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Cody Weddle

Cody Weddle is a freelance journalist currently in Bogota, Colombia, but he has covered Venezuela for nearly five years. On March 6th his apartment was raided by Venezuelan authorities, he was arrested for much of the day, and later deported from the country due to his reporting. He has covered the country's multifaceted crisis from a variety of angles for print, radio, and TV outlets. He was worked with WPLG-TV, ABC Miami; the Miami Herald; NBC News, the BBC, Al Jazeera English, CBC, WIOD News Radio Miami, SXMCanadaTalks Radio; Catholic News Service; Global Sisters Report; i24News; and Pear Video.  His native language is English and he is fully fluent in written and spoken Spanish.


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Nuns join Venezuela's antigovernment protests


After failed antigovernment protests, Venezuelans prepare for elections


As antigovernment protests dragged on in Venezuela, many of the thousands arrested denounced torture in Venezuelan jails.


BBC Appearance


Caracas shut down in national strike


Election Coverage Reel


Caracas mayor flees the country


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