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David Tumusiime

Kampala, Uganda
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About David
David Tumusiime is a writer based in Kampala, Uganda. He has been a multi-media content creator for much of the decade he has practiced. 

Tumusiime has been the editor of The Nile Post website, a company under Next Media as well as for Uganda Radio Network, Uganda's only news agency. Tumusiime has worked in print and audio formats. He has been a reporter and features writer for Uganda's leading big three newspapers, The New Vision, Daily Monitor and The Observer. 

In his time with the newspapers, Tumusiime pioneered in depth feature writing with The New Vision and Daily Monitor. Tumusiime developed into an experienced cultural journalist who has extensive knowledge of the Ugandan cultural and entertainment scene. Tumusiime’s years of active reporting as a journalist for Uganda’s leading newspapers gave him unprecedented opportunity to interact and gain access to Uganda’s cultural elite and arbiters. 

In addition to his journalism career, Tumusiime is a respected creative writer. His short stories regularly published in The East African magazine. His short stories have also been published in Kwani? In addition, Tumusiime has been a regular blogger www.madandcrazy.blogspot.com. 

His other passion is photography.
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

Prevalence and Levels of Disability Post-Road Traffic Orthopaedic Injuries in Rwanda

15 Apr 2024  |  ajod.org
A study conducted in Rwanda on 368 adult victims of road traffic injuries from 2019 found that after 2 years, 36.14% had a disability with a WHODAS score over 25.0%, and 36.31% were unable to return to usual activities. Factors contributing to disability included age, severe trauma score, and lack of rehabilitation, with participation in society and life activities being the most affected domains. The study highlights the high prevalence and levels of disability due to road traffic orthopaedic injuries in Rwanda, particularly among middle-aged and socio-economically underprivileged individuals.

Will Muhoozi Kainerugaba Become Uganda's Next President?

27 Mar 2024  |  allafrica.com
Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed his son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as the Chief of Defence Forces, sparking speculation about Muhoozi's potential succession to the presidency. The appointment follows a pattern of promoting CDFs to cabinet positions and comes amid accusations of Museveni grooming his son for leadership, a claim both have denied. Muhoozi's political activities and controversial statements, including his support for the ruling National Resistance Movement and comments on regional relations, have raised eyebrows. His recent declaration of presidential ambitions aligns with the historical influence of the military in determining Uganda's head of state since independence.

Will Muhoozi Kainerugaba become Uganda’s next president?

21 Mar 2024  |  medium.com
Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed his son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as the Chief of Defence Forces, sparking speculation about Muhoozi's potential succession to the presidency. This move follows a pattern of promoting outgoing Chiefs of Defence Forces to cabinet positions. Muhoozi's rapid rise in the military and his open political ambitions have been controversial, with accusations of grooming for a political monarchy. His actions, including diplomatic overtures to Rwanda and provocative statements on social media, have further fueled debate about his future role in Ugandan politics.

First Lessons When You Go into Business for Yourself

13 Mar 2024  |  medium.com
David Jack Tumusiime shares his personal insights on the transition to self-employment, emphasizing the newfound value of time, the reality of setting and meeting daily targets, the importance of relationships in business, the constant consideration of money, and the creative bursts that fuel his work. He reflects on the discipline of watching the clock, the intentionality of living each day, the gratitude for supportive customers, the necessity of thinking about finances, and the excitement for each new day's potential.

Next Media reloads UB40-Ali Campbell concert

20 Feb 2024  |  nilepost.co.ug
Next Media has rescheduled the UB40-Ali Campbell concert for March 2 at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala, Uganda. The concert, part of the 15-year celebrations for NBS Television, was postponed from December due to other state events. Ticket sales have increased by 15 percent, and Vision Group has joined as a sponsor. UB40, with over 70 million albums sold, previously performed in Kampala, setting a high standard for concerts in Uganda. Ali Campbell, the original lead singer, will participate in pre-concert events, including tourism. Despite the band's split and internal changes, Ali Campbell continues his music career, unaffected by the group's past issues.

