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Cristina Cennamo

Naples, Italy
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About Cristina
Cristina Cennamo is a professional journalist based in Naples, Italy. She started working as a freelance in 1992  and since 2000 she's been working as a fixer for foreigner magazines and newspapers. 
In the same years, she also worked as a press officer for institutional companies and private ones: in 2019 she was Head of Media and Broadcasting in Universiade Napoli, the second sport event in the world.
English Spanish French
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Martino Cilento Passed Away: 'He Was Passion and Elegance'

06 Jan 2024  |  www.ilmattino.it
Martino Cilento, affectionately known as Nello, passed away surrounded by loved ones, fulfilling his often-expressed wish. He leaves behind a legacy of passion and elegance, both in his personal demeanor and as a representative of the seventh generation of the historic Italian company founded in 1780. His son, Ugo Cilento, now leads the company and embodies the values and savoir-faire taught by Martino. Martino was also a respected accountant and a passionate connoisseur of art, watches, the sea, culture, and elegance. He is remembered for his contributions to the revival of Naples in the 1980s and his love for Capri, where he spent cherished times with his family.

Napoli, morto Fabrizio Mangoni: «Adesso dedicatemi un sorriso»

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
Fabrizio Mangoni, a renowned architect, urban planning professor at Federico II University, and gastronomist, passed away. Known for his unique perspective on life and his appearances on popular TV shows like 'Di che pasta sei?' and 'Scrupoli,' Mangoni left a heartfelt farewell message on Facebook. He reflected on his joyful life, the importance of friendships, and his disdain for the pursuit of success and public recognition. He requested that his friends remember him with a smile and cherish their shared memories.

The Chick Lit Book by Valentina Catini: 'It's All as I Always Dreamed'

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
Valentina Catini's debut chick lit novel 'È tutto come ho sempre sognato' has been released in major national bookstores and digital platforms. The book, published by Porto Seguro Editore, humorously narrates the misadventures of Margherita, a thirty-year-old single mother dissatisfied with her job and life. The story takes a turn when she meets her past love, Christian, and gets a chance to change her life with the help of a medallion. Set in the vibrant neighborhoods of Rome, the novel is a journey of self-discovery and aspirations, characterized by Catini's lively and engaging writing style.

Dance party and babà: 150 friends for Marco De Ciuceis' first 50

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
Marco De Ciuceis celebrated his 50th birthday with 150 friends at the Riserva Roof Top in Posillipo, overlooking the Gulf of Pozzuoli with views of Procida and Ischia. The event featured a dance party with music by DJ Alex Marinacci and was organized with the help of party planners Cristiana Della Rossa and Manuela Baselice. Family members, including his sister Paola and brother Fabio, and numerous friends attended the celebration, which included a large babà cake shaped like Mount Vesuvius.

A month of shows at Suarez 11 for live music lovers

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
Daniele Salvo, owner of the Suarez 11 bistro in Vomero, Naples, has fulfilled his dream of creating a live music venue. The club, under the artistic direction of renowned bassist Marco de Tilla, will host a variety of live music events featuring genres such as jazz, bossanova, pop, blues, and rock. The lineup includes performances by notable artists like Oscar Montalbano, Marco Zurzolo, Mino Lanzieri, and many others. The venue aims to attract music lovers and provide a vibrant cultural experience.

London lands in via Calabritto with the Burberry event

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
Rossella Galiano, leveraging her international education, successfully organized a high-profile Burberry event in Naples, blending the brand's distinctive elements with the style of Boutique Galiano. The event, promoted with Nss magazine, featured a sophisticated and warm atmosphere, with a special food and drink menu by Alba Catering & Tanya Future and music by DJs Vincenzo Paccone and Carlo Martino.

I'M, 15 years of glamour in Naples: actors and models in Coroglio

10 Jun 2023  |  www.ilmattino.it
The 15th anniversary party of the magazine I'M, published by actor Maurizio Aiello and directed by his wife Ilaria Carloni, was held at Club Partenopeo in Coroglio, Naples. The event featured a digital carpet displaying magazine covers and was attended by numerous celebrities, including actors from 'Mare Fuori' and 'Un Posto al Sole'. Highlights included performances by Ciccio Merolla and culinary delights by chef Giuseppe Molaro. The event was a significant social gathering, celebrating the magazine's milestone with a host of notable guests.

