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Unitas or uniformitas?: Reflections on the compatibility of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Postmodernity

18 Jul 2023  |  Dialnet
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, established in 1948, aimed to universally recognize human dignity. However, in the current era marked by a break with tradition and history, a new paradoxical conception of humanity has emerged, which is both emancipatory and homogenizing. This has led to inconsistencies in the application of the Declaration, questioning its universality in a radically uniform context.

Fort Worth's $50 Million Health Campaign Shows Slow Progress Amid Rising Obesity

15 Mar 2023  |  Dallas News
The article discusses the Blue Zones project in Fort Worth, a $50 million initiative funded by Texas Health Resources to combat obesity and improve health by adopting healthy-living principles from areas known for longevity. Despite the efforts, obesity rates in Fort Worth have risen by 4 percent since the program's inception. The project includes urban environment changes like bike lanes and access to fresh food, especially in underserved areas. The article also touches on the decline of health standards in the original Blue Zones due to westernization and the impact of health insurance on community health, referencing the Affordable Care Act. The journalist, Cristina Roca, is a freelance journalist and a global journalism fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

Greece Train Crash Death Toll Rises as Protesters Call for Government Accountability

02 Mar 2023  |  WSJ
Protesters in Greece are demanding government accountability for a train crash that resulted in at least 57 fatalities. They are challenging Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis's claim that human error was the primary cause, citing inadequate technology, poor maintenance, and staff shortages in the railway network. A spokesperson for OSE, the state-owned rail network operator, confirmed the absence of safety systems in the crash area.

Greece Train Crash Leaves at Least 38 Dead

01 Mar 2023  |  WSJ
A train carrying several hundred people collided with a freight train in Greece, resulting in at least 38 deaths and over 80 injuries. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attributed the disaster to human error in a public address after visiting the crash site.

ExxonMobil's Esso Workers in France to Be Requisitioned to End Blockages

12 Oct 2022  |  www.marketscreener.com
Workers of Exxon Mobil Corp.-owned Esso in France will be requisitioned to end blockages at storage depots and refineries, restoring supply at gas stations, as announced by French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. Despite an agreement with a majority of representatives, some unions continue the blockages, leading to shortages at gas stations. Borne emphasized the need for dialogue between worker representatives and employers.

Airbus Backs 2025 Production Target Despite Supply-Chain Snarls

22 Sep 2022  |  WSJ
Airbus SE maintains its goal to increase the production rate of its A320 family of narrow-body planes to 75 per month by 2025, despite ongoing supply chain challenges, including securing enough engines and components from suppliers. The company remains confident in the readiness of its supply chain to meet this target.

Telecom Italia Says Conditions to Complete Sale of Inwit Stake Are Met

02 Aug 2022  |  www.marketscreener.com
Telecom Italia SpA announced that all conditions for the sale of its stake in Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane SpA (Inwit) have been met. A consortium led by Ardian will acquire 41% in holding company Daphne 3, which holds a 30.2% stake in Inwit. Post-transaction, the consortium will own 90% of Daphne 3, with Telecom Italia retaining 10%. The sale agreement, involving Telecom Italia, Daphne 3, Vodafone Europe, and Central Tower Holding Company, will conclude by August 31. Telecom Italia will receive approximately EUR 1.3 billion for its stake, plus a loan repayment of about EUR 200 million.

Enel to Sell Chilean Electricity-Transmission Business for $1.3 Billion

28 Jul 2022  |  www.marketscreener.com
Enel SpA has agreed to sell its Chilean electricity transmission business for $1.35 billion to Sociedad Transmisora Metropolitana SpA and its controlling company Inversiones Grupo Saesa Ltda. The deal, which values the business at $1.53 billion, involves Enel's 99.09% stake in Enel Transmision Chile. STM plans to launch a full takeover bid and repay the business's intercompany loans.

UBS Shares Fall After 2Q Earnings Miss Expectations as Global Markets Drop

26 Jul 2022  |  marketscreener.com
UBS Group AG's shares declined after the Swiss bank reported second-quarter earnings that did not meet analysts' expectations, with a net profit of $2.11 billion on revenue of $8.92 billion against the expected $2.40 billion profit on $9.43 billion revenue. The bank's CEO, Ralph Hamers, described the quarter as challenging due to high inflation, the war in Ukraine, and Covid-19 disruptions in Asia. RBC Capital Markets noted disappointment in several areas, including assets-under-management levels.

