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Ching Li Tor

Bunkyō-ku, Japan
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About Ching
Ching Li is a versatile journalist who has been in the media for over 14-years, working across various mediums from newsprint, newswires, magazine and book publishing, TV broadcast news presenting and current affairs program producing. She has bylines in the Wall Street Asia Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Barron's, online travel site CNN Travel, NHK World, the Straits Times Singapore and Channel NewsAsia, covering everything from business, politics to lifestyle and travel features.
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08 Jul 2016  |  The Straits Times
The article discusses the political engagement and voter turnout among the youth in Japan. It references the influence of the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong on Japanese youth, like Mr. Sakazume, who interviewed student demonstrators. Despite a high political awareness, there is a significant gap between this and the low voter turnout, which is attributed to a mistrust in the political system and a general apathy towards politics. The article mentions the efforts of Mr. Matsuda, an election campaign planner, who launched www.go2senkyo.com to educate and encourage youth to vote. The site has become Japan's largest election information portal. Innovative methods like manga pamphlets, game apps, and public performances are being used to attract the youth vote. However, the article suggests that without substantial policy changes, it may be difficult to significantly alter the current situation of youth political engagement in Japan.

To many in Japan, Christmas is about KFC and romance

26 May 2016  |  Journo Portfolio
The article discusses how Christmas is celebrated in Japan, highlighting the unique traditions that differ from Western practices. In Japan, Christmas Eve is the main focus rather than Christmas Day, partly due to its proximity to the Emperor's birthday, which is a public holiday. The date also coincides with the end of the academic year and the beginning of winter holidays. The article mentions that KFC has become a popular tradition for Christmas in Japan, symbolizing the holiday's association with food and festivities. Additionally, Christmas in Japan is seen as a time for romance, similar to Valentine's Day in the West. The article provides insight into the cultural adaptation of Christmas in Japan and how it has developed its own set of customs and practices.

NHK World Tokyo Stock Exchange live report.

Exclusive interview with Uniqlo CEO, Tadashi Yanai, for NHK World.


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