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Kampala, Uganda
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About Daniel
Daniel Mumbere is a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda.
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Rocket Health partners with Pezesha to provide credit to healthcare facilities in Uganda

13 Jun 2024  |  rockethealth.africa
Rocket Health and Pezesha have partnered to offer flexible and affordable credit to healthcare facilities in Uganda, enhancing the healthcare supply chain. Rocket Health, a leading digital health provider, and Pezesha, known for its embedded finance services, aim to improve inventory supply and financial sustainability for healthcare providers. This collaboration is expected to drive customer retention and acquisition for Rocket Health, while enabling healthcare facilities to deliver high-quality care. Key stakeholders, including Dr. Davis Musinguzi of Rocket Health and Andrew Thiong’o of Pezesha, expressed optimism about the partnership's impact on the healthcare sector in East Africa.

Everything You Need To Know About Rocket Health’s Partnership With Pezesha

31 May 2024  |  rockethealth.africa
Rocket Health and Pezesha have announced a partnership allowing healthcare facilities to restock on credit. Facilities must transact with Rocket Health’s wholesale unit for at least three months to qualify for Pezesha’s credit facility. Pezesha provides financial services to underserved MSMEs, while Rocket Health offers digital health services and medical supplies.

Northern Uganda music legend Beniman succumbs to cancer

04 Apr 2024  |  newvision.co.ug
Northern Uganda musician Beniman, real name Benard Ogwang, passed away at Mulago Hospital from prostate cancer. He was known for elevating Luo music to the national stage with songs like 'Show me the way', 'Never stop hustling', and 'Badmind'. His death was confirmed by his friend Easybash Maacha, who also noted the artist's wish for more support during his life. Beniman is survived by two children and had over 800 songs. Burial arrangements are being discussed, likely to be lowkey due to gathering restrictions.

South Africa's Election Day: The Battle for Presidency and Parliament

08 May 2023  |  Africanews
South Africa is holding its sixth general elections since the end of apartheid 25 years ago. The elections will not only decide the country's next president but also elect a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures. President Cyril Ramaphosa is facing competition from Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters and Mmusi Maimane of the Democratic Alliance. Special voting began on Monday to accommodate those unable to vote on the actual election day. Journalist Daniel Mumbere is reporting from Pretoria, providing updates on the voting process.

From Asymptomatic to Zoonotic: The A-Z of pandemic terminology

12 Feb 2021  |  Africanews
Daniel Mumbere, a digital journalist for Africanews, compiles an A-Z list of terms that have become commonplace in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The article covers a range of topics from 'Asymptomatic' to 'Zoonotic', explaining the relevance of each term to the current situation. It touches on public health measures like social distancing, quarantine, and the use of personal protective equipment. The piece also addresses the impact of the pandemic on daily life, including job losses, lockdowns, and the shift to digital platforms for information and communication. The World Health Organisation's role in managing the pandemic response is highlighted, as well as the importance of vaccines and the challenges posed by misinformation and xenophobia.

Kristiana Kayanja dazzles at her debut fashion show

16 Dec 2020  |  www.newvision.co.ug
Kristiana Kayanja launched her fashion brand, Kristiana, at Kampala Serena Hotel, showcasing a range of outfits for various categories. The event was attended by dignitaries including Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and her parents, renowned pastors Robert and Jessica Kayanja, who expressed immense pride in her achievements. The brand combines detailed glamour with simple elegance, catering to both casual and formal needs.

NEC vows to complete Kiira Plant by June 2021

02 Sep 2020  |  newvision.co.ug
The National Enterprise Corporation has committed to completing the Kiira Vehicle Plant in Uganda by June 2021, with construction progress currently at 58%. The plant, which began construction in February 2019, is designed to produce 22 vehicles per day, starting with buses and trucks. Challenges such as power outages and COVID-19 restrictions have been managed by sourcing local materials and extending work hours. The project, which has already created 500 jobs, is expected to generate 14,000 jobs upon completion. Kiira Motors Corporation CEO Paul Isaac Musasizi encourages public engagement with the draft automotive industry policy and highlights the broader benefits of the project for Ugandans.

