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Daniela De Lorenzo

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Brussel, Belgium

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Daniela De Lorenzo

Daniela De Lorenzo is a 27 y.o. Italian journalist and photographer based in Brussels.
She holds a BA in International Studies and European Institutions from the University of Milan and a joint MA in Journalism, Media and Globalization from Aarhus Universitet, Danmarks Medie- og Journalisth├Şjskole and Universitet van Amsterdam.
In early 2012 she followed a Photojournalism Workshop held by photojournalist Imal Hashimi, where she developed a photo-story on the life of a young Dane affected by MS.
Her photos appeared in La Repubblica XL, The Independent, Sverige Radio's, The Copenhagen Post, CrossLinx Festival's and The Culture Trip's webpages, printed magazine deKlank, and interview and articles she featured in NBHAP ans SOA.


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Queen Margherete II celebrates her 75th birthday in Aarhus, Denmark

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