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Brussels, Belgium

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GRNlive English to Africa Service, Voice of America ABC Radio France 24 Irish Independent

Dave Keating

Dave Keating is an American journalist covering European politics. Having previously covered US politics in Washington, Dave specializes in drawing comparisons between the American federal system and the European Union.

Dave has covered the courtrooms of Chicago, the halls of the US congress, the streets of New York City and the board rooms of the City of London. As a broadcast journalist, Dave has worked as a line producer for a weekly newscast, a show producer for newsmagazine specials and a segment producer for live news panels and interviews.

Outside of journalism, Dave has worked as a documentary filmmaking instructor and directed a weekly talk show in New York. Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University in Film/Television and History. He also holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.




Live via satellite from Brussels on The Heat, CGTN's flagship primetime journalist roundtable


Dave Keating discusses Donald Trump's decision to take the US out of the Paris climate agreement on Deutsche Welle's 'The Morning' - 2 June 2017.


Live coverage of the 2016 US election results from Deutsche Welle's Berlin studio. 8 November 2016.


Live coverage of Barack Obama's final visit to Angela Merkel in Berlin, on Deutsche Welle TV. 18 November, 2016


Appearance via satellite from Brussels on the news roundtable show The Heat out of Washington, the flagship primetime show of CGTN America. 17 March 2017



Live interview on BBC 5 at the site of a far-right demonstration in Brussels after the Belgian terrorist attacks of March 2016.



Interview with BBC 5 Live about the latest news following the Brussels attacks of March 2016, including news about the airport re-opening.


VOA Africa Dispatch from Brussels after bombings 22 March, 2016


BBC Northern Ireland Latest from Brussels terror attacks 22 March, 2016


Live interview on France24 English January 2014

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