Uganda coronavirus: first death registered, cases reach 1,079

23 Jul 2020  |  www.africanews.com
Uganda confirmed its first COVID-19 death, a 34-year-old woman from Namisindwa District, bringing the total number of cases to 1,079. President Yoweri Museveni announced further easing of restrictions, including reopening some shopping centers and salons, while maintaining closures for airports, schools, and places of worship. He emphasized the importance of scientific advice in decision-making and criticized the World Health Organization's protocols. Uganda joins Botswana and Burundi with single COVID-19 deaths, while Eritrea and Seychelles have no deaths to date.

Uganda coronavirus: first death registered, cases reach 1,079

23 Jul 2020  |  africanews.com
Uganda confirmed its first COVID-19 death, a 34-year-old female resident of Namisindwa District. The country's confirmed cases reached 1,079, with 108 active cases, 971 recoveries, and 1 death. President Yoweri Museveni relaxed restrictions, allowing the reopening of some arcades and salons, and the operation of public service motorcycles under specific conditions. The international airport, schools, and places of worship remain closed. Museveni emphasized the role of scientists in decision-making and warned against threatening life. Uganda is also repatriating citizens from various countries and has expressed frustration with WHO's case tally protocols.

Tanzania, Benin, Mauritius move up World Bank income rankings

02 Jul 2020  |  www.africanews.com
The World Bank has reclassified Mauritius as a High Income country, while Tanzania and Benin have been upgraded to Lower-middle income status. Tanzania's President John Pombe Magufuli celebrated the achievement, noting it was reached five years ahead of schedule. The World Bank's data shows Tanzania's GNI per capita increased to $1,080, Benin's to $1,250, and Mauritius's to $12,740. Factors influencing these changes include economic growth, inflation, exchange rates, and population growth. Meanwhile, Sudan and Algeria were downgraded to lower income categories.

Africa's persona non grata diplomacy: Burundi sacks WHO experts

15 May 2020  |  www.africanews.com
Burundi has expelled the World Health Organization's top official and three experts just before the presidential election, without providing an explanation. The WHO is seeking clarification. Other instances of diplomatic expulsions in Africa include Tunisia expelling its UN envoy over inadequate consultation on a Security Council resolution, Zambia protesting the US ambassador's comments on a gay couple's sentencing, and Benin expelling the EU ambassador for political interference. Rwanda and Somalia have also expelled diplomats for various reasons, reflecting a trend of African nations asserting their sovereignty in diplomatic relations.

Focus on African First Ladies: Ethiopia's Zenash releases coronavirus song

08 Apr 2020  |  www.africanews.com
African First Ladies are actively engaging in various initiatives to support their nations during the coronavirus pandemic. Ethiopian First Lady Zinash Tayachew released a gospel song seeking divine intervention, while Gabonese First Lady Sylvia Bongo Ondimba shared COVID-19 themed murals to raise awareness. Botswana's First Lady Neo Jane Masisi joined the #SafeHands challenge, and Nigeria's Hanan Buhari is in self-isolation after returning from the UK. Ghana's First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo canceled an event due to COVID-19 concerns, and Zimbabwe's First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa obtained a class one driver’s license to inspire women. Additionally, Zambia's First Lady Esther Lungu made an emotional appeal against gas attacks, and Lesotho's First Lady Maesaiah Thabane is on trial for the murder of her rival.

Factzone: is Uganda’s central bank governor Mutebile dead?

01 Apr 2020  |  africanews.com
Rumors circulated online claiming that Uganda's central bank governor, Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, had died, but these were debunked by journalists, the Bank of Uganda, and Nakasero Hospital. Mutebile, who had been admitted to the hospital, was recovering well and due for discharge. The misinformation was part of a larger 'infodemic' accompanying the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to increased fact-checking efforts by news organizations.

