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DANIEL LUTAAYA is a journalist based in Kampala,Central Region, Uganda. He has spent over four years producing, writing and reporting on AFrican politics, diplomacy and conflict across Africa.
He specializes in print, TV and radio stories for an international audience.

Youth unemployment is one of the greatest perils facing Uganda as a growing economy, For a country with one of the highest youth populations on the world, this is an impasse. This story is about means to an end and that crucial end being the ideal, "Jobs for all"


President Yoweri Museveni urged Ugandans to heed to his call of value addition in order to positively impact on the economy. This as the president flagged off the first ever consignment of Ugandan made t-shirts to Denmark at the Fine Spinners factory in Kampala.


At the height of the Burundian civil nrest just after the controversial re-election of Presidcent Pierre Nkurunziza and the ensuing human rights problems I went to the man who represents Nkurunziza in my country. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein had earlier warned of a “sharp increase in the use of torture and ill-treatment in Burundi” and voiced concerns about worrying reports of the existence of illegal detention facilities, both in Bujumbura and in the outskirts.


HIV/AIDS has always been a problem in Ugandan society and East Africa as a whole. With over 63,000 deaths each year linked to it, HIV/AIDS is undoubtedly one of Uganda’s leading killers. Most of the deaths stem from lack of access to Anti-Retro viral medication after infection due to fear of stigmatization.


Karamoja in North Eastern Uganda is one of the most volatile regions in the country. The region has left behind the days of gun related violence but still retains a fundamental problem of education. The dictates of society as such that girls are considered a lesser gender and hence quite often denied education. I traveled miles from the country's capital Kampala to Karamoja on a fact finding mission and this is what I gathered.


DanieL Lutaaya iinterviews KCCA FC Captain Denis Okot


Daniel Lutaaya's Interview with African Best Footballer of the year 2016 Denis Onyango on Skype

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