Cesare Attolini is dead: Naples mourns the legendary tailor of 'The Great Beauty'

25 Nov 2022  |  www.ilmattino.it
Cesare Attolini, a legendary Neapolitan tailor known for his innovative contributions to fashion, has passed away at the age of 91. His son Giuseppe announced his death, highlighting Cesare's dedication to his craft until his final days. Cesare, who learned the art of tailoring from his father Vincenzo, revolutionized the industry with his unique designs and techniques. He continued to influence the fashion world through his work and the family business, which remains a symbol of high-quality craftsmanship. His legacy includes the iconic suits worn by Toni Servillo in the film 'The Great Beauty'.

Stromboli on its knees amid mud and debris: residents and tourists start shoveling

13 Aug 2022  |  ilmattino.it
Stromboli has been devastated by a violent storm that brought a significant amount of mud to the streets, affecting private homes, hotels, and businesses. The Sicilian Civil Protection has called for at least a hundred volunteers to help remove mud from homes and streets. General Manager Salvo Cocina has requested the urgent delivery of common tools from the nearby island of Lipari. Mayor Riccardo Gullo reported extensive damage and thirty homes declared uninhabitable, but fortunately, there were no fatalities and only one minor injury. Despite the disaster, tourists have not fled the island, and efforts are underway to restore normalcy, with the hope that the tourist season will not be impacted. The island is currently fully booked, and volunteers arriving have been accommodated in makeshift lodgings, including a parish, due to full hotels. Continuous work is being done to clear debris and prepare for any further rain.

Ukraine Now: the Telegram channel is in Italian and has thousands of fans

28 Feb 2022  |  www.ilmattino.it
Ukraine Now, a popular Telegram channel originally in Ukrainian, has launched an Italian version that has quickly garnered 7,000 subscribers. The channel aims to provide verified and updated information about the events in Ukraine in multiple languages. It includes videos from battlefields, shelters, and medical facilities, as well as information for Russian mothers whose sons have been captured or killed. The initiative highlights the power of digital communication in the current conflict.

My point of wiew on air about recent elections

An online magazine I own which talks about journalism

Luigi Di Maio's birthday in Sardinia with special wishes from Virginia: 'My heart'

06 Jul 2020  |  il Messaggero
Luigi Di Maio celebrated his birthday in Sardinia, receiving special wishes from someone named Virginia who referred to him affectionately. He reflects on the long weeks of suffering due to a virus that has disrupted lives and changed habits, acknowledging the silent contributions of medical staff, law enforcement, volunteers, technicians, and entrepreneurs. Di Maio expresses infinite gratitude towards these individuals and emphasizes the importance of protecting citizens, listening, finding solutions, and acting decisively. He praises Italians for demonstrating greatness and vows not to squander the efforts made, committing to continue working hard and staying united.

Luigi Di Maio, birthday at the beach in Sardinia with special wishes from Virginia: 'My heart'

06 Jul 2020  |  www.leggo.it
Luigi Di Maio celebrates his birthday at the beach in Sardinia, receiving special wishes from Virginia Saba, who affectionately calls him 'my heart'. The article highlights their personal moments and the celebratory atmosphere.

Una cravatta storica per un momento storico per l’economia italiana

08 Apr 2020  |  Il Mattino
The article discusses a significant moment for the Italian economy, highlighting the presentation of a 750 billion program for businesses by the Italian Prime Minister. During this historic moment, the Prime Minister wore a tie made by Ugo Cilento, a renowned Neapolitan fashion house, to symbolize the unity of Italy and the hope for the country to emerge stronger from the current period. Ugo Cilento, representing the eighth generation of a family that has been producing ties since 1780, explains that the tie is a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Italian Republic and is made of pure silk from the finest Italian and English manufacturers.

Naples Coronavirus, car manager has died: he passed away two days after his mother

27 Mar 2020  |  www.ilgazzettino.it
Francesco Fuschino, a 57-year-old commercial manager of the Del Priore car dealership in Naples, known for its Porsche cars, has died due to Covid-19. His death occurred just two days after the loss of his mother to the same virus, marking a tragic event for what appeared to be a cheerful and serene family.

Tresca amorosa in carcere fra un detenuto e un'insegnante: un testimone viene pestato due volte per non farla scoprire

19 Oct 2015  |  Il Gazzettino
The article discusses a romantic affair that took place in a prison between an inmate and a teacher. A witness to the affair was assaulted twice in an attempt to keep the relationship a secret. The incident raises concerns about the security and management within the prison system, as well as the professional boundaries between staff and inmates. The article delves into the details of the affair, the subsequent attacks on the witness, and the implications for the prison's administration.

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