Understanding Zambia's plans to tax Netflix

08 Oct 2019  |  www.africanews.com
Zambia's government plans to tax Netflix, arguing the company earns revenue in Zambia without contributing to the national budget or adhering to local content regulations. The move is part of a broader trend in Africa to tax digital revenues. Wendson Mavoro, a business journalist, doubts Zambia's readiness to tax the digital economy due to infrastructural and human resource challenges. Mixed reactions have emerged, with some advocating for legislation against tech monopolies and others warning of negative consequences for data consumption and telecom profits. Opinions on the proposed Netflix tax vary, with some supporting the idea that companies earning from Zambia should be taxed, while others criticize the tax as unnecessary.

Beyonce's new song for Lion King movie has Swahili lyrics

10 Jul 2019  |  www.africanews.com
Beyoncé has released a new song, 'Spirit,' featuring Kiswahili lyrics as part of 'The Lion King: The Gift' album, which will serve as a soundtrack for Disney's new version of 'The Lion King.' The album, set for release on July 19, includes contributions from several African producers and aims to celebrate African culture and the diaspora. The film, directed by Jon Favreau, features an all-star cast including Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and James Earl Jones, and will also be released on July 19, 2019.

Africa's First Ladies: Bridging Gaps and Championing Social Causes

01 Jun 2019  |  Africanews
The article discusses the roles and activities of various African first ladies, highlighting their support for their husbands' political careers and their own advocacy and philanthropic work. It covers first ladies from Senegal, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Gabon, Egypt, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, and Nigeria. The article details their professional backgrounds, mandates, political roles, advocacy efforts, and family life. It also touches on the Serve Senegal Foundation, ZANU-PF's women's banks, the CWC foundation, Fondation Congo-Assistance, Imbuto Foundation, Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation, Beyond Zero initiative, Chantal Biya Foundation, and Future Assured Foundation. Additionally, it mentions the Organisation of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD), which advocates for health services accessibility and empowerment of women and youth.

Namibians resist 2% drought levy

28 May 2019  |  www.africanews.com
Namibian unions oppose a government proposal for citizens to voluntarily donate 2% of their salaries for drought relief, arguing that workers are already struggling financially. President Hage Geingob declared a state of emergency and allocated $39 million for drought-affected communities. Union leaders criticize the lack of consultation and suggest alternative measures like tax reliefs for water. The government defends the proposal, stating it will also create job opportunities for the youth. International partners, including the United States and Russia, have pledged humanitarian aid.

Lessons from Kenya president's social media exit

26 Mar 2019  |  africanews.com
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta deactivated his Facebook and Twitter accounts after a tweet about his anti-corruption stance, which could have been politically sensitive, was posted. The chief of staff, Nzioka Waita, cited unauthorized access, but speculation suggests it was to appease Deputy President William Ruto, who has faced corruption accusations. Joseph Owino, CEO of Owino Solutions, believes the hacking claim is an excuse and discusses the challenges governments face with social media, including security and political neutrality. He praises Ethiopia's government for its digital communications strategy and notes that Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, and South Africa are also engaging well with citizens on social media platforms.

Post-Election Chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo

18 Jan 2019  |  Africanews
The article discusses the contentious post-election situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where the African Union and other international bodies have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the presidential election results that declared opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi the winner. Martin Fayulu, another opposition candidate, has challenged the results, claiming a landslide victory with 61% of the vote and accusing Tshisekedi of making a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila. The electoral body CENI's provisional results showed Tshisekedi with over 38% of the vote, while Fayulu came in second with about 35%. Various international actors, including the Catholic Church and countries like France, Belgium, the UK, and the US, have expressed doubts about the results. Regional African blocs like SADC, CIRGL, and the AU have called for a recount. Fayulu, who has a history of advocating for democracy in DRC and has worked with ExxonMobil, is supported by a coalition named Lamuka and has significant backing in Kinshasa.