A few things I learned about leaving jobs

26 Jan 2024  |  medium.com
The author shares insights on how to gracefully exit a job without burning bridges, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professional relationships and the potential long-term consequences of negative departures. They advise staying connected with former colleagues, valuing friends who offer support during tough times, taking necessary breaks before jumping into a new job, and making the most of the time available between jobs to pursue personal goals or projects.

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

25 Dec 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, believed to be the Son of God and savior of humanity. The celebration, rooted in Christian theology and tradition, includes religious observances, family gatherings, gift exchanges, and acts of charity. The date, December 25th, was chosen by early Christians, possibly to coincide with pagan festivals or the Roman Saturnalia. The nativity story, featuring the Virgin Mary and the Magi, is central to the holiday's religious significance.

25 Questions I have for Jesus this Christmas

25 Dec 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
A light-hearted and inquisitive article where the author, Sarah Ngabi, lists 25 questions she would ask Jesus if she met him during Christmas. The questions range from personal preferences and habits to more whimsical and humorous inquiries, reflecting a blend of curiosity and festive spirit.

Mayor Mulyanyama calls for unity, compassion amid economic hardships

25 Dec 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Ali Kasirye Nganda Mulyanyama, the Mayor of Makindye, appeals for unity, empathy, and responsible behavior amid economic hardships. He emphasizes the importance of compassion, sharing with those in need, and responsible enjoyment of festivities. Mulyanyama highlights the transformative impact of collective kindness and underscores personal responsibility and the value of life. He extends prayers for those lacking resources and reiterates his call for unity and shared responsibility to foster love and togetherness during challenging times.

Leaders warned against interfering with criminal arrests

23 Dec 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Major General Don Nabasa warned leaders against pressuring security forces to release arrested suspects, highlighting the issue during a meeting in Amudat district with leaders from Uganda and Kenya. He cited the recovery of firearms and linked insecurity to criminal activities, including the killing of civilians and ambush of soldiers by Pokot warriors. Nabasa encouraged the Pokot community to surrender firearms under Presidential amnesty. Lobot Joseph Nangole discussed the challenges of herders from neighboring districts and the porous border with Kenya. Titus Lotee expressed his community's willingness to cooperate, while John Michael Okurut emphasized the importance of territorial integrity and called for regulated grazing areas and involvement of West Pokot security forces in meetings, noting some warriors killed during raids wore Kenya Defence Forces uniforms.

George Weah receives global plaudits for accepting presidential electoral defeat

20 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Liberian President George Weah has been widely praised for his sportsmanship and statesmanship in conceding the presidential election to his rival, Joseph Boakai. Weah's concession is seen as a significant step for Liberian democracy, preventing potential tension and conflict. Various stakeholders, including human rights advocates, political analysts, and regional organizations like Ecowas, have commended Weah's actions. The move is viewed as a positive example for other countries in West Africa, where military coups and disputed elections have been prevalent. Despite some criticisms regarding his presidency, Weah's decision is celebrated as a victory for peace and democratic maturity in Liberia.

Golfers turn attention to Singleton semifinals

18 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The Singleton match play challenge season eight's fourth round concluded at the Entebbe Club, with three pairs advancing to the semifinals and two pairs ending in a tie. The semifinals are scheduled for November 18, 2023. In the subsidiary category, Kin Karisa, Bruce Aijuuka, Lin Mu King, and Kelvin Wakwabubi won their respective groups, while Acen Ongol and Edith Wamalwa triumphed in the ladies' groups. A visiting delegation from Kakamega Golf Club in Kenya was present, and Julius Happy Kyazze entertained with a saxophone performance.

Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?

10 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Belief in conspiracy theories is influenced by psychological, social, and cognitive factors. Key contributors include uncertainty, cognitive biases, mistrust of authorities, social identity, information bubbles, psychological needs, lack of media literacy, emotional appeal, and social influence. Addressing this phenomenon requires education, critical thinking, and building trust in reliable information sources.

Was the founder of Islam Muhammad a real person?

