it will be 4 years since 276 girls were kidnapped by the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram from a town called Chibok in Nigeria’s north East. While 167 of the girls have escaped or been released, 113 are still in captivity. I intend to secure an exclusive interview with... Read more

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