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David Landes

Stockholm, Sweden
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About David
David Landes is a journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Will Brand Studios Become Victims of Their Own Success?

09 Jun 2024  |  www.nativeadvertisinginstitute.com
Digital publishers with in-house brand studios have become the norm due to their ability to foster deeper relationships with advertisers, ensure quality control, and capture larger advertising budgets. However, the rise of content agencies poses a challenge, as they offer channel-neutral content that can be tailored across multiple platforms. While brand studios have the advantage of audience insights and guaranteed reach, they may struggle to scale operations and meet the demand for complex multimedia campaigns. A potential future scenario involves collaboration between brand studios and content agencies, with each focusing on their strengths. The growing influence of AI-fueled ad tech adds another layer of complexity to the evolving landscape of native advertising.

The Rational Theology of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein

04 Apr 2024  |  thelehrhaus.com
The article is an annotated transcript of a talk by Dr. David J. Landes, delivered at Congregation Rinat Yisrael on Shavuot 2015, discussing the religious philosophy of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein. It explores Lichtenstein's only full-length book, 'Henry More: The Rational Theology of a Cambridge Platonist,' and his doctoral dissertation at Harvard University. The text delves into Lichtenstein's admiration for his Harvard advisor Douglas Bush, his critique of More's anti-intellectual bias, and his own views on the role of intellect in religious life. Lichtenstein's rational theology emphasizes the importance of intellectual engagement in religious experience, critiquing the simplification of religion and the overemphasis on social morality. The article reflects on how Lichtenstein lived his life according to the religious philosophy he developed at a young age, with a focus on continuous effort and living in the presence of God.

Toward a US harm reduction strategy, one story at a time

01 Oct 2023  |  snusforumet.se
Helen Redmond, a social worker and journalist, advocates for a US harm reduction strategy focusing on safer nicotine products for vulnerable groups. She highlights the significant health risks of smoking, especially among those with mental health conditions, and promotes alternatives like e-cigarettes, snus, and nicotine pouches. Redmond's efforts include organizing conferences and working with public health officials to gain support for harm reduction. She also emphasizes the importance of storytelling to humanize smokers and combat stigmatization, aiming to shift public health strategies away from abstinence-only approaches.

Fears mount over Norway plans for NZ-style flavour tobacco ban

01 Oct 2023  |  snusforumet.se
The Norwegian government is contemplating a lifetime tobacco ban and a ban on flavored snus, inspired by New Zealand's recent policies. Public health expert Karl Erik Lund warns that banning flavored snus could increase smoking rates, as flavors help smokers switch to less harmful alternatives. Centre Party's Hans Inge Myrvold confirms that the government is reviewing various tobacco control measures, including a lifetime cigarette ban for future generations. The Norwegian Cancer Society supports banning tobacco sales to those born after 2010. Historical data shows a significant drop in smoking rates in Norway, coinciding with increased snus use following the 2004 indoor smoking ban.

The best books on Economics, the Soulful Science

01 Oct 2023  |  Five Books
The article discusses Diane Coyle's recommendations for the best books on economics, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Key books include 'The Company of Strangers' by Paul Seabright, which explores the division of labor and trust; 'The Wealth and Poverty of Nations' by David Landes, focusing on the role of culture in economic history; 'Butterfly Economics' by Paul Ormerod, which critiques traditional economic models; 'The Free Market Innovation Machine' by Will Baumol, highlighting different types of innovation by small and large companies; and 'A Beautiful Mind' by Sylvia Nasar, an accessible introduction to game theory. The text underscores the importance of integrating insights from various disciplines to better understand and govern the global economy.

Best Books on Industrial Revolution

01 Jun 2021  |  Five Books
The article discusses the Industrial Revolution, focusing on its origins in 18th-century Britain and its spread to Europe. It highlights the significance of the Industrial Revolution as the first instance of self-sustaining economic growth. The discussion includes various perspectives from notable economic historians like David Landes, Eric Jones, Bob Allen, Joel Mokyr, and Nick Crafts, each offering different explanations for the causes and impacts of the Industrial Revolution. The recommended books provide a mix of narrative, synthetic, quantitative, and analytical approaches, emphasizing the importance of both economic and cultural factors in understanding this pivotal period in history.

Bruce Bartlett's 6 favorite political books

05 Nov 2017  |  theweek.com
Bruce Bartlett shares his six favorite political books, highlighting their significance and the impact they have had on his thinking. The list includes influential works by Kevin Phillips, Ronald Reagan, Chrystia Freeland, Peter H. Lindert, David S. Landes, and Joseph A. Schumpeter, covering topics from the Republican takeover of the South to the political power of the ultrawealthy and the economic implications of government spending.

Yes, unfortunately Donald Trump can be the next president

11 Oct 2016  |  medium.com
With the US election approaching, the article explores the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidency, drawing parallels to the author's experience with Jesse Ventura's gubernatorial win in Minnesota. It highlights the disillusionment with 'politics as usual' and the appeal of populist outsiders, while expressing concern about the potential risks of a Trump presidency on both national and global levels.

'Poop in boots' scandal has Cats cast hissing

20 Oct 2009  |  The Local Sweden
The cast of 'Cats' at Stockholm's Cirkus theatre is dealing with internal tensions following accusations of sexual harassment by a male cast member. Several female cast members have reported inappropriate comments and groping. The situation escalated when the accused found his shoes filled with excrement and a note. Producer Lars Damberg is conducting an internal investigation and has stated that anyone found guilty of harassment will be removed from the production.

Time, Gentlemen, Please

05 Jul 1984  |  www.lrb.co.uk
The article explores the concept and history of time, focusing on the evolution of mechanical clocks and their cultural, economic, and social impacts. It reviews two books: David Landes' examination of the development and significance of public time through mechanical clocks, and Stephen Kern's analysis of the changing perceptions of private time and space before World War I. The text highlights the differences in timekeeping between Western Europe and China, the advancements in clock-making, and the broader implications of time measurement on society. It also delves into the philosophical and psychological aspects of time as explored by various thinkers and artists.

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