10 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Muhammad, born around 570 CE in Mecca, is recognized as the founder of Islam and a significant historical figure. He received revelations from God, compiled into the Quran, and his teachings greatly influenced the Arabian Peninsula. His life is well-documented in Islamic tradition and historical accounts, and there is scholarly consensus on his historical existence and pivotal role in Islam's development.

Uses of meditation

10 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Meditation, a practice with thousands of years of history, offers numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It is commonly used for stress reduction, improved focus, emotional well-being, better sleep, pain management, increased self-awareness, and strengthening the mind-body connection. Additionally, meditation can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, enhance creativity, improve relationships, support spiritual growth, aid in coping with trauma, and assist in addiction recovery.

The US is quietly arming Taiwan to the teeth

10 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The US has approved an $80 million grant for Taiwan to purchase American military equipment, marking a significant shift in US policy as it uses taxpayer money to arm Taiwan, a place it does not officially recognize. This move is part of a broader strategy to bolster Taiwan's defenses amid increasing Chinese military power. The grant is seen as the beginning of potentially up to $10 billion in aid over the next five years. Taiwan faces significant military challenges, including outdated equipment and insufficient training, prompting the US to also provide training for Taiwanese troops. The geopolitical implications are significant, with the US, Japan, South Korea, and other allies strengthening their military alliances in response to China's actions.

What to do on a public holiday

09 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
On a public holiday, individuals can engage in various activities such as resting, exploring nature, attending cultural events, visiting museums and historical sites, watching movies or attending entertainment events, traveling, cooking or baking, reading, exercising, volunteering, socializing with friends and family, learning new skills, practicing self-care, and planning for the future. The choice of activity depends on personal preferences and available opportunities.

The road to Uganda's independence

09 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Uganda gained independence from British colonial rule on October 9, 1962, following a series of political movements, legislative reforms, and constitutional conferences. Key figures in the independence movement included Milton Obote and Apollo Milton Obote. The process involved negotiations and the formation of political parties such as the Uganda People's Congress and Kabaka Yekka. Post-independence, Uganda faced challenges including political instability and economic difficulties, leading to significant political changes like the rise of Idi Amin.

Why was Nalubaale renamed as Lake Victoria?

09 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Lake Victoria, named by British explorer John Hanning Speke in 1858, honors Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. It is the largest lake in Africa by surface area, located primarily in Tanzania and Uganda, with a small portion in Kenya. The lake is a significant geographical feature and vital resource for the region, supporting numerous communities and ecosystems.

Facts about Uganda at 61 you may have forgotten

09 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Uganda, often referred to as the 'Pearl of Africa' by Winston Churchill, is celebrated for its natural beauty, including Lake Victoria and the source of the Nile. The country is home to endangered mountain gorillas, diverse wildlife, and over 1,000 bird species. Uganda's rich cultural heritage includes over 56 indigenous languages and significant religious diversity. The nation has a history marked by Idi Amin's brutal regime but is also known for its commitment to gorilla conservation and agricultural exports. Key cultural sites include the Kasubi Tombs and the Equator Monument.

Role of the River Nile in African history

09 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The River Nile has been central to the development of civilizations in northeastern Africa, particularly Egypt. It contributed to agricultural prosperity through annual flooding, the birth of ancient Egypt, transportation and trade, cultural and religious significance, and defense. The Nile's geography made Egypt difficult to invade, and it became a point of colonial interest in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Modern irrigation projects like the Aswan High Dam have improved agricultural production but also caused political tensions.

Africa: Role of the River Nile in African History

09 Oct 2023  |  allAfrica.com
The River Nile has been central to the development of civilizations in Egypt and northeastern Africa, fostering agricultural prosperity through its annual floods, enabling the birth of ancient Egypt, and serving as a key transportation and trade route. It has held cultural and religious significance, personified as the god Hapi, and contributed to Egypt's defense and security. Colonial interests in the Nile peaked in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and modern irrigation projects have both aided agriculture and caused political tensions among Nile Basin countries.

