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Dalphine Tagwireyi

Pretoria, South Africa
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About Dalphine
Dalphine Tagwireyi is a journalist based in Pretoria, South Africa.

ANC councillor denies punching female charity worker in the face

12 Jun 2024  |  lite.scrolla.africa
An ANC councillor in Mpumalanga, Timothy Lukhele, has been accused of assaulting Mashia Sithole, a charity worker from Empumelelweni Community Development, during a community meeting aimed at seeking assistance for a feeding programme. Lukhele denies the charges, attributing them to political enemies. Sithole has filed an assault case with the Vosman police, who are currently investigating.

Zim women turned off by sex toy ban

05 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean women are challenging the government's ban on the importation, possession, and use of sex toys, arguing that it infringes on their rights to choose, associate, and enjoy safe sexual pleasure. Sitabile Dewa, from the Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence, has filed a court order to declare the ban unconstitutional. The government, however, remains firm on its stance, suggesting alternatives like cucumbers and candles. The ban, enforced under the Zimbabwean Customs and Excise Act, has led to legal actions against individuals like Shirley Chapunza and Ayanda Muponda for importing and selling sex toys. The case is yet to be addressed by the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi Ziyambi.

Zanu-PF youths accused of suppressing opposition voters

02 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Supporters of Zimbabwe's main opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), allege that Zanu-PF youths are intimidating them and preventing voter registration in Mbare, a Zanu-PF stronghold. Accusations include confiscation of personal information and voter registration slips. Ellen Shiriyedenga of CCC condemns these actions, attributing them to the Zanu-PF-aligned Forever Association of Zimbabwe (FAZ). Zanu-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa and Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi claim unawareness of these issues.

Zim company converts coal to fertiliser

01 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Verify Engineering in Zimbabwe has developed technology to convert coal into fertiliser, aiming to address the country's significant fertiliser demand. The innovation, which includes producing ammonium nitrate and urea, awaits government funding for implementation. Stakeholders, including farmers, express optimism about the potential economic and agricultural benefits, such as reduced import costs and increased local production. The initiative is seen as a step towards enhancing food security and creating employment opportunities.

Zim sand poachers discard skeletons in community water

01 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Sand poachers in Epworth, near Harare, Zimbabwe, are illegally mining sand from a cemetery and discarding skeletal remains into the community's water source. Community members, including Samuel Katsande and Givemore Mukushi, express distress over the desecration of graves. Local authorities, including the Epworth Constituency Member of Parliament Zalerah Makari and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, are aware of the issue but have yet to make arrests. Efforts are being made to collaborate with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe to find a solution and relocate affected residents.

Zim minors abandon school to become zamazamas

01 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
More than half of Zimbabwe's rural school minors drop out before completing their education, with many turning to illegal mining for income. Matabeleland South is severely affected due to poor rainfall, forcing children as young as 12 to work in mines. Villagers, including Sikhumbuzo Thebe, justify this as a means to fend for their families. The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe reports a 63% drop-out rate, attributing it to disparities between rural and urban schools. The Ministry of primary and secondary education has not commented on these claims.

Fertiliser shortages spell tough days ahead for Zimbabwe farmers

01 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean farmers are grappling with fertiliser shortages amid a looming severe drought, exacerbating their struggles with crop yields. The country's sole fertiliser supplier, Sable Chemicals, is facing production issues, leading to escalated prices beyond the reach of many farmers. Government efforts to import additional fertiliser are underway, with expectations of significant deliveries soon. Farmers are appealing for government assistance through programmes to mitigate the impact. Agronomists suggest organic alternatives to cope with the shortage.

Romance in Harare: all it takes is a pint of lager and a pair of pigs’ balls

01 Oct 2023  |  scrolla.africa
A new trend in Harare sees men consuming pig testicles, known locally as 'gearbox,' believed to enhance sexual performance. Tendai Chisvo and Margret Chahwahwa are key figures in this craze, with Chisvo advocating for its benefits and Chahwahwa capitalizing on the demand by selling the delicacy. Despite the popularity, there is no scientific evidence supporting the claims of improved sexual performance. The practice is part of a broader global tradition of using animal genitals as aphrodisiacs.

A mother’s pain: The nine-month wait to bury her baby

01 Sep 2023  |  Scrolla.Africa
Cynthia Sibanyoni experienced a tragedy when she gave birth to a still-born baby last December, but the situation worsened due to negligence at Witbank Hospital. The hospital presented her with the wrong remains, leading to a nine-month ordeal that included a legal case against Health MEC Sasasekile Manzini and the hospital. The high court ordered the MEC to cover the costs of the missing baby and DNA tests. Eventually, after DNA testing, the correct baby was identified and returned to the family, allowing them to find closure. The Mpumalanga Department of Health acknowledged the error and stated that internal investigations were conducted.

