Ching Li Tor

Ching Li is a versatile journalist who has been in the media for over 14-years, working across various mediums from newsprint, newswires, magazine and book publishing, TV broadcast news presenting and current affairs program producing. She has bylines in the Wall Street Asia Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Barron's, online travel site CNN Travel, NHK World, the Straits Times Singapore and Channel NewsAsia, covering everything from business, politics to lifestyle and travel features.


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Phone interview for RTE Radio on June 3. Japanese boy found alive & well Tokyo based journalist Ching-Li Tor on how the 7 year old Japanese boy, who went missing 7 days ago, has been found alive and well.


Online portfolio of business, political and lifestyle feature articles for WSJ, Barron's, CNN Travel, The Straits Times and travel magazines.


NHK World Tokyo Stock Exchange live report.


Exclusive interview with Uniqlo CEO, Tadashi Yanai, for NHK World.

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