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Chimwemwe Padatha

Lilongwe, Malawi
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About Chimwemwe
Chimwemwe is a multi-award-winning freelance Journalist from Malawi. He has been in radio broadcasting for a decade. He is a reporter for the Voice of America (VOA) and a Correspondent for Germany's International Broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW). He is a Media and Communication professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. Chimwemwe is a 2023 Alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) under the United States of America State of Department.

In 2022, Chimwemwe was among 25 Journalists awarded the National Press Foundation (NPF) Rare Disease reporting fellowships. That aside, Chimwemwe is an alumni of the International Journalist Programme (IJP). In 2018, he emerged the best Supply Chain of Essential Medicines Journalist under the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter.
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Malawi Activists Lobby for Abortion Law Reforms

11 Mar 2024  |  www.voaafrica.com
In Malawi, the health ministry reported that 35,000 backstreet abortions were carried out in 2022 and 2023, highlighting the unsafe nature of these procedures and contributing to the growing support for abortion rights in the country.

5 Arrested In Anti-Chizuma Protests

05 Oct 2023  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Five individuals, including protest organizers Redson Munlo and Agape Khombe, were arrested by the National Police in Malawi for attempting to seal the ACB offices, demanding the resignation or firing of Director Martha Chizuma. The arrests were made on charges related to conduct likely to cause a breach of peace after the group defied advice to seek another clearance for their protest.

President Chakwera Announces Stringent Measures To Revamp Economy

05 Oct 2023  |  zodiakmalawi.com
President Chakwera, in his State of the Nation Address, announced stringent measures to revamp Malawi's economy, including a review of senior government officials' benefits, reduced procurement of motor vehicles, and mandatory treasury approval for ministry recruitments. He highlighted a reduction in the national budget deficit from 8.8% to 7.3% of GDP through measures like supporting small-scale businesses and promoting local products. Despite criticism, Chakwera claimed nearly one million jobs have been created under his administration.

PAC Ask Judges to Comply With A 90 Day Ultimatum

03 Oct 2023  |  zodiakmalawi.com
PAC Chairperson Shadreck Namalomba emphasized the need for transparency regarding the number of pending cases in the courts, following Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda's directive to resolve all outstanding cases within 90 days. The Malawi Law Society supports the directive, viewing it as a positive step. The Judiciary, represented by Acting Register Kondwani Banda, presented this directive to the Parliamentary Committee, highlighting the importance of monitoring compliance.

ARCC Asks African Leaders to Close Polio Surveillance Gaps

Low Vaccine Uptake Worries Experts

01 Oct 2023  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Experts express concern over the low COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Malawi, with only 11.8 percent of the population fully vaccinated against a target of 60 percent by December 2022. Sandra Mapemba recommends engaging local structures and leaders to build public trust, while Maziko Matemba warns that not prioritizing campaign programs could hinder progress. Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe mentions plans for a new campaign to address the issue, based on recent survey results.

Human Rights Organizations Condemn Refugee Treatment in Malawi

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaafrica.com
Malawi hosts tens of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in Africa's Great Lakes region. Human rights groups allege that some refugees are being forcibly relocated. The United Nations provides data on the refugee population in Malawi.

Malawi Maize Prices Spike, Worsen Food Insecurity

19 Sep 2023  |  voaafrica.com
Malawi is experiencing food insecurity as maize prices have surged by 110% in 2022, impacting families' ability to afford food. The country is dealing with both natural and manmade challenges, as reported by Chimwemwe Padatha from the capital, Lilongwe.

Revenue Water Cost Billions

23 Aug 2023  |  www.zodiakmalawi.com
Malawi is experiencing an increase in non-revenue water, rising from 35% to 39% in a year, resulting in a significant annual revenue loss of MK60 billion for the country's water boards. The Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) alone loses MK15 billion annually due to leaked pipes, theft, and illegal connections. Efforts to address this issue include the Strengthening the Capacity of Non-Revenue Water Reduction for Lilongwe Water Board project (LiSCap), which aims to enhance institutional and human capacity to reduce water loss. The Ministry of Water and Sanitation emphasizes the importance of investing in water supply systems to achieve development goals, while the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) collaborates on strategic plans to mitigate non-revenue water.

Untold Stories Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

07 Jul 2023  |  www.zodiakmalawi.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by families in Malawi dealing with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a condition that affects the skeletal, heart, and lung muscles. It highlights the story of the Mulowa family, with several male children suffering from DMD, and the socioeconomic impact of the disease. The article mentions the lack of specialized care and physiotherapy, especially in rural areas, and the financial constraints that lead to inadequate healthcare for such conditions. Health professionals and activists call for more resources and better health financing. The article also touches on the UN resolution advocating for the rights of persons with rare diseases and the need for Malawi to provide adequate healthcare for those living with DMD.

