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Toronto, Canada

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Christopher Oldcorn

Christopher Oldcorn covers politics, social policy, international affairs, religion, education, and other topics.

Christopher is a Bureau Local member (part of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism). 

He studied at The Centre for Investigative Journalism @ Goldsmiths University of London. 

Christopher holds a post-grad in Research Analysis (Statistics) and applies this knowledge to his data journalism endeavours. 

Oldcorn is an antitheist and writes regularly on the absurdity of religion. 

Christopher is writing a book about white nationalism.

Oldcorn is based in Canada but could be anywhere.




My Sputnik Radio Interview about Syria and the White Helmets. Sputnik Radio Interview – Sept 3 2018


The End Is Nigh: Trump's Neocon National Security Team


COMMENTARY: Canadian Conservatives A Special Interest Group


COMMENTARY: Evangelicals Are Venomous Snakes

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