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Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton is a British freelance videographer, photographer and editor, currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Aged 21, Chris moved from Kuala Lumpur to begin his career. Starting in theatre, he worked as an AD for Hans Isaac’s productions of Supermokh the Musical and Lawak Ke Der. Following this, Chris worked as a producer for YTL, creating content for screens around Malaysia. In 2015 he began creating video content for British opera singer Carly Paoli, shooting and producing concerts around the world including Carnegie Hall in New York, BAFTA in London and 2 televised concerts held in the historical ruins of Rome. Interviewing and shooting the likes of Mohammad Ali, Felipe Massa, Andrea Bocelli and David Foster, Chris then moved to luxury goods, working to re-launch Swiss women’s luxury watch company Bedat & Co. Working as a photographer, Chris's work has been published in national Malaysian newspaper, Malay Mail.


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