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Sydney, Australia

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Constanza Trebilcock

Having grown up in Chile, I recently moved to Australia pursuing my passion for travel and looking 
to advance my career in Journalism and Communications.

Freelance Journalist for more than 3 years covering international, current affairs, politics, culture, society, entertainment, technology, trends and beauty. I have written front page articles, stories, blogs, press releases for a wide range of audiences including Revista CARAS,  Agriculture Radio, Latam Review, Cerveza Cristal (CCU), e-Go, as well as custom publications.

1 year experience working in editorial/digital publishing as a Content Developer and Social Media Manager. Experienced at Google AdWords, SEO, Hootsuite and familiar with CMS and requirements of writing online. 

Experience in content production of broadcasts via radio and internet,PR and in internal communications (Communications Associate).

As a Journalist, I love engaging audiences, creating communication strategies and navigate through social media to see what's in there. I focus on writing  and producing high quality content as well as brand-driving programs within the requirement of companies or clients.

Specialties: Media and publishing, Social Media management, media relations, PR, Customer Service, media training, internal communications, production and brand positioning.


English Spanish French

Interview to CEO Infiniti Motors Chile


Google Glass Review


Investigative feature based in numbers, interviews and education and medical policies which explains the over-diagnosis during the last decade of AHDH (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) in kids Chile.


Maison De Cards (Carte in french), is an analysis of french politics anticipating which is the scenario for the presidential run in 2018.


To the date, Chile doesn't recognize Transsexuals civil and legal rights. This feature narrates the story of four people who had struggled with the system, society and their laws since they new to themselves that they where trans.


Feature based on the book "The man without a face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin" from Masha Gessen and that analyses the up rise of Putin after the invasion in Ukraine, his foreign policies and a brief story-resume of his life. Language: Spanish

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