Lufthansa Cancels 2,000 More Flights, Citing Staff Shortages

13 Jul 2022  |  WSJ
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is canceling an additional 2,000 flights from its summer schedule due to staffing shortages amid a surge in travel demand. The European aviation sector is facing challenges in ramping up capacity quickly enough to accommodate the increased number of travelers, driven by the lifting of travel restrictions and higher Covid-19 vaccination rates.

LVMH's Sephora Pulls Out of Russia

11 Jul 2022  |  www.marketscreener.com
Beauty-products retailer Sephora has agreed to sell its Russian subsidiary to its local general manager, with the business to be operated under the Ile de Beaute brand. The financial details of the sale were not disclosed. This move follows the temporary closure of Sephora's stores in Russia by its parent company, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, after the invasion of Ukraine.

Syria Deeply: Building the first criminal case against Assad's regime

In Spain, will a pioneering case bring justice for Syrian victims?

12 Jun 2017  |  Open Canada
Spanish judge Eloy Velasco initiated an investigation into alleged crimes by Syrian officials, marking a significant step for international justice. The case, led by lawyers Almudena Bernabeu and Maite Parejo of Guernica 37, accuses nine Syrian officials of state terrorism. The victim, a Spanish national's brother, was allegedly tortured and killed in Syria. The public prosecution challenged the jurisdiction, but the appeal will be settled by the National Court's Plenary. The case highlights the use of universal jurisdiction, which has been restricted in Spain since 2014. Despite the challenges, the case is seen as a message against impunity and a spotlight on Syrian government crimes. The investigation is currently stalled due to a judicial transition, with the new judge, Manuel García Castellón, needing to catch up on the case.

Leaving the skin

29 May 2017  |  www.infolibre.es
Ubrique, a town in Cádiz with a long-standing leather crafting tradition, experienced a return of luxury fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton after initially losing them to cheaper Asian labor markets. Despite the sector's prosperity, labor improvements lag, with workers facing exploitation and off-the-books employment. The local leather industry, crucial to Ubrique's economy, is marred by precarious working conditions, extensive use of temporary contracts, and reliance on undeclared labor. Unions like UGT and CCOO struggle to improve conditions, but face challenges such as lack of representation and fear among workers. The discrepancy between official employment figures and the reality suggests a significant portion of production occurs informally. Some luxury brands have made long-term investments in Ubrique, leading to improvements, but overall, the fear of unemployment perpetuates labor exploitation.

National Post - How archeologists found a rare spectacular trove of 14,500-year-old art hidden under a Spanish city

Maclean's - How 'blue zones' offer secrets for long lives -and shorter ones, too

How Close Are Sex Robots to Having Their Mainstream Moment?

11 Jan 2017  |  www.vice.com
The article discusses Bradley Charvet's plan to open a fellatio café in London, which due to legal issues, will utilize sex robots instead of human workers. Robotics expert David Levy and others believe sex with robots will become common in the future. However, current sex robots are rudimentary, and the idea of a robot-staffed sex café is seen by some as a PR stunt. The article explores the technological advancements in sex robots, with companies like Abyss Creations developing AI-enhanced robotic heads for their RealDolls. The ethical implications of sex robots are also examined, with concerns about objectification and gender roles. The article suggests that the development of sex robots is not only a technological issue but also a social and cultural one, with potential impacts on human relationships and sexuality.

The Rise of HPV-Related Cancers and the Need for Safe Oral Sex Practices

28 Nov 2016  |  www.vice.com
The article discusses the rise in HPV-related cancers in Canada, with a particular focus on oral cancer surpassing cervical cancer in prevalence. It highlights the lack of safe oral sex practices despite increased awareness of STIs. Experts like Gillian Knight and Alex McKay emphasize the need for protection during oral sex due to the risks of transmitting STIs such as herpes and HPV. Anisha Gupta, a dentistry student, and her colleagues have designed a new protective barrier that doubles as a sex toy to encourage safer oral sex practices. The article also touches on the gender-neutral HPV vaccination in Canada and the challenges of popularizing barrier protection due to social stigmas and the impracticality of current methods like oral dams.

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