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Chryselle D'Silva Dias

Panjim, India
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About Chryselle
Freelance writer currently based in Goa, India. I have worked with Time, BBC, The Atlantic, VICE, WSJ Asia, Marie Claire India, Architectural Digest India, The Guardian Weekly, The National, Silverkris (Singapore Airlines), Hindustan Times, FirstPost, Mint, Home Review and others.
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During the annual Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, millions of icons of the god are submerged in Indian waters. And that’s bad news for the environment.

Cancún offers the cuisine of the Yucatán. You just to have to get out of the Zona Hotelera to find it.

21 Feb 2016  |  Roads & Kingdoms
The article discusses the culinary offerings of the Yucatán region that can be found in Cancún, Mexico. It emphasizes that to experience the authentic cuisine, visitors need to venture beyond the Zona Hotelera, which is the main tourist area. The article likely provides insights into local dishes, where to find them, and possibly includes recommendations for restaurants or eateries that offer a genuine taste of Yucatán's food culture.

When Taking a Nap Is a Political Act

15 Jan 2016  |  www.vice.com
The article discusses the 'Meet to Sleep' initiative by Blank Noise, a volunteer collective in India that campaigns against street harassment. The event encourages women to reclaim public spaces by taking a siesta in parks to challenge the fear and vulnerability they feel due to the prevalence of sexual violence and street harassment. The initiative, started by Jasmeen Patheja in 2003, has gained traction and sparked conversations about women's safety in public spaces. Participants like Vira Mistry and Vijji Chari share their experiences of overcoming fear and anxiety during these events. The article also touches on the contrast between public space accessibility in India and countries like Germany, highlighting the gendered nature of public space occupation.

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May 2015

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