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Yangon, Burma

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Dave Grunebaum

I'm a five-time Emmy nominated journalist with extensive experience in television, radio and multimedia news. I'm adept at live breaking news and packaged stories. My reports have been featured by the BBC, CBC, Reuters Broadcast, Deutsche Welle, NPR, CNN.com and Time.com. I have my own equipment and can work as a one-man-band VJ, radio correspondent/producer or as part of a team. I've been working in Southeast Asia for the past three years and currently train local reporters in Myanmar. I also enjoy writing and producing text/multimedia stories from the region.



One-Man-Band Video Journalist report about a health crisis unfolding in western Myanmar where ethnic Rohingya Muslims face government-sanctioned road blocks to medical care.


One-Man-Band Video Journalist story for Reuters Broadcast that shows how despite all of the hype surrounding Myanmar's on-going transition to democracy little has actually changed for most of the country's impoverished citizens who still don't have electricity or running-water in their homes.


One-Man-Band Video Journalist Report For Time.com "Pilots N Paws" A group of volunteer pilots save thousands of pets a year.


Feature Stories For Television News 1) A thief rips off a small town church. But the priest cracks the case before the police. 2) A Nobel Prize winning economist attributes his success to his love for music. He shows us how he combines his two passions. He also lives in the same home as another Nobel Prize winner: Albert Einstein.


General Assignment Television News Reporting 1) A spike in gun violence in one community has left residents scared to walk the streets. 2) Dozens of headstones are smashed into pieces at a Jewish cemetery. Relatives are upset and investigators are trying to determine if this graveyard was picked randomly or if it was an act of anti-semitism. 3) A 10 day manhunt ends when an accused murderer surrenders to a local priest.


One-Man-Band Video Journalist Report For Time.com "Bless This Bike" At this Catholic mass the priest rides a Harley and tattoos outnumber ties.


One-Man-Band Video Journalist Report For The BBC (No Narration): "Path To The Big Leagues" Top college baseball players come to hone their skills. But the community gives them an experience that goes beyond baseball.


Live On-The-Scene Breaking News Report For CNN


Radio Two-way for Deutsche Welle: While Myanmar tries to transition to democracy, ethnic Rohingya Muslims live under apartheid conditions and face government-sanctioned roadblocks to medical care.


Radio Report For NPR: More than 50-years after the departure of a professional baseball team became symbolic of Brooklyn's decline, the arrival of a basketball team demonstrates this community's resurgence.


Radio Report For NPR: A Japanese coach brings American's national pastime to Myanmar. But his squad of local players has no one to compete against until a ragtag teams of expats steps up to the plate.


Text/Multimedia story for CNN.com: I return to Meiktila, Myanmar one year after sectarian violence ripped apart the community. People who said the rift between Buddhists and Muslims couldn't be repaired explain how it actually happened.


Text/Multimedia story for CNN.com: For generations Buddhists and Muslim families in Meiktila, Myanmar were friends until riots tore the community apart.

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