Guinea agrees to host AFCON 2025: CAF

08 Jan 2019  |  www.africanews.com
Guinea has agreed to host the African Nations Cup (AFCON) in 2025, resolving a crisis that began when Cameroon was stripped of the 2019 hosting rights due to insecurity and infrastructure delays. CAF president Ahmad Ahmad, along with FIFA president Gianni Infantino, announced the agreement during a visit to Guinea. The decision follows a proposal to delay all AFCON tournaments, with Cameroon hosting in 2021, Ivory Coast in 2023, and Guinea in 2025. Ivory Coast has lodged an appeal against this decision with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. CAF will announce the host for the 2019 AFCON on Wednesday, with Egypt and South Africa as the contenders.

Kingmakers and the race for the presidency in DRC's December elections

30 Nov 2018  |  Africanews
The article discusses the ongoing election campaigns in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where candidates are vying to replace President Joseph Kabila. Kabila, who has been in power since 2001, endorsed Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as his successor. The opposition has formed coalitions, with Martin Fayulu and Felix Tshisekedi as joint candidates of different coalitions. The article highlights the influence of 'kingmakers' such as Kabila, Jean Pierre Bemba, Moise Katumbi, and Vital Kamerhe in the election. It also touches on the role of the Catholic Church and the Lucha movement, both influential but currently non-partisan entities. The credibility of the election is a concern, with debates over the use of electronic voting machines and the need for manual vote counting. The electoral commission's independence and the potential for state institutions to favor the incumbent's choice are also discussed.

Rwanda to champion French language: Mushikiwabo

30 Oct 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Rwanda, under the leadership of Louise Mushikiwabo, is set to champion the global influence of the French language as mandated by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). Despite Rwanda's historical estrangement with France and its shift to English as the official language in 2008, Mushikiwabo emphasizes the country's commitment to its French-speaking heritage. She highlights the benefits of Rwanda's leadership in OIF for the country, East Africa, and the continent, stressing the importance of unity and collective interests in Africa.

Ethiopia PM says his goal is to organise a democratic election

28 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has dismissed the idea of forming a transitional government and urged opposition parties to prepare for upcoming elections. Speaking at the 18th Annual Badr Convention in the United States, Abiy emphasized his commitment to ensuring a democratic election in Ethiopia. Since taking office in April, Abiy has initiated several reforms, including amending anti-terrorism laws and granting amnesty to former rebels, leading to positive outcomes such as the renouncement of rebellion by groups like Ginbot 7, ODF, and ONLF. Abiy also paid tribute to the late Engineer Simegnew Bekele, vowing that justice will be served regarding his death.

Uganda court upholds age limit removal, dissenting Justice Kakuru is declared hero online

27 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
The Ugandan Constitutional Court upheld the removal of the presidential age limit, potentially allowing President Yoweri Museveni to extend his rule. The court nullified the extension of terms for MPs and the restoration of term limits. Justice Kenneth Kakuru, the sole dissenting judge, was praised online for his stance against the amendment. The judiciary faced criticism for perceived lack of independence, and the decision sparked protests and opposition from various groups. Uganda is also preparing for crude oil production and pipeline construction to Tanzania.

Ethiopia PM meets leader of opposition Ginbot 7 in United States

27 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with Berhanu Nega, leader of the opposition group Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7), in Washington D.C. during his visit to the United States. PG7, previously designated as a terrorist organization, has suspended armed operations and plans to pursue peaceful struggle following recent reforms in Ethiopia. Abiy's trip, aimed at rallying the Ethiopian diaspora, was overshadowed by the death of Engineer Simegnew Bekele, the project manager of Ethiopia's flagship dam project. Abiy expressed his shock and sorrow over Bekele's death, and an investigation is underway.

