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Claire Munnings

Woodbridge, United Kingdom
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About Claire
I'm an NCTJ-journalist and copywriter with more than 10 years of experience in the media industry. I can write compelling copy for both print and digital platforms and have extensive experience in writing features, blog posts and website copy, generating ideas for commercial campaigns and content strategy planning.

Before embarking on my freelance career, I was the editor of Natural Health magazine and Health & Wellbeing magazine (formerly Your Fitness) where I commissioned and wrote features on an array of women’s lifestyle topics.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Food & Drink Health & Fitness Social

Improve sleep hygiene with the ancient yoga principle of saucha

06 Jun 2024  |  www.stylist.co.uk
Explores the concept of improving sleep hygiene through the ancient yoga principle of saucha, suggesting it could be key to better sleep.

Are morning workouts really the key to boosting your metabolism?

19 May 2024  |  www.stylist.co.uk
Explores whether working out at different times of the day, such as morning, lunchtime, or evening, has a significant impact on boosting metabolism.

Let go of the fear of failure

06 May 2024  |  happiful.com
The article discusses the importance of overcoming the fear of failure to achieve personal growth and success. Life coach Iona Russell and psychotherapist Deborah Maloney-Marsden emphasize that failure is a natural part of life and can lead to resilience, confidence, and self-esteem. They suggest recognizing the roots of fear, distinguishing between potential opportunities and irresponsible risks, and learning from failures. The article encourages readers to embrace challenges and take calculated risks to live more expansively and reach their full potential.

I tried eating 30 different plant foods in a week—here's how I did it

01 Oct 2023  |  Yahoo Entertainment
The article discusses the author's experience of eating 30 different plant foods in a week to improve gut health. It highlights the importance of a diverse diet for gut microbe diversity, referencing research from the American Gut Project. The author shares practical tips such as meal planning, adding extra vegetables, using the freezer, choosing wholegrain options, and being mindful when eating out. The experiment resulted in the author feeling mentally and physically better.

Try this salmon rice bowl recipe

12 Jul 2023  |  www.healthwellbeing.com
Nutritionist Vidushi Binani, co-founder of Cafe Volonté in London, shares a salmon rice bowl recipe flavored with miso and soy, topped with sesame seeds. The dish is highlighted for its health benefits, including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and gut-friendly probiotics. The recipe includes detailed steps and ingredients for preparing the salmon, rice, and optional sesame garnish.

I did 15 minutes of yoga every morning for a week and it transformed my day

21 Jun 2023  |  fitandwell.com
The author undertook a week-long challenge of practicing 15 minutes of yoga every morning, discovering significant mental and physical benefits. The practice helped in achieving a sense of calm, improved strength, and flexibility, and established a healthy habit. Yoga teacher Sarah Highfield and YouTube instructor Adriene Mishler were highlighted as valuable resources. The experience emphasized the importance of incorporating manageable exercise routines into daily life.

This is How to Really Trust Your Gut, According to the Experts

08 Apr 2022  |  www.healthwellbeing.com
The article explores the concept of trusting one's gut instincts, featuring personal stories and expert insights. Emma Mulholland shares her experience of following her intuition, which led to an ADHD diagnosis, while Nichola Henderson discusses leaving a stressful job after listening to her gut. Experts like Heidi Hauer and Andre Radmall provide scientific context and advice on tuning into one's inner wisdom. The article also touches on the challenges of distinguishing gut instincts from anxiety and offers practical tips for honing this skill.

Your Guide to Using Collagen

20 Mar 2022  |  healthwellbeing.com
Collagen is a key structural protein in the body, essential for the integrity of tissues such as skin, hair, nails, joints, and blood vessels. Its production decreases with age, leading to signs of aging. Collagen supplements, available in various forms like powders, liquids, and capsules, can help stimulate collagen production in the skin. There are different types of collagen supplements, including bovine, porcine, and marine, each with specific benefits. Vegan collagen supplements are also available. Nutrition and lifestyle choices, such as a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as adequate sleep and reduced sugar intake, can support collagen levels.

This Is How To Clean Your Gym Kit Properly

05 Mar 2022  |  www.healthwellbeing.com
The article provides detailed instructions on how to properly clean various gym equipment and activewear to maintain good physical health and limit exposure to bacteria. It covers cleaning techniques for trainers, headphones, free weights, protein shakers, and yoga mats, as well as tips for washing activewear. Experts from OriGym Centre of Excellence, BLK BOX, and sustainable clothing care brand Kair contribute their advice on the best practices for keeping gym gear clean and in good condition.

10 of the best probiotics for kids

30 Jan 2020  |  www.madeformums.com
The article provides a comprehensive guide to the best probiotics for children, highlighting key factors to consider such as the number of bacterial strains and CFUs. It reviews ten different probiotic products, detailing their benefits, suitability for various age groups, and additional nutritional content. The article also includes expert advice from a registered nutritionist on the safety and benefits of probiotics for children, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet alongside supplementation.

11 of the best subscription boxes for families

10 Oct 2019  |  www.madeformums.com
MadeForMums has compiled a list of the top 11 subscription boxes for families, focusing on educational and entertaining content for children. The boxes include Mysteries in Time, Explorer Tots, Little Box Of Books, Little World Builder, Rainy Day Letterbox Club, Bookabees, First Wonder Box, toucanBox, Little Cooks Co, Geo Journey, and Curiosity Box. Each box offers unique activities and themes, such as history, STEM, reading, and geography. The article includes positive endorsements from parents and testers, highlighting the value and educational benefits of the boxes.

Get a flat tum in 7 moves

11 Dec 2016  |  healthwellbeing.com
Fitness expert Nana Akua, also known as LadyXsize, recommends seven exercises for toning the abdomen, including weighted hoops, side plank, C-sit up and hold, plank jack, V-Press up, tuck jumps, and sit-ups on an exercise ball. She highlights the effectiveness of these exercises in shaping the tummy, with a special mention of Powerhoop's benefits. LadyXsize also offers workout packages, such as the Fabulous abs plan, with a promotional discount for readers.

Is Cutting Carbs Right For You?

08 Sep 2016  |  www.healthwellbeing.com
Reducing carbohydrate intake can lead to increased energy levels, improved metabolic factors, enhanced exercise intensity, significant fat loss, and reduced hunger. Linda O’Byrne from Atkins highlights the benefits of a low-carb diet, emphasizing its effectiveness in stabilizing blood sugar, improving cholesterol levels, and reducing heart disease risk. The article promotes Atkins products as helpful tools for managing cravings and maintaining a low-carb lifestyle.

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