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Dan Raviv

Dan Raviv is a journalist based in Washington, DC.  For 40 years he covered the world for CBS News on radio and TV.  Now he is the Senior Washington Correspondent for a global TV channel, i24News, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv.  Raviv has written five non-fiction books, including a best seller on Israeli espionage. and a book about Marvel's comeback from bankruptcy to become a movie powerhouse.  He often lectures on world affairs, and is available as a host or moderator at conferences and seminars.


When Trump unveiled his tax reform in late 2017, Dan Raviv analyzed live on i24News...


Dan Raviv often has to interpret what's going on in the Trump presidency - both from the White House and from Trump's critics.


On i24News every weeknight, Dan Raviv analyzes the latest in Washington DC in a free-wheeling, accurate + analytical segment.

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