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Christian Borys

Christian Borys is a Canadian journalist who splits his time between Canada, Ukraine, and Poland.

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Trump in Poland: A Clash of Civilizations Battle Cry, or, Reality TV as Policy

Cyberattack: Was it really ransomware, or an attack on Ukraine — or something yet to come?

Ukraine's Crowdfunded War Drones Are Ready for Flight

America’s Crisis Of Democracy Looks Shockingly Like Poland’s

A deadly surge of violence strikes eastern Ukraine

What Happens Now? Military Experts Weigh Implications Of Russian Jet Downing

In Odesa, Ukraine's Reform Agenda Faces Crucial Test

A young boy lost both his legs when the RPG he was playing with exploded. What Canadian soldiers are doing to help

A United Nations documentary about building democracy in Ukraine

The toughest hockey league in the world.

Ukraine's angry volunteer brigades at the war front. Many volunteers disapprove of their government's handling of the war.

The remaining members of a brigade of firefighters return to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 30 years after the disaster.

Poles Are Taking to the Streets in Massive Numbers to Protest the Country’s Shift to the Right

Poland’s Massive Abortion Protest Shows That Citizens Are Frustrated With The Country’s Rightward Surge

These Soldiers On Ukraine’s Front Lines Are Starting To Doubt The War’s Value

Russia says Ukrainians are anti-Semites – this Orthodox Jewish soldier disagrees

Ukraine’s Mine Field

I produced this documentary for one of Canada's most watched investigative television shows. It was filmed on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine, and at NATO's largest combat exercises since the collapse of the Soviet Union. During our filming, Russia suddenly sent its military forces to Syria, and then Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet, creating the most tense moments between NATO and Russia in decades.

Interviewing the worlds foremost experts on the possibility of extending life expectancy past 120 years.

A report on how Silicon Valley might be able to influence economic development in Africa.

A report for VICE on the development of hybrid motorcycles for U.S special operations forces.

A report for VICE on the increasing use of wearable technology in pro sports.

A report from Chamonix, France, a ski village in the French Alps, on the men and women risking their lives to advance the sport of wingsuit flying.

A report for Vice on an Eastern Ukrainian football which had to leave its city in the midst of war and resettle in a city on the other side of Ukraine.

A report for Bellingcat, an investigative organization, on another $6 million Russian drone that was shot down over Ukraine.

An article for Macleans Magazine about Canadian organizations working to heal the bodies and minds of Ukrainian soldiers.

A report for the Guardian on a $6 million Russian drone shot down over Ukraine

A piece I wrote for the Guardian on a trip to the front lines to investigate the civilian volunteers building drones for the Ukrainian military and the development of weaponized drones.

An interview from Hromadske TV in Kyiv about a reporting trip I undertook to a shelled village in Eastern Ukraine.

A VICE documentary that I produced and hosted on the development of weaponized drones during the war in Ukraine.

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