Countries with the lowest populations

08 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The article lists countries with the lowest populations in the world, including Vatican City, Tuvalu, Nauru, Palau, San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. It provides population estimates for each country as of 2021, highlighting their small sizes and unique characteristics.

What is the world’s best military college and why?

08 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Several military academies around the world are renowned for their high-quality education and training programs. The United States Military Academy at West Point, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK, Saint-Cyr Military Academy in France, National Defence Academy in India, Korea Military Academy, and Australian Defence Force Academy are highlighted for their rigorous academic curricula, leadership development, and physical fitness training. Each institution is noted for producing well-trained officers for their respective countries' armed forces.

Which religion has had the most impact on history?

08 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The article explores the significant historical impacts of major religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Confucianism. It highlights how these religions have shaped various aspects of civilization such as culture, politics, ethics, and intellectual advancements across different regions and time periods.

Strangest burial customs around the world

08 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Burial customs vary significantly across cultures, with practices ranging from sky burials in Tibet, where bodies are consumed by vultures, to the hanging coffins in China and the Philippines. In Mexico, the unique soil composition in Guanajuato naturally mummifies bodies, while in Madagascar, the Famadihana ritual involves exhuming and dancing with the deceased. Japan's self-mummification by Buddhist monks and the Fore people's endocannibalism in Papua New Guinea are other notable customs. The Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic features intricate decorations made from human bones.

World's biggest media companies

08 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The article lists some of the largest media companies in the world, detailing their various assets and areas of influence. Companies mentioned include The Walt Disney Company, Comcast Corporation, AT&T Inc., ViacomCBS Inc., Sony Corporation, Netflix, Amazon, News Corporation, Bertelsmann, and Discovery, Inc. The media industry is noted for its rapid changes, with new developments frequently occurring.

What makes some people become criminals?

07 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Criminal behavior is influenced by a combination of biological, psychological, social, economic, and environmental factors. Key contributors include genetics, personality traits, socioeconomic status, family background, peer influence, substance abuse, environmental conditions, opportunities for crime, psychological trauma, cultural norms, and political and economic instability. The interaction of these factors is complex, and not everyone exposed to risk factors will become a criminal. Prevention and intervention efforts focus on addressing these risk factors early and providing support for positive choices.

Countries with the highest populations

06 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
China, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Pakistan are the countries with the highest populations, with China leading at over 1.4 billion people. Population figures are subject to change due to births, deaths, and migration, and reliable sources like the United Nations or government statistical agencies should be consulted for the most current data.

Who were the most influential people in world history?

06 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The article discusses the subjective nature of determining the most influential people in world history, highlighting individuals like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Gutenberg, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mao Zedong. These figures are noted for their significant contributions to various fields and their impact on the course of history.

Why have some countries failed to become democratic

06 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The failure of some countries to become democratic is due to historical, cultural, economic, and political factors. Historical legacies of authoritarianism, colonialism, and centralized power, economic underdevelopment, cultural norms, and social hierarchies, political elites' resistance to losing power, weak institutions, external interference, lack of civic engagement, ethno-religious conflicts, geopolitical considerations, and external economic dependencies are all barriers to democratization. The process is not linear, and each country's unique circumstances influence its path to democracy, which requires a combination of factors to align for successful reforms.

Reasons for changing your nationality

05 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
People change nationalities for various reasons, including better economic opportunities, political stability, family reunification, education, marriage, career advancement, quality of life, personal freedom, cultural affiliation, and dual citizenship. The process can be complex, involving legal requirements and individual circumstances.

How to be a good neighbour

05 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Being a good neighbor involves respecting privacy, maintaining open communication, controlling noise, keeping property well-maintained, managing pets responsibly, respecting parking rules, offering help, participating in community activities, ensuring safety, embracing diversity, celebrating together, resolving conflicts amicably, and following local laws. These actions foster a supportive and harmonious community.