U.S. expresses concern over prevailing insecurity within Ethiopia

26 Jul 2018  |  Africanews
The United States, through Ambassador Michael Raynor, has voiced concern over the insecurity and violence in Ethiopia, which has displaced over one million people. Raynor praised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reforms, including peace with Eritrea and economic openness, but emphasized the need for democracy and rule of law. The UN and Amnesty International have highlighted challenges and the need for more government action to prevent ethnic violence, particularly in Oromia. The UN has released a $15 million aid package to assist those affected by the violence.

Is Zuma sponsoring a new 'black only' political party in South Africa?

19 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
The Mazibuye African Congress, a new political party in South Africa, has distanced itself from former president Jacob Zuma, stating he is not a member but has been consulted for advice. The party, which currently excludes non-black members, aims to address unique challenges faced by black South Africans, particularly land distribution. The party's president, Ngcobo, has been involved in the formation of other political entities, including the ANC and EFF, and emphasizes the party's focus on African indigenous systems.

Tanzania threatens pollster that said Magufuli's popularity has reduced by 41%

13 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Tanzania's government has given the research organization Twaweza seven days to justify why they should not face action for publishing a poll showing a significant decline in President John Magufuli's popularity. The survey indicated a 41% drop in approval ratings since 2016, attributing the decline to reduced freedoms for political parties and media. The Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) claims Twaweza did not have the necessary permit to conduct the poll, citing legal repercussions. Opposition leader Freeman Mbowe links the president's declining ratings to the hardships faced by citizens.

Eritrea lines up Asmara streets with Ethiopian flags to welcome Abiy

08 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Streets in Asmara, Eritrea, are adorned with Ethiopian flags and banners to welcome Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for a historic visit. This visit follows a recent Eritrean delegation's trip to Addis Ababa, marking a significant step in mending diplomatic relations between the two countries after two decades. The visit is seen as a move towards peace and stability, with both governments and citizens expressing optimism.

Ethiopia PM asks diaspora to save 'a dollar a day' to support development projects

08 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on the diaspora community to contribute a dollar a day to a newly proposed 'Diaspora Trust Fund' aimed at supporting education and health sectors, reducing aid dependency, and facilitating investment. This appeal was made while defending the national budget for 2018/19. The Ethiopian diaspora, estimated to be two million strong, has been influential in anti-government protests and is now being encouraged to support ongoing reforms and democratization efforts. The government has shown commitment to the diaspora by approving an Amnesty Law for individuals involved in past political crimes.

'Join politics': Macron tells Nigerian youth to emulate music legend Fela Kuti

04 Jul 2018  |  africanews.com
French President Emmanuel Macron, during a visit to the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos after talks with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, encouraged Nigerian youth to engage in politics, drawing inspiration from the late music legend Fela Kuti. Macron highlighted Fela's role as a musician and a political figure who sought societal change. The French president also discussed his commitment to fighting Islamist militants in Nigeria's northeast and announced France's plans to launch a cultural season showcasing African artists in Europe. Macron reminisced about his previous time in Nigeria as an intern at the French embassy in 2002.

Ethiopia PM asks supporters to scale down rallies, remain vigilant against 'enemies of reform'

03 Jul 2018  |  africanews.com
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called for supporters to reduce the scale of rallies in favor of ongoing reforms and to focus on development programs while remaining vigilant against conflicts. Rallies have been held in various cities, including a disrupted one in Addis Ababa due to a grenade explosion. Abiy has initiated several reforms since April, including a peace agreement with Eritrea by accepting the Algiers Agreement. Despite resistance from the Tigray People's Liberation Front, a constituent party of the ruling EPDRF coalition, Abiy thanked groups for their efforts in conflict resolution.

