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Christian Cummins

Christian Cummins, born in 1979, journalist based in Wien, Austria. He's the Austrian Environmental Journalist of the Year (radio) 2018 and winner of the silver medal at the Austrian Radio Prize 2016.  He has 17 years of experience at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as a spell at Ghana's Vibe Fm4 radio with further radio and television experience from Deutsche Welle, VOA and France24.  He has print experience from the Daily Telegraph and Metropole.

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Amplifying the Youth Climate Voice

Living in Vienna

Murder In The Forest

Communism or Populism? Protests and Politics in Czechia

Voicer from the last day of the Paris Climate Summit

Voicer from the day after the referendum

Reporting from Europe's poorest country, Moldova.

A video project about life in Vienna

Catching the cricket in Galle, Sri Lanka

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