Broke teachers make for low grades in Zimbabwe

03 Jul 2023  |  scrolla.africa
In Zimbabwe, government school teachers' inconsistent attendance due to poor pay is causing concern among parents as national examinations approach. The low pass rates, with O Level at 28.96% and grade seven at 40.9%, are attributed to the teachers' financial struggles, with basic salaries eroded to around US$13 a month. Parents are unable to afford extra lessons, and teachers are leaving for better opportunities abroad. The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe demands a minimum salary of US$1,260, rejecting any lower increment.

Zimbabwe: Women Elbowed Out of Zim Election Race

01 Jul 2023  |  allAfrica.com
Women candidates in Zimbabwe's upcoming presidential elections face significant barriers due to a high nomination fee of R360,000 (US$20,000). Despite a 2013 quota reserving 30% of parliamentary seats for women, the lack of female candidates this year highlights ongoing political exclusion. Elisabeth Valerio of the United Zimbabwe Alliance and Linda Masarira of the Labour, Economist and African Diplomats party criticize the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for creating economic barriers that disproportionately affect women. Sitabile Dewa of the Women's Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence also condemns the fees as discriminatory. ZEC's chief elections officer, Utoile Silaigwana, stated that the commission extended the nomination time due to banking issues.

Zim workers crippled by currency chaos

01 May 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean workers are facing severe financial hardships as their salaries fail to keep up with the rapidly increasing prices of basic goods. The local currency's devaluation exacerbates their struggles, making it difficult to afford necessities and school fees. Workers like Talent Zimbuya and Christine Moyo share their personal challenges, while Japhet Moyo from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions reflects on the deteriorating conditions compared to the past.

Zimbabwe mothers defy religion to save their children

13 Apr 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Women from the Apostolic sect in Zimbabwe, facing over 600 child deaths due to measles in 2022, have defied their religion's anti-vaccination doctrine by forming the Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust (AWET). The group promotes women's and children's health, vaccination, and education, while fighting against child marriages and for young women's empowerment. Members like Alice Mhendambuya have secretly vaccinated their children, challenging the patriarchal norms of the sect.

Zimbabwe 'zama zamas' collapse classroom, injuring 17

20 Mar 2023  |  scrolla.africa
In Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, illegal miners known as 'zama zamas' caused a classroom floor at Globe and Phoenix primary school to collapse into a sinkhole, injuring 17 students. Parents and the school's headmaster have raised concerns about the safety risks posed by the mining activities. The school, originally built by a mining company and now privately run, has been closed due to the incident. Local officials and a member of parliament have condemned the illegal mining and are seeking safer alternatives for the students to continue their education.

Fury as Zimbabwe police drag activist artist off stage

05 Mar 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean musician Winky D was violently removed from the stage by police during his live show in Chitungwiza, Harare, after a period in hiding due to his album criticizing the ZANU-PF government. His manager, Jonathan Banda, is considering a formal statement with the Vigilante Family record label. MP Temba Mliswa condemned the police's actions, while Information Minister's Secretary Nick Mangwana praised the crackdown on drug use at festivals. Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi was unaware of the arrest details. Winky D's music, which speaks to the struggles of Zimbabwean youth and denounces social injustice and corruption, has faced censorship, with his latest album 'Eureka' banned from radio play.

Zimbabwe teachers set to go on nationwide strike

28 Feb 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean teachers are planning a nationwide strike on March 1 to demand salary increases in US dollars, citing that their current earnings are insufficient compared to the standard cost of living. They have been advocating for a 200% salary increase since 2017. Teachers feel neglected by President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government, which they accuse of not addressing their grievances. The Ministry of Education's director of communications, Taungana Ndoro, criticized the planned strike, stating it would deprive children of their right to education. Teachers express desperation and readiness to strike, with one teacher from Harare highlighting the inability to meet his children's needs on his current salary.

‘We are being deprived of our rights!’

20 Feb 2023  |  scrolla.africa
In Zimbabwe, ahead of the 2023 general elections, the decentralization of districts by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has made voter registration centers inaccessible for many, with the nearest centers over 100-200 km away from towns like Victoria Falls and Chikombedzi. Citizens, including a game ranger and a businessman, have voiced their inability to afford the travel costs for registration, fearing a significant decrease in voter turnout. ZEC commissioner Jasper Mangwana acknowledged the issue and stated plans to further decentralize registration centers to ease the process.