Whistleblower Protection Laws: A Global Perspective

07 Jul 2023  |  www.zodiakmalawi.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by whistleblowers in Malawi and globally, emphasizing the lack of effective protection laws. In Malawi, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is leading efforts to establish whistleblower protection laws, as the current legislation is deemed insufficient. ACB Director General, Martha Chizuma, highlighted the need for clear laws to encourage reporting of crimes. The article also references the European Union's directive for companies to implement whistleblower protection measures, noting that many countries are still non-compliant. In the USA, Associate Professor Antony Fargo from Indiana University advocates for stronger national whistleblower protection laws. The article underscores the importance of such laws for maintaining government accountability and supporting investigative journalism. Experts like Dr. Sydney Kankuzi from the University of Malawi and journalist Gregory Gondwe argue for the implementation and enforcement of effective whistleblower protection to combat corruption and strengthen democracy.

The tropical storm, Cyclone Freddy displaced hundreds of Malawians after wreaking havoc in the Southern African country. More than 300 people died from the disaster and those who survived struggled to rebuild.

This video is a documentation of an exercise of the Malawi government that saw refugees and asylum seekers in cities and towns countrywide relocated back to Dzaleka refugee camp. The refugees and asylum seekers are now asking the government to rescind.

8 Malawians Displaced in Turkey Quake

09 Feb 2023  |  zodiakmalawi.com
The largest recorded earthquake in Turkey has killed over fifteen thousand people and displaced millions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that eight Malawians have been displaced but are safe, residing in temporary shelters. Efforts are ongoing to determine the exact number of affected Malawians. International relations expert Maclan Kanyangwa advises the government to continue contact and tracing efforts. The World Health Organization predicts the earthquake could impact up to twenty-three million people in Turkey and Syria.

Southern Africa's cholera outbreak is a multinational fight

02 Feb 2023  |  www.dw.com
Southern Africa is grappling with a severe cholera outbreak affecting multiple countries, including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The crisis is exacerbated by inadequate water and sanitation infrastructure, leading to high infection rates and fatalities. Zimbabwe faces a critical situation with over 22,000 cases and 450 deaths, while Mozambique and the DRC also report significant outbreaks. Efforts to combat the disease include setting up treatment centers and vaccination campaigns, but a global shortage of cholera vaccines hampers progress. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has pledged to increase investment in water and sanitation infrastructure to address the crisis regionally.

Malawi: Is There a Media Clampdown in Malawi?

23 Sep 2022  |  allAfrica.com
A debate on media freedom in Malawi has emerged following the revocation of licenses for several independent broadcasters by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) due to unpaid fees. While some support the enforcement of regulations, others criticize the timing given the country's economic struggles. The Media Institute of Southern Africa and the Media Council of Malawi have expressed concerns, while MACRA defends its actions as lawful. The closures have led to job losses, affecting media workers like Robert Edward. The issue has prompted a complaint to President Lazarus Chakwera, highlighting the tension between regulatory enforcement and media freedom.

Reducing Inequality, a Critical Step For Development

28 Aug 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
OXFAM, Norwegian Church Aid, and Development Finance International released a report assessing SADC governments' performance in public service, taxation, and labor. The report highlights that many governments prioritize debt servicing over investments in health, education, and agriculture. During the report's launch in Lilongwe, experts discussed strategies to reduce inequality in Malawi. OXFAM Malawi's Country Director emphasized the need for policies supporting public service spending. Malawi's Minister of Labour acknowledged the issue and pledged government action to address inequality.

Partners In Health Unveils Five Year Plan

24 Aug 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Partners In Health launched a five-year plan on August 24th to support health equity in collaboration with local councils in Malawi. CEO Dr. Sheila Davis emphasized the importance of community health workers in addressing disease burdens. Deputy Minister of Health, Enock Phale, aligned the strategy with Malawi's MW2063 development agenda and stressed the need for increased health sector funding to build a resilient system. Partners In Health has over 1200 community health workers in Malawi since 2007.

700 Ethiopian Nationals Up for Repatriation

10 Aug 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
The repatriation of nearly 700 Ethiopian nationals, primarily minors, from Malawi's prisons is underway, supported by the International Organisation for Migration. This initiative aims to decongest prisons and reduce government expenditure on detainees. Mzuzu University lecturer Aubrey Kabisala commends the move as a best practice in migration governance, noting that most irregular migrants in Malawi are in transit to other countries like South Africa.

Rights Body to Engage Top Women Appointees

07 Aug 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
A number of women have recently been appointed to high-ranking positions in Malawi's government ministries, departments, and agencies, including Merlyn Yolamu as the Inspector General of Police. The movement, led by Chairperson Babra Banda, plans to engage with these women to support their leadership roles. The Malawi Human Rights Commission, through Executive Secretary Habiba Osman, has praised the country's progress towards women's empowerment and the importance of sustaining this momentum. Malawi's Gender Equality Act mandates a 60-40 representation ratio of either gender in public service.

Utility Bodies Blamed For Stalling Projects

20 Jul 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Minister Blessings Chinsinga disclosed in parliament that utility bodies are responsible for stalling projects by not connecting basic utilities like water and electricity. This has prevented the completion of construction works, despite most projects being at the completion stage. The ministry is actively engaging with these institutions to resolve the issue.