Best cars to buy in Africa

05 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Choosing the best car in Africa depends on budget, needs, and preferences, considering the continent's diverse road conditions and climates. Popular options include the rugged Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser, the reliable Toyota Corolla, the off-road capable Nissan Patrol, and the versatile Ford Ranger. Other notable mentions are the affordable Hyundai Tucson, the reliable Honda CR-V, the fuel-efficient Volkswagen Polo, the durable Mitsubishi Pajero, and the maneuverable Kia Picanto. Factors like fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and local regulations should be considered when selecting a car.

Next Media, CBS FM partner for UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell concert

05 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Next Media and CBS FM have partnered to organize the UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell concert at the Kololo Independence Grounds. The event, eagerly anticipated by fans, will see international musician Ali Campbell perform. Desire Derek Ford Mugumisa from Next Media highlighted the significance of the partnership with CBS FM and the longstanding relationship with Buganda Kingdom. The concert marks its return after a previous cancellation due to international conferences.

Uganda: Nup President Kyagulanyi Arrested At Entebbe Airport

05 Oct 2023  |  allafrica.com
Robert Kyagulanyi, president of the National Unity Platform, was arrested upon his arrival at Entebbe airport at 10:20 am. He was taken by security officials and placed into a convoy of cars. Kyagulanyi had been on a tour for his party, and the police have not disclosed the reason for his arrest. The day before, police had stated that Kyagulanyi's supporters would not be permitted to hold a procession for his return, and several supporters were arrested for attempting to place welcoming placards.

Kyabazinga Gabula IV names Jovia Mutesi as wife to be

05 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Gabula IV has announced Jovia Mutesi as his future queen and wife. The announcement, made by Dr. Joseph Muvawala of the Busoga Kingdom, has been met with excitement among the Kingdom's subjects. Further details about the wedding are yet to be disclosed.

Africa's longest serving presidents

04 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The article lists some of Africa's longest-serving presidents as of September 2021, including Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, Paul Biya of Cameroon, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. It notes that the political landscape can change rapidly and that the information may be updated later.

Difference between first and third world

04 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The terms 'first world' and 'third world' originated during the Cold War to categorize countries based on political and economic alignments. 'First World' referred to Western bloc countries led by the United States, characterized by capitalist economies and high standards of living. 'Third World' referred to non-aligned countries often facing poverty and underdevelopment. Today, these terms are considered outdated and simplistic, with 'developing countries' or 'Global South' being preferred. The article emphasizes the complexity and diversity of global development, advocating for more nuanced terminology.

Coups in Africa before 2023

04 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Africa has experienced numerous coups and coup attempts, leading to political instability and changes in leadership through non-democratic means. Notable coups include Egypt (2013), Burkina Faso (2014), Zimbabwe (2017), Mali (2020), Sudan (2019), Guinea (2021), Madagascar (2009), Nigeria (1993), and Sierra Leone (1997). These events often result in instability, human rights abuses, and economic challenges, although efforts to strengthen democratic institutions continue.

What leads to a bad marriage?

04 Oct 2023  |  Nilepost News
Bad marriages can stem from various factors such as communication issues, lack of trust, emotional neglect, incompatibility, financial conflicts, intimacy issues, unresolved conflicts, external stressors, unrealistic expectations, lack of quality time, mental health issues, and cultural or religious differences. Each marriage is unique, and these factors may contribute differently to marital problems. Professional help and open communication are crucial for addressing and improving relationship issues.

James May thinks Top Gear can be saved with rethink

04 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
James May, former Top Gear presenter, believes the show needs a new format and approach following the BBC's decision to rest the series. He suggests that the current format has remained unchanged since he, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond left in 2015. May emphasizes the need for innovation in car-related shows and expresses hope that Top Gear or a similar show will return. He also comments on Freddie Flintoff's serious injury and the subsequent settlement with the BBC. The BBC remains committed to the current presenters and is developing new projects with them.

NUP president Kyagulanyi arrested at Entebbe airport

04 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi was arrested upon arrival at Entebbe airport at 10:20am. Security officials met him on the tarmac and transferred him into a waiting convoy of cars. Kyagulanyi had been on an international mobilisation tour for his party. The police have not yet revealed the reason for his arrest, but had previously stated that his supporters would not be allowed to hold a procession welcoming him back. Several supporters were arrested on Wednesday for attempting to place placards in preparation for his return.

