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About Cristina
Cristina Aldehuela is a freelance photojournalist covering the continent of Africa. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Journalism at University of Sevilla and she obtained a MA in Photojournalism at Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has worked as a journalist in Diario de Sevilla, a local newspaper from Sevilla, but since 2013 she only works as a freelance photographer. "Photography is my way to see the world, to perceive the emotions that spring up around it". She has traveled to many countries seeking those little individual stories that narrate us the transformation of a society. Her previous work was focused mainly on Balkans and Caucasus, where she has worked on long projects. She is based in Accra, Ghana. Since November of 2016 she works with AFP as a freelance photographer. Other clients include: Newsweek, Financial Times, Science Magazine, European Commission, FAO or 60 Second Docs.
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In Nigeria's Kaduna, a cry of 'thief' sparks mass murder

23 Feb 2019  |  www.modernghana.com
Kajuru district in northern Nigeria, once a vibrant area with Christian Adara farmers and Muslim Fulani herders living together, has become desolate following deadly clashes. The violence began on February 11, with conflicting reports on the death toll, which the governor of Kaduna state initially stated as 66, later revising to 130. The conflict, rooted in land disputes and ethnic tensions, has escalated with attacks on Fulani villages, leading to mass displacement and uncertainty. The situation is sensitive, with local authorities cautious about releasing official figures. Kaduna's governor has been criticized for potentially exacerbating tensions, and the region is struggling with unemployment, population growth, and poverty, which fuel the longstanding rivalries.

Ghana national cathedral plan sparks unholy row

16 Jul 2018  |  modernghana.com
Ghana's plan to build a new national cathedral designed by Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye has received mixed reactions. While some see it as a symbol of democratic consolidation and a potential architectural landmark, others criticize the prioritization of the project over social welfare. The cathedral, intended as a house of prayer for all, has sparked debate about government involvement in religious matters. President Nana Akufo-Addo has formed a board to manage fundraising, but the project's cost remains undisclosed. Critics question the use of public funds and the constitutionality of the state's involvement, with a legal challenge posed by James Kwabena Bomfeh junior. Despite government assurances of neutrality, concerns about preferential treatment towards Christianity persist, as Accra already has a high density of churches.

Ghana to pilot first malaria vaccine in Africa

25 Apr 2018  |  The Telegraph
Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi are set to begin piloting the world's first malaria vaccine later in the year 2018. The vaccine, which has been developed by the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, will be administered to children as part of the trial starting from September. The vaccine initiative is part of a broader strategy to combat malaria, one of Africa's leading causes of death. Alongside vaccination, new scientific research and advanced insecticides are being utilized in the fight to eliminate the disease. The article also emphasizes the importance of personal protection measures to maintain global health security.

Against the tide: lifeguards in Ghana – in pictures

02 Apr 2018  |  www.theguardian.com
The article discusses the issue of drowning in Ghana, highlighting the lack of official statistics on the number of annual deaths. It points out the dangers of the Gulf of Guinea, known for its violent currents, and the problem that many locals cannot swim. The Ghana National Aquatic Rescue Unit, which was established in 2016, is mentioned as a response to these dangers. The unit was founded after a tragic incident where a three-year-old girl drowned at Labadi beach in Accra, and there was no one able to rescue her.

Against the tide: lifeguards in Ghana – in pictures

02 Apr 2018  |  theguardian.com
Drowning deaths in Ghana are a concern due to the absence of official statistics and the dangerous waters of the Gulf of Guinea. Many locals cannot swim, and the Ghana National Aquatic Rescue Unit was established in 2016 following the drowning of a young girl on Labadi beach in Accra.

In Ghana, the monkey business delights villagers

27 Sep 2017  |  Geo.fr
Since 1996, the village of Tafi Atome in Ghana's Volta Region has transformed into an eco-tourism destination, attracting thousands of visitors annually to the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary. The sanctuary's success has led to improved local infrastructure, including a clinic, wells, and school renovations. The once sacred mones monkeys, targeted by hunters after the decline of traditional beliefs, are now protected and considered friends by the villagers. Eco-tourism in Ghana, with its considerable potential, is expected to grow, with projections of increased tourist numbers and job creation. Experts and tour operators advocate for more government support and community pride in eco-tourism initiatives.

Hackers target Ghana electoral commission amid tight race in presidential elections

08 Dec 2016  |  International Business Times UK
Ghana's Electoral Commission's website was targeted by hackers amidst the presidential election results announcement. The incident was reported on Twitter, and the site was temporarily offline. Tensions rose as the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) called for incumbent President John Dramani Mahama to concede defeat based on their internal polls. The election is closely contested, with Mahama's National Democratic Congress party seeking re-election during an economic slowdown. Ghana, known for its democratic stability in West Africa, experienced few voting issues, with a run-off anticipated if no candidate secures a majority. The opposition criticized the government's economic management, highlighting issues with national finances and oil revenue, particularly from a field operated by Tullow. Officials have asked for patience in awaiting official results and cautioned against unofficial sources.

The No-Holds-Barred Georgian Folk Sport That Looks Like a Brawl

12 May 2014  |  www.vice.com
The article discusses Lelo, a traditional Georgian game similar to rugby, played in the village of Shukhuti every Easter Sunday to honor the deceased. The game features two teams with no set number of players and no time limits, competing to carry a 35-pound ball to their respective creeks, which serve as goal lines. The playing field includes the village's landscape, with houses and roads, and the game is known for its physical intensity and the potential for damage and injuries. Lelo is a test of passion, strength, faith, and devotion for the participants.

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