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Clesio Rombe

Clesio Rombe is a journalist based in Maputo, Mozambique.

I am currently working at the English language Channel of Radio Mozambique. 

For ten years now, my daily duties are carried out in English, what most of the time challenges me to translate content from Portuguese to English.

Beside Journalism,  I have been able to assist different organizations as a Press attaché or even as a fixer for international journalists.

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CUE: The 10 day-old baby’s name is Chanda. It disappeared on Wednesday in the district of Marracuene, southern Maputo province. According to the mother, the person who stole the baby is a woman, apparently on her thirties. The mother says that the woman who stole the baby met her on Wednesday and offered herself to help to carry the baby from the Marracuene hospital. With the baby in her hands, the woman who allegedly stole the 10-day old baby offered herself to buy the baby’s mother some food. According to the mother of the baby, that was when the baby disappeared.


Mozambique wants mutual gains in hydrocarbon exploration in the country. The position was defended on Wednesday in Maputo by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Ernesto Max Tonela, who was speaking at the panel on oil resources in Africa, particularly in Mozambique. Speaking at the twelfth US-Africa Business Summit, Max Tonela stressed that the government has been promoting initiatives to maximize the gains of natural resources in the country


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