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Daniel Gillet

Freelance Photographer for the past 17 years and Videographer (Shooter/Producer) for 7 years in France and in Australia, I produce films and still photography for corporations, media, institutions and nonprofit organizations. I hold French and Australian dual citizenship and I am currently residing in Lyon. I am versed in creating still photography and films autonomously from start to finish through producing, shooting, editing and have strong experience in combining creative imagery with accurate journalism. I also like to work as part of a team to concentrate on the visuals which is my strength. Fully equipped, with a Canon C200, 5DIV, lenses, lapel mics, steadicam, drone, lights, etc, I daily use Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X and Audition. I invite you to watch my Documentary Demo Reel :

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Documentary Demo Reel - Daniel Gillet


West African Leaders, France Vow Renewed Fight on Terror. A surge of terrorist violence in Africa’s Sahel region is forcing West African nations to reconsider their strategy and unify military forces. For VOA


Defeating violence through agriculture in Chicago. Carried by the appetite of it’s locals for « homegrown vegetables », Chicago has become the national leader in urban agriculture.This booming economy is offering jobs and training programs to heal those who have broken ties with society.

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