Alupo to represent Uganda at Council of 10 summit

01 Oct 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Ugandan Vice President Jessica Alupo will attend the Council of 10 (C-10) Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, as confirmed by spokesperson Pamela Ankunda. The summit will address key reforms at the United Nations, focusing on the need to conform to geopolitical realities and rectify historical injustices, particularly Africa's under-representation in the UN Security Council.

Brenda Fassie, an African icon who died at the height of her powers

01 Oct 2023  |  medium.com
Brenda Fassie, a celebrated African singer, passed away on May 9, 2004, after a tumultuous life marked by personal struggles and immense talent. Born in a black township near Cape Town, she rose to fame with The Dudes before embarking on a solo career. Her life was marred by substance abuse, financial mismanagement, and tumultuous relationships, including a brief marriage to Nhlanhla Mbambo. Despite her personal challenges, her music continued to resonate, with hits like 'Vulindlela' showcasing her unique voice. Fassie was often compared to Madonna, but a more fitting comparison would be to Bessie Smith, as she embodied the spirit and struggles of her people. Her death was seen as a significant loss to African music and culture.

Journalists attacked in Busabala

19 Sep 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Journalists were attacked in Busabala while covering a Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) delegates conference called by party chairperson Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa. The conference was supposed to be halted by court order due to internal party conflicts between the Katonga and Najjanankumbi factions. The Observer journalist Baker Batte had his laptop stolen amidst the chaos. Police have intervened and are engaging with the attackers. This incident highlights a troubling pattern of attacks on journalists reporting on opposition-related events.

Museveni cancels advertising directive

10 Aug 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
President Museveni has reversed a directive that limited government advertising to UBC and New Vision, following a meeting with the National Association of Broadcasters. NAB chairperson Kin Kariisa expressed gratitude for the reversal, which he believes will support a private sector-led economy and ensure fair competition for government ads, benefiting the media industry and its workers in Uganda.

Gov't moves to curb road carnage in new resolutions

13 Jul 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
In response to a series of road accidents resulting in over 77 deaths within a week, the Ugandan government has introduced new resolutions to enhance road safety. Key measures include a public sensitization campaign on road usage and penalties for public servants misusing government vehicles. The resolutions were decided in a meeting attended by high-ranking officials, including the Speaker of Parliament and the Works and Transport Minister. A detailed breakdown of the 21 resolutions will be provided later.

UPC's Eunice Otuko wins Oyam North by-election

06 Jul 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
UPC flag bearer Dr Eunice Apio Otuko won the Oyam North by-election with 15,718 votes, securing 47.38% of the valid votes cast. She was declared the winner by EC returning officer Richard Onabo. Otuko defeated three other contestants, including NRM’s Samuel Okello Engola, who received 15,161 votes. Engola is the son of the former Oyam North MP Charles Okello Engola, who was shot dead by his bodyguard in May 2023. The Democratic Party's Freddy Newton Okello polled 714 votes, and the National Unity Platform's Daniel Okello polled 403 votes. A total of 32,751 votes were cast, with 755 votes declared invalid.

Kasese school attacked by suspected ADF rebels, 25 students feared killed

17 Jun 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Suspected Allied Democratic Front rebels attacked Mpondwe Lhubirira Secondary School in Kasese district, Uganda, killing an estimated 25 students and injuring eight. The school is located near the Democratic Republic of Congo border. The assailants also abducted an unknown number of students and looted the school's food store. The incident was confirmed by Kasese Resident District Commissioner Joe Walusimbi, and Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that the police and Uganda People's Defence Forces are investigating and pursuing the rebels.

