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Danielle Ryan

Budapest, Hungary
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About Danielle
Danielle Ryan is a journalist based in Budapest, Hungary. Her work has appeared most recently in The Nation, Russia Direct, Salon, Rethinking Russia, teleSUR, RT, The BRICS Post and others.
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If China's ‘coronavirus charm offensive’ is working on Italians, it's thanks to the West's failures

20 Apr 2020  |  RT International
A poll by SWG research institute shows that 52% of Italians now see China as a friendly nation, a significant increase from the previous year, while the US's favorable rating has dropped. The Atlantic Council attributes this shift to China's effective propaganda and the Italian media's role in it. The article suggests that China's early aid during the COVID-19 crisis and the US's less favorable actions internationally have influenced Italian perceptions. It also notes that Italy's relationship with China was already scrutinized by Western media before the pandemic due to Italy's involvement in China's Silk Road initiative. Additionally, 45% of Italians view Germany and France as enemies, possibly due to their initial refusal to export critical supplies to Italy. The article argues that while China has been managing its international image, the West's own failures have facilitated China's advantageous position.

Not a great look: Failed Iowa caucus app is deeply linked to self-declared winner Buttigieg… and Hillary Clinton

04 Feb 2020  |  rt.com
The app designed to report Iowa caucus results, developed by Shadow Inc, failed during the crucial moment. Shadow Inc has ties to the Democratic establishment and was paid by Pete Buttigieg's campaign, leading to suspicions of bias, especially among Bernie Sanders' supporters. The company's executives have connections to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and ACRONYM, the digital non-profit that launched Shadow, tried to distance itself from the company post-debacle. Rumors also involve Robby Mook's security company in vetting the app. The DNC's history of bias against Sanders in 2016 adds to the controversy. Despite no official results, Buttigieg declared victory, while Sanders' camp released data suggesting his win, fueling further distrust and anger among progressives.

The EU has a new batch of unelected leaders, but where is the democracy?

03 Jul 2019  |  rt.com
Europe has appointed new leaders without a democratic process, highlighting the EU's undemocratic nature. Ursula von der Leyen, Josep Borrell Fontelles, Christine Lagarde, and Charles Michel have been selected for top EU positions without public votes or debates. The article questions the EU's legitimacy and connection to its citizens, citing the late Austrian political thinker Leopold Kohr, who advocated for smaller states as the true form of democracy.

US backs Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over Golan Heights, proving sovereignty is not something it respects

31 Mar 2019  |  www.thecitizen.co.tz
The article criticizes the United States for its 'recognition' of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a region internationally recognized as Syrian territory. It argues that such actions are consistent with a history of US violations of other countries' sovereignty, including military interventions and economic sanctions. The piece suggests that US foreign policy is hypocritical, as it preaches democracy and human rights while engaging in regime changes and supporting undemocratic actions abroad. The article also critiques the US media for failing to hold the government accountable for these actions.

A vision of the future? 28-year-old socialist stirs up New York politics

27 Jun 2018  |  RT International
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old socialist and former Bernie Sanders volunteer, has defeated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York's Democratic congressional primary. Her victory, with 57.5 percent of the vote, challenges the Democratic establishment and suggests a shift towards progressive policies such as abolishing ICE, medicare for all, and free university education. Ocasio-Cortez's campaign, which rejected corporate donations and raised significant small donations, contrasts with the perceived complacency of establishment figures like Crowley. Her win is seen as a message to Democrats to embrace progressive change or risk further losses, drawing parallels to the party's defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

What’s really in your dog’s food? You probably don’t want to know

16 Jul 2017  |  Salon
The article exposes the disturbing realities of the pet food industry, highlighting the presence of harmful substances like pentobarbital in dog food due to the use of euthanized animals and other contaminated materials. It criticizes the lack of stringent regulations and oversight by the FDA in the U.S., contrasting it with stricter enforcement in the European Union. The piece also discusses the deceptive marketing practices of pet food companies and the growing trend of raw feeding as a healthier alternative. The author advocates for greater consumer education to drive industry change.

(PHOTOGRAPHY) Moscow to Vladivostok: Snapshots from the Trans-Siberian

(PHOTOGRAPHY) Moscow Victory Day 2016 - street photography

TRAVEL FEATURE - Moscow and St. Petersburg (Sunday Business Post)

Making sense of Putin's visit to Hungary - RUSSIA DIRECT

Irish Antiwar Protesters Are Sick of Having the US Military in Their Country - THE NATION

How a Syrian Family Fares in Ireland Interview with Christian Syrian family who sought refugee status in Ireland - THE NATION

So much for the Russian threat: Putin slashes defense spending while Trump plans massive buildup

19 Mar 2017  |  www.salon.com
The article discusses the significant reduction in Russia's defense budget, which has been cut by 25.5 percent for 2017, according to the Russian Federal Treasury. This is the largest cut since the early 1990s and contrasts with the previous years of military spending increases. The author suggests that the cuts are a result of economic pressures from Western sanctions and low oil prices, rather than a change in Russia's military ambitions. The article criticizes the Western media's lack of attention to this development and challenges the prevailing narrative of Russia as an aggressive threat. It also compares Russian military spending with that of the U.S. and questions the rationality of Western perceptions of Russia, citing a personal anecdote from a hiking trip in Siberia to illustrate misconceptions about Russian intentions.

Clickbait culture and groupthink mentality have led to the collapse of journalism — and the rise of Donald Trump

22 Jan 2017  |  Salon
Journalism's decline is attributed to a clickbait-driven media environment and groupthink, leading to a lack of fact-checking and the rise of unverified reporting. The article criticizes the practice of prioritizing speed and quantity over quality and accuracy, and the reliance on anonymous sources. It highlights the negative impact of such practices on the profession's reputation and their role in the election of Donald Trump. The article calls for a return to responsible journalism, exemplified by the careful informing of the public and adherence to facts, as opposed to the dissemination of rumors and gossip.

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