England (1) vs Colombia (1) match is underway

03 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
England aims to reach their first World Cup final since 1966, facing Colombia in a crucial match. With strong teams like Spain, Germany, and Argentina already eliminated, England's path seems clearer, but they must first overcome Colombia, who topped Group F. Key players for Colombia include James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, and Juan Cuadrado. England's Kieran Trippier acknowledges the challenge, while Colombia's Carlos Sanchez anticipates a tight encounter. The winner will face Sweden, who defeated Switzerland 1-0.

South Africans join Jacob Zuma in mourning death of his son

02 Jul 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Jacob Zuma, South Africa's former president, is mourning the death of his 25-year-old son, Vusi Nhlakanipho Zuma, who passed away after a short illness. Vusi, the youngest of Zuma's children with his late wife Kate, died in a Johannesburg hospital. Zuma's spokesperson, Vukile Mathabela, confirmed the death but withheld further details. Public figures like Julius Sello Malema and Rev Jesse Jackson have expressed their condolences to the Zuma family.

Uganda police bows to pressure, approves demonstration against killings of women

30 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Uganda's police approved a demonstration by women activists protesting the ineffective response to the kidnap, sexual abuse, and murder of over 30 women in the past year. The Ministry of Internal Affairs intervened after the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, initially denied permission. High-ranking Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye expressed support for the #WomensMarchUG. The Women's Protest Working Group, a non-partisan movement, is organizing the demonstration to demand better investigations into the crimes and accountability for the perpetrators.

Ethiopia releases ONLF commander Abdikarim Muse Qalbi Dhagah

29 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
The Ethiopian government has released Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) commander Abdikarim Muse Qalbi Dhagah, who was previously arrested and repatriated from Somalia, sparking international concern over potential torture. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, known for his political and economic reforms, has called on banned political movements to engage peacefully with the government. The Ogaden region, historically disputed and the site of past conflicts, is set to begin oil extraction.

Ethiopia PM receives Eritrean delegation, says 'visit is foundation for brighter future'

26 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received an Eritrean delegation, marking the first high-level contact in nearly two decades. The visit aims to resolve a longstanding border dispute and is seen as a foundation for a brighter future. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki welcomed Ethiopia's peace offer, leading to this historic visit. The border conflict, which began in 1998, has kept the two nations at odds, but recent developments suggest a potential thaw in relations.

U.S. to send FBI experts to investigate Ethiopia bomb blast

25 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
The United States will send FBI experts to Ethiopia to investigate a bomb blast at a rally supporting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reforms. The U.S. supports Abiy's political and economic reforms, including a peace deal with Eritrea and the liberalization of the economy. The U.S. is optimistic about increased bilateral trade and investment as Ethiopia privatizes state-owned entities like Ethiopian Airlines. As of March 2018, there were nearly 251 U.S. investment projects active in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's explosive 'In Abiy We Trust' rally

24 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited victims of a grenade attack at a rally in Addis Ababa, where 156 people were injured and one person died. The rally was organized to support Abiy's political and economic reforms. Six suspects have been apprehended. Abiy's visit emphasized themes of love, forgiveness, and togetherness.

Ethiopia explosion: Six suspects in custody, as allies express support for Abiy's reforms

23 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
A grenade attack at a rally in Addis Ababa injured over 100 people and resulted in one death. The rally was organized to support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reforms. Six suspects are in custody. Ethiopia's allies, including Djibouti, the U.S., and the EU, expressed their support and condolences. Abiy Ahmed reaffirmed his commitment to reforms and unity. The attack is seen as an attempt to disrupt Ethiopia's progress towards political and economic reforms.

South Sudan: Kiir, Machar to meet in Khartoum next week after failed Addis talks

22 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
A new round of peace talks between South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar is scheduled to take place next week in Khartoum, Sudan. This follows a failed attempt to reach an agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where proposals for a 'bridging' administration were dismissed. The South Sudanese government remains opposed to Machar's return to a vice-presidential role. The ongoing civil war, which began in 2013, has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and significant displacement. The upcoming talks will be convened by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a significant figure in South Sudan's history.