Kasese school attack death toll at 41, UPDF in pursuit of ADF band

17 Jun 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
The Ugandan army confirmed that 41 people, mostly students, were killed in a Friday night attack on Lhubirira Secondary School in Kasese by a small band of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels. The attack involved setting dormitories on fire and hacking students to death. The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) are in pursuit of the rebels. Education Minister Janet Kataaha Museveni condemned the attack and offered government support to the bereaved families. The incident echoes a similar attack by the ADF on Uganda Technical College in 1998.

Uganda: Former MP, Actor Kato Lubwama Is Dead

08 Jun 2023  |  allafrica.com
Former Rubaga South MP and actor Kato Lubwama has died at age 52 due to complications from a heart condition. Lubwama, who gained fame in the 1990s as a playwright and actor, later became known for his work on CBS FM's Kalisoliso programme. His political career was marked by a controversial statement about his intentions in parliament, and he lost his seat in 2021. Post-politics, he returned to the entertainment industry, founding B24 TV and engaging with digital platforms. His death was announced by Andrew Mukasa, and he leaves behind a legacy in both the arts and politics in Uganda.

Former MP, actor Kato Lubwama is dead

07 Jun 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Former Rubaga South Member of Parliament and actor Kato Lubwama passed away at 52 due to complications from a long-standing heart condition. Known for his work in theatre, radio, and politics, Lubwama transitioned from acting to radio and then to politics, serving as an MP from 2016 to 2021. After losing his seat, he returned to the entertainment industry, founding B24 TV and maintaining a presence on digital platforms. His death was announced by business associate Andrew Mukasa.

Bismac Amumpaire recognised for travel and cultural journalism

31 May 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Bismac Amumpaire was honoured for his significant contributions to Ugandan travel and cultural journalism at the Annual National Heritage Awards. With a career spanning twelve years, Amumpaire has been a key figure in promoting cultural tourism through media, particularly as the host of NBS Television’s Travel Show. The award, organized by the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda with support from the European Union and the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, is given every three years. Amumpaire plans to use the award to enhance his research and start a journalism and media museum.

Immaculate Heart Girls School wins Miss High School

13 May 2023  |  nilepost.co.ug
Queen Isabella Asiimire Nyangoma was crowned Miss High School Uganda, and Uwase Patience was crowned Miss Teen at the Kiromo Miss High School event on May 13, 2023, at Wonderworld Amusement Park in Kansanga. The event attracted over 10,000 teenagers and included various categories such as Miss Confidence, Miss Faith, and Miss Congeniality, among others. Winners from different schools were recognized for their talents, leadership, and academic excellence.

SHORT STORY: I blame myself, Edwina

06 Jul 2020  |  The East African
The article narrates the personal account of a woman who has been sexually assaulted by her sister's partner, Kenny. Initially, she blames herself for not rejecting his advances more firmly. The situation is complicated by her sister Edwina's disbelief, who sides with Kenny, accusing her of seeking attention and being jealous. The woman's boyfriend, Joseph, had suspicions about Kenny but she did not heed his warnings. The assault occurs when Kenny visits her while she is ill, and despite her attempts to tell Edwina, she is not believed. The woman is left feeling betrayed by her sister and deeply scarred by the experience, vowing never to forgive Kenny or Edwina.

Book review of a work about a frontline journalist's experience reporting on the 1990-1994 Rwanda Civil War from a Ugandan perspective.

My Camera, My Life

26 Jan 2017  |  observer.ug
The article reviews the autobiography 'My Camera, My Life' by Sir Mohinder Dhillon, a renowned photojournalist. Born in India in 1931, Dhillon made a significant name for himself in Africa during the 1960s and was acquainted with world leaders in Europe by the 1980s. Despite his limited formal education, Dhillon's career in journalism began after his father bought him a camera, leading him to eventually buy out his employer, Halle Studio, and establish Afripix Company. Dhillon documented key historical events in Africa, including Kenya's independence struggle, Idi Amin's regime in Uganda, and Emperor Haile Selassie's reign in Ethiopia. His work contributed to global awareness of Ethiopia's famine in the 1980s. Dhillon's book provides a rich eyewitness account of 20th-century historic events, making it a valuable resource for students of Africa.

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