Law Society Cautions of Political Turmoil

28 Jun 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
The Malawi Law Society has expressed concerns about potential political turmoil following President Lazarus Chakwera's decision to strip Vice President Saulosi Chilima of his duties due to corruption allegations. The society urges the Anti-Corruption Bureau and other law enforcement agencies to resolve the issue swiftly and lawfully to prevent a political crisis. The situation has raised fears of operational disruptions within the government.

Legal Minds Differ On ACB Report Sharing

22 Jun 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
President Lazarus Chakwera criticized ACB Director Martha Chizuma for sharing a corruption investigation report with the judiciary and legislature, which Malawi Law Society’s President Patrick Mpaka defended as constitutional and in line with transparency. However, legal expert Khumbo Soko contested the legality of the decision, stating that only the DPP should demand such reports. The ACB's action followed a directive from President Chakwera issued on May 31st, 2022.

No Monkeypox Case in Malawi, MOH

09 Jun 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
A man from Chiradzulu district in Malawi died with Monkeypox-like symptoms, prompting the Ministry of Health to conduct tests. Initial results indicated it was not Monkeypox. The ministry is taking precautions to prevent the disease from entering the country. Health Expert Maureen Chirwa urged the ministry to maintain a strong surveillance system, while the World Health Organization reported Monkeypox had spread to 23 non-endemic member states as of May 13.

Govt Upbeat About Launched Secondary Cities Plan

01 Jun 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
The government of Malawi has launched a plan to develop secondary cities in selected districts, emphasizing the need for mindset change and proper implementation. Minister of Lands, Sam Kawale, highlighted the importance of managing land properly to avoid corruption and ensure the success of the project. The secondary cities will be established in districts including Karonga, Nkhatabay, Salima, Kasungu, Mangochi, Liwonde, Lucheza, and Bangula.

Admarc Suspends CEO, Chiphiko

26 May 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
ADMARC's CEO Chiphiko has been suspended following the unauthorized procurement of a Nissan Patrol valued at 107 million kwacha. Board Chair Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi confirmed the suspension and stated that a caretaker CEO will be appointed in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture. Governance commentator George Chaima remarked that the suspension was expected to allow for further investigations. The purchase has attracted criticism due to ADMARC's current financial constraints.

Security Expert, Kaisi Fears Of a Looming Passport Crisis

07 Feb 2022  |  zodiakmalawi.com
A security expert named Kaisi has expressed concerns over a potential passport crisis in Malawi, attributing delays in passport issuance to increased corruption opportunities. John Kapito, executive director of the Consumers Association of Malawi, has received numerous complaints about difficulties in obtaining passports, suggesting the emergence of corrupt parallel systems. The Immigration Department acknowledges the issue but assures that efforts are underway to appoint a new passport supplier after terminating a contract with Techno Brain due to corruption allegations.

Malawi’s Covid-19 Certificates Approved By UK

22 Nov 2021  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Malawi's Ministry of Health celebrates the UK's approval of its COVID-19 certificates as a significant milestone, which is expected to boost vaccine uptake and public confidence. The World Health Organization has previously recognized Malawi's efficient immunization program. However, George Jobe of the Malawi Health Equity Network warns against vaccination status fraud and emphasizes the need to maintain the authenticity of the certificates. The UK's recognition reverses its earlier policy of not accepting COVID-19 certificates from Africa, a stance that had been criticized by health rights activists.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi Jets In For a Three-Day Visit

22 Nov 2021  |  zodiakmalawi.com
Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi arrived in Malawi for a three-day visit, where he was welcomed by President Lazarus Chakwera. Nyusi's itinerary included signing a visitors' book, laying a wreath at the Kamuzu mausoleum, planting a tree, and attending the launch of the SADC industrialization week. The visit aims to foster opportunities for intra-African trade and investment. The two presidents will also visit the Marka railway project and hold a private meeting followed by a media briefing.

Covid19 Vaccination Express Launched

05 Nov 2021  |  zodiakmalawi.com
The 'Covid19 Vaccination Express' campaign was launched at Chinsapo UNICEF ground in Lilongwe, aiming to bring the COVID-19 vaccine closer to people across Malawi's 29 districts. Minister Chiponda called for collaboration with stakeholders to enhance mobilization and civic education on the vaccine's importance, targeting over 1 million vaccinations by the end of December. UNICEF's Steve Okokwu stressed the need for prioritizing vaccination and mobilization to prevent vaccine wastage and curb the pandemic's spread. As of November 5th, 550,444 people in Malawi were fully vaccinated.

MEC Employees Frustrated Over A Restraining Order On Unvaccinated Staff

04 Aug 2021  |  zodiakmalawi.com
MEC employees, through their union's vice president Sylvester Luka, express frustration over a directive that unvaccinated staff should not report for duties until vaccinated, citing it as an infringement on their rights. Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda reiterates that vaccination is a personal choice and entities should not enforce it. The decision has sparked public outrage and is seen as conflicting with existing COVID-19 regulations.

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