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Kampala, Uganda

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David Tumusiime

David Tumusiime is a writer based in Kampala, Uganda. He has been a multi-media content creator for much of the decade he has practiced. 

Presently the website editor for Uganda's only news agency, Uganda Radio Network (www.ugandaradionetwork.com), Tumusiime has worked in print and audio formats. He has been a reporter and features writer for Uganda's leading big three newspapers, The New Vision, Daily Monitor and The Observer. 

In his time with the newspapers, Tumusiime pioneered in depth feature writing with The New Vision and Daily Monitor. Tumusiime developed into an experienced cultural journalist who has extensive knowledge of the Ugandan cultural and entertainment scene. Tumusiime’s years of active reporting as a journalist for Uganda’s leading newspapers gave him unprecedented opportunity to interact and gain access to Uganda’s cultural elite and arbiters. 

In addition to his journalism career, Tumusiime is a respected creative writer. His short stories regularly published in The East African magazine. His short stories have also been published in Kwani? In addition, Tumusiime has been a regular blogger www.madandcrazy.blogspot.com. 

His other passion is photography.



Book review on the 50 year storied career of Kenyan-Indian photographer Mohinder Dhillon who was among first journalists to cover the devastating 1980s Ethiopian famine and inspire the massive global famine relief effort.


Book review of a work about a frontline journalist's experience reporting on the 1990-1994 Rwanda Civil War from a Ugandan perspective.

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