Drones, gun fingerprints and tighter social media regulation: Museveni's security plan

21 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni announced a series of security measures to combat crime, including the fingerprinting of legally held guns, automobile tracking, and tighter social media regulation. He emphasized the use of drones, light helicopters, and motorbikes for the police flying squad, and the implementation of new helmets for motorcycle riders. Museveni highlighted his government's past successes in restoring security and vowed to eliminate criminals and assassins.

South Sudan president Kiir departs for Ethiopia ahead of peace talks

20 Jun 2018  |  africanews.com
South Sudan President Salva Kiir traveled to Ethiopia for a meeting with rebel leader Riek Machar to negotiate an end to the country's five-year civil war. The regional East African bloc IGAD scheduled the face-to-face dialogue to address outstanding issues. The peace talks, led by IGAD, aim to revive the 2015 peace deal, which has been stalled. Ethiopian Prime Minister and IGAD chair Abiy Ahmed, along with Kenyan politician Raila Odinga, have been involved in facilitating the discussions. The civil war in South Sudan has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and atrocities committed against civilians.

Angola's president says in talks with DR Congo's Kabila about political transition

15 Jun 2018  |  Africanews
Angolan President Joao Lourenco is in regular talks with Congolese President Joseph Kabila, offering advisory support amidst the political situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Despite Kabila's term ending in 2016, he remains in office, with elections postponed to December 23, 2018. The opposition and Catholic Church have protested, demanding Kabila not seek re-election. Lourenco, along with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame and France's President Emmanuel Macron, discussed the Congolese situation, which Kinshasa authorities protested. Lourenco indicated that any intervention by Angola and its partners would aim for regional stability.

Angola to join Commonwealth, Francophonie

14 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Angola's President Joao Lourenco expressed interest in joining the Commonwealth and Francophonie, citing the country's geographical and linguistic ties. During a state visit to France, Lourenco discussed business reforms and anti-corruption measures, including the removal of former president's children from government positions. Angola aims to enhance international cooperation and attract foreign investment.

Kenya declares Friday a public holiday for Muslim citizens to celebrate Idd

14 Jun 2018  |  africanews.com
The Kenyan government has declared Friday a public holiday for Muslim citizens to prepare for Idd-ul-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan. The announcement was made by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and communicated by Mwenda Njoka. The holiday allows Muslims to make preparations for the celebration, which varies in date based on the lunar calendar and local moon sightings.

Ethiopia PM meets Sisi as Egypt seeks mutual cooperation

11 Jun 2018  |  Africanews
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Egypt for a two-day state visit, during which he met with President Abdel Fattah el Sisi. The leaders agreed to elevate their countries' relationship to a strategic level and committed to establishing a joint fund for infrastructure development. Egypt also released all Ethiopian prisoners during the visit.

Down with the pigs': Museveni vows to eliminate assassins of Ugandan MP

11 Jun 2018  |  africanews.com
Ugandan MP Ibrahim Abiriga was assassinated in Kampala, sparking violent and destructive mourning in Arua Municipality. President Yoweri Museveni condemned the killers, calling them 'pigs and parasites,' and outlined a security strategy involving the modernization of anti-crime capacities and the installation of cameras and tracking devices on vehicles. Parliamentarians eulogised Abiriga, demanding government action on the country's increasing kidnaps, murders, and rapes.

Uganda to deal with all who threaten violence, following MP's assassination

09 Jun 2018  |  www.africanews.com
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni visited the scene of the assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga, a legislator for Arua Municipality, who was shot dead near his home in Kawanda. Museveni highlighted security lapses that could have prevented the murder and emphasized the need for public vigilance. He announced plans to install CCTV cameras and called for the capture of DNA and palm prints to combat crime. Museveni directed government agencies to restore calm and security, urging the police to update the public on investigations, the establishment of local defense forces, and the Ministry of Information to address threats of violence on media platforms.

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