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Daniel Nils Roberts

I am a Webby and Broadcast Digital Award-nominated filmmaker, journalist, screenwriter and comedian based in Western Norway.

I can offer a full range of skills, including writing, researching, directing, producing, shooting, editing, presenting and voiceover.

I am available for travel all across Norway, and can offer an intimate insight into the culture.

I currently work part-time as a Producer/Director for BBC Ideas – the broadcaster's short-form documentary unit.

As a director I have two feature documentaries in development with prominent production companies, and in 2022 I was chosen to be one of the participants in the prestigious Documentary Campus Masterschool.

I am working on several funded fiction projects as a screenwriter, and my filmmaking is entwined with my extensive experience in comedy writing and performance. I have toured the world with a variety of live comedy shows, and I am one of the leading improvisers in the UK, currently starring in West End smash Austentatious.

In 2022 a podcast I produced and co-created – 'Come Into My Kitchen' – was nominated for ‘Best Comedy’ at the British Podcast Awards, UK podcasting’s highest honour.

I have also worked as a music journalist, and have extensive experience of copywriting for a range of projects.

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Globally, thousands die each year waiting for a kidney transplant. Should healthy people be allowed to sell a kidney to those in need? I produced, wrote, directed and edited this video for BBC Ideas.

Many people in Iceland believe in little hidden people - huldufólk - or elves. Or so surveys suggest. But do they really? I produced, wrote, co-directed and edited this video for BBC Ideas.

“People imagine that people have always thought about skin colour in this racialised way, and we really haven’t.” Is there any biological basis for categorising humans by race? I produced, wrote, directed and edited this video for BBC Ideas.

Touch is fundamental to human wellbeing. So what happens when we can't touch - for example during the coronavirus pandemic? I produced, wrote, directed and edited this Webby Award-winning video for BBC Ideas.

Jante Law, or janteloven, is a set of rules that underpin Scandinavian society. I produced, wrote, directed and edited this video for BBC Ideas.

We’re reading more than ever before – but much of it is on screens rather than physical books. Is it changing the way our brains work? I produced, wrote, directed and edited this video for BBC Ideas.

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