Worrying upswing in Zimbabwean youths’ drug abuse

06 Feb 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwe is experiencing a significant increase in drug and substance abuse among its youth, with limited rehabilitation options due to the capacity constraints of the two main government mental institutions, Ingutsheni Hospital and Parirenyatwa Annex Centre. Youths under 35 represent 67% of the population, and a study indicates that around 57% are involved in drug abuse. Personal accounts from users and concerns from parents highlight the severity of the issue, with drugs like crystal meth causing overdoses and school expulsions. Experts warn of the psychoactive effects and health risks associated with these substances.

Zim artist in hiding after dropping anti-government album

04 Jan 2023  |  scrolla.africa
Zimbabwean dance-hall musician Wallace Chirumiko, stage name 'Winky D', is reportedly in hiding following the launch of his 'Eureka' album, which criticizes social injustice and the ZANU-PF led government. His manager Jonathan Banda denies the claims, describing Winky D as a social commentator through his music. ZANU-PF's Tafadzwa Mugwadi accuses Winky D of sabotaging other musicians' careers with his collaborations. Previously, Winky D faced a media blackout from state-owned radio stations for his music that drew parallels between Biblical oppression and Zimbabwean struggles.

Letter from Zimbabwe: Bontle’s story motivated my move back home

31 Dec 2022  |  scrolla.africa
Reflecting on a tumultuous 2022, Dalphine Tagwireyi recounts how covering the tragic story of six-year-old Bontle Mashiyane, who was found murdered in Mpumalanga, South Africa, deeply affected her. The emotional toll of the story, combined with the anti-Zimbabwean sentiment in South Africa, motivated her decision to return to Zimbabwe. Despite challenges like load-shedding and financial issues, she finds solace in being surrounded by family and the familiarity of home.

More than meets the eye to Nyau dancers

18 Nov 2022  |  scrolla.africa
Nyau dancers, part of a secret society of the Chewa, are often misunderstood and associated with evil in Zimbabwean society. Garai Happymore Sante, a Nyau dancer from Harare, explains that Nyau is a Malawian tradition that practices Ubuntuism and communicates between the living and the dead. Despite rumors, Sante clarifies that they do not harm people and only retaliate when provoked. The initiation process for Nyau dancers includes rigorous training and secret rituals.

Zimbabwe: Electoral Commission Demands R3.3 Million From Election Watchdog

06 Nov 2022  |  allAfrica.com
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has demanded R3.3 million from the Election Resource Centre (ERC) for access to the voters' roll, raising concerns about transparency ahead of the 2023 general elections. ERC director Babra Bhebe criticized the high fee and the reluctance to release the electronic roll. Opposition parties, including the Citizens Coalition for Change, have expressed concerns about the lack of transparency. ZEC maintains that the fees are legally stipulated and justified.

Raped and impregnated at only 8!

31 Oct 2022  |  scrolla.africa
A Zimbabwean girl from Tsholotsho district in Matabeleland North, raped and impregnated by a relative at eight years old, is now eight months pregnant and under medical supervision at United Bulawayo Hospital. Dr. Ishmael Mhonde attributes her condition to precocious puberty. Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed ongoing investigations, with the Department of Social Welfare involved. Zimbabwe faces issues with child pregnancies and marriages, particularly among certain apostolic religious sects. In a related case, a 14-year-old girl died at a shrine in Mutare after being left there by her parents during labor.

Zimbabwe: Media Ban Sparks Fury in Zimbabwe

30 Oct 2022  |  allAfrica.com
The Media Institute of Southern Africa criticized ZANU-PF for not allowing independent media to cover their congress in Harare. MISA Zimbabwe's chairperson, Golden Maunganidze, suggested ZANU-PF might be hiding negative actions. Independent media outlets like Scrolla.Africa, TechMag, and NewsDay were barred from the event. The Young Journalists Association also condemned the ban and highlighted a similar incident where the opposition CCC barred state media. The situation raises concerns about media freedom ahead of elections.

She survived cancer and chaos

29 Oct 2022  |  scrolla.africa
Faris Takawira, a breast cancer survivor from Harare, Zimbabwe, celebrated 14 years of being cancer-free despite being diagnosed during a period of economic turmoil in 2008. With the support of her family and medical attention from St Anne’s private hospital, she underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy, although she had to forgo radiotherapy due to non-functional machines. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has urged the government to address the healthcare system's inadequacies, as cancer patients struggle with care accessibility and the high cost of medication.

PSL fixtures released

07 Dec 2021  |  The Standard
The article announces the release of the fixtures for the 2021/22 Castle Lager Premier Soccer League (PSL) season in Zimbabwe. The season is set to commence on Saturday with several matches lined up. The article highlights that the football giants Dynamos will be playing against Yadah on Match Day 1. Defending champions FC Platinum are scheduled to play at home against the newcomers Tenax. Additionally, the Highlanders will be starting the season with an away game. The article serves as an update for football fans and followers of the PSL.

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