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David Santa Cruz

Ciudad de México, Mexico
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About David
David Santa Cruz is a journalist based in Ciudad de México, Mexico. On his 18 year as journalist has collaborated with at least 40 media at 25 countries. Includes radio, magazines, newspapers, TV, internet and one news agency. His main language is spanish and can translate to it from english and italian.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing
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The main victims of Glyphosate are in the countryside

06 Jul 2023  |  Comestible.info
Glyphosate, a non-selective herbicide whose commercial version is Roundup by Monsanto, is used in Colombia to eradicate illicit coca crops as part of Plan Colombia, sponsored by the United States. Despite its widespread use, glyphosate has been linked to serious health issues, including cancer, and environmental damage. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as a potential carcinogen, and studies in Argentina and Paraguay have shown increased birth defects and health problems in areas with heavy glyphosate use. Colombian farmers, such as Miguel Ángel Jaramillo, have suffered skin conditions due to glyphosate spraying. The ineffectiveness of glyphosate in reducing coca cultivation, along with its health and environmental impacts, has led to calls for the suspension of its use and a shift towards manual eradication and crop substitution, especially in the context of peace negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

De 4524 candidatos que buscarán una diputación en las elecciones de 2015 sólo 204 tienen experiencia en la Cámara, y es posible que la mitad de ellos no gane. Así, se estima que el 80 por ciento de quienes integrarán la próxima legislatura federal serán novatos. De acuerdo con Naciones Unidas, un congreso con estas características, en términos generales, carece de la pericia para desafiar al presidente, hacer un análisis adecuado de la legislación y representar a sus votantes.

Las compañías militares y de seguridad privada buscan mejorar su imagen y lograr que Naciones Unidas los contrate para sus misiones de paz.

Las bandas mexicanas del crimen organizado se han convertido en franquicias criminales. Como parte de su proceso de expansión, diversificaron su «cartera» y hoy comercian con productos legales obtenidos vía la extorsión y el robo, principalmente commodities. (Análisis)

Las esmeraldas una maldición verde para Colombia (en italiano).

Cuba: Competition for Cancun?

22 Jan 2015  |  Forbes México
The restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, along with the gradual economic opening between the two countries, marks a historic milestone that could potentially challenge Cancun as a major tourist destination. With Cuba's ability to double its tourist capacity, it could put pressure on Cancun, which currently receives a significant number of tourists, including 2.5 million Americans annually. The Helms-Burton law and Cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism are obstacles that need to be addressed for this change. Mexico's cultural offerings, such as archaeological sites, continue to attract tourists, but issues like violence from drug cartels could impact its tourism industry. The article suggests that Cuba could become a viable alternative for tourists, particularly beachgoers and spring breakers, within the next decade.

Corona de Adviento: Cómo se hace y el significado de sus elementos

02 May 2012  |  W Radio México
El artículo explica la tradición de la Corona de Adviento, que es una práctica común en la temporada de Navidad. Se detalla cómo se hace una Corona de Adviento, mencionando los materiales necesarios como las ramas de pino, las cintas y las velas. Además, se describe el significado de cada uno de los elementos que componen la corona. Por ejemplo, se explica que las cuatro velas representan las cuatro semanas de Adviento y cada una tiene un significado específico relacionado con la fe y la espera de la Navidad. El artículo también puede incluir instrucciones paso a paso para crear una Corona de Adviento y posiblemente discuta cómo esta tradición ayuda a preparar a los fieles para la celebración del nacimiento de Jesús.

Turning every mobile into a bank branch

07 Dec 2011  |  tecno.americaeconomia.com
Mobile banking is transforming financial inclusion in developing countries, as seen in Kenya and the Philippines, by turning mobile phones into payment platforms without the need for a bank account. This system has facilitated over 150 million mobile transactions annually in the Philippines and has significantly saved costs and improved the quality of life for the poor in Kenya. Latin American countries are studying and adopting public policies to make mobile banking cost-effective and secure, with Guatemala's new regulations and Mexico's focus on banking correspondents. The Alliance for Financial Inclusion supports these initiatives, and each region is developing its own model of financial inclusion.

The School of the Americas: Military Training Ground or Incubator of Dictators?

17 Oct 2011  |  content.time.com
The article discusses the controversial history of the School of the Americas (SOA), now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (Whinsec), which has trained numerous Latin American military personnel, some of whom have been implicated in human rights abuses and coups. The SOA was established by the U.S. in 1946 and has been connected to various human rights violations across Latin America. Notable alumni include Panama's Manuel Noriega and Bolivia's Hugo Banzer. The article includes perspectives from a Mexican soldier who attended SOA and found the training unremarkable, and mentions efforts by SOA Watch to close the institution. It also notes that Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Venezuela have ceased sending students to SOA, reflecting a shift in military roles and U.S. interests in the region from anti-communism to combating organized crime.

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