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Christos Mouzeviris

Dublin, Ireland
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About Christos
I am a journalist and blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Greece, I settled in Ireland about 13 years ago.

Since then, I have been blogging in various European and EU related portals about the continent's politics and social issues.

Six years ago I have decided to study journalism part time and I have completed my studies four years later.

Henceforth, I have been writing and blogging constantly for various online platforms, about EU politics and social issues in two languages, English and Greek.

I have published work on Euronews' Generation Y Blog, OneEurope, OVI Magazine, OVI Greece, Apopseis.gr, Vocal Europe, Katoikos.eu, as well as on my own blog, The Eblana European Democratic Movement.

I was the winner of the "Tell us your Story" competition, run and organised by the EU Commission. Therefore I have been invited to the Single Market Forum, hosted by the then Polish Presidency of the EU in Krakow, in October 2011. 

Additionally, I was one of the 14 bloggers from around Europe, invited by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be present at the closing of the European Year of Citizens conference in Vilnius, in December 2013, to be present and report from the meetings.

My passions include writing, blogging, photography, traveling, painting and music. I have been managing the twitter and Facebook accounts of various platforms I have been writing and I am very competent in social media.
Greek English
Feature Stories Content Writing Investigative Journalism
Politics Current Affairs Investigative Reporting

Το αρθρο μου στα Ελληνικα για το Euronews. Μια συνεντευξη με το Πατερ Θωμα, τον Ιρλανδο στρατιωτη μου εγινε Ορθοδοξος ιερεας στο Δουβλινο!

05 Apr 2017

My new article for Euronews. An interview with the Irish priest of the Greek Orthodox Church in Dublin, Ireland.

05 Apr 2017

My latest article for OneEurope, about Greece. The country experiences a wave of mass emigration. The experience of ex-patriates may be a key to learn best practices from other countries.

An article in Greek for Apopseis.gr, on the new realities and challenges, that Greece faces with multiculturalism and immigration as a society. Το άρθρο μου στα Ελληνικά για τις Απόψεις, σχετικα με την αποδοχή της πολυπολιτισμικότητας στην Ελλάδα.

An article in Greek for OVI Greece, criticizing the modern Greek reality. Το άρθρο μου στα Ελληνικά, για την σκληρή πραγματικότητα των Ελληνικών πόλεων στο OVI Greece.

28 Mar 2017

My highly political article for Vocal Europe, on the Greek bail-out deals, the country's referendum and its Leftist government of Syriza.

28 Mar 2017  |  Vocal Europe
The article by Christos Mouzeviris discusses the approval of new austerity measures by the Greek Parliament to secure a new bail-out package, which has caused outrage among Greeks and Europeans. The author criticizes the European establishment for threatening Greece's euro-zone membership ahead of a referendum on further austerity. The article highlights the unsustainable nature of Greece's debt, the need for growth stimulus instead of bailouts, and the benefits that countries like Germany have reaped from Greek loan repayments. The author also mentions the former Greek Finance Minister's account of the Eurogroup's refusal to engage in economic arguments and the division within Greece over the referendum. The NO vote against austerity is seen as a message to Europe, but the author notes that Europe continued its financial pressure on Greece despite the referendum result, leading to capital controls and economic damage. The article suggests that European leaders are more interested in their own power and ideology than the welfare of the Greek people.

An opinion piece for OVI Magazine, on EU internal affairs, bickering and the need for unity, solidarity and coordination.

My article for Katoikos.eu, an opinion piece on the mistake of populism.

28 Mar 2017

My article for OneEurope, reporting from the Closing Conference of the European Year of Citizens, in Vilnius Lithuania, December 2013.

An interview with the former Irish MEP Gay Mitchell, published on the pro-European platform and think tank OneEurope. The interview was part of my journalism studies Thesis, but it turned out to be too interesting not to be partially published and read by readers.

An interview of a young man in Greece during the economic crisis years, for Euronews' blog, Generation Y.

28 Mar 2017

My article for Euronews' Generation Y Blog, about the experiences of young LGBT individuals in Ireland and Europe.

28 Mar 2017


Live on Euronews on 9 May 2012 debate (Euronews special), with a question by me to the former President of the EU Council, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy.

The video I have directed during the final year of my journalism studies in DBS (Dublin Business School). It is about the coffee shop I am often a customer, trying to showcase the multicultural side of Dublin.

I was one of the winners of the EU-wide competition 'Tell us your story' calling on citizens and businesses to share their experiences of the Single Market. More than 150 entries were received and 5 stories including mine, were selected. The five winners were invited to present our stories at the Single Market Forum in Krakow (Poland) from 2 to 4 October 2011.


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