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Clare Rice

Belfast, United Kingdom
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About Clare
Dr. Clare Rice is an academic researcher, writer and political analyst based in Northern Ireland. 

Her specialist areas are power-sharing, UK politics (particularly Northern Ireland), elections, identity, and Brexit. 

For recent publications, see https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2511-3178
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Content Writing Research
Politics Current Affairs Fact Checking

Dialogue is key to solving the UK-Ireland asylum issue

Why is a return to power-sharing in Northern Ireland so difficult?

23 Nov 2022  |  ukandeu.ac.uk
Northern Ireland is experiencing a political stalemate with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) refusing to re-enter power-sharing due to issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol. The UK Government has extended the deadline for forming an Executive, with the possibility of an election being delayed until April 2023. The Northern Ireland Civil Service currently holds decision-making power, but there are limitations without political leadership. The cost-of-living crisis and other pressing matters exacerbate the situation. The Secretary of State's plans have been formalized in legislation, but the path to restoring power-sharing remains complex, with the DUP's stance contingent on changes to the Protocol and calls for institutional reform growing.

Northern Ireland and Brexit

15 Sep 2020  |  ukandeu.ac.uk
The article explores the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, highlighting the region's political and economic vulnerabilities. It discusses the author's academic background and research focus, including governance, equality law, and the Northern Ireland Protocol. The text emphasizes the complex dynamics at play due to Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing challenges Northern Ireland faces. The author has contributed to parliamentary committees, media analysis, and research on Brexit's implications for Northern Ireland's constitutional future and political messaging.

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