Debra Krol

Debra Krol is a Native American journalist based in Phoenix, United States of America.

Specialties: Native American issues, including science and environmental issues, economic development, business, Native American art; travel/tourism [both Native and mainstream]; and photojournalism.

Indigenous storyteller Debra Utacia Krol is an award-winning journalist with an emphasis on Native issues, environmental and science issues, and travel who's fond of averring that "My beat is Indians." She is an enrolled member of the Xolon (also known as Jolon) Salinan Tribe from the Central California coastal ranges.



In 2006, 40 tribes joined Idaho's Nez Perce in filing suit against the U.S. Department of the Interior, alleging a century of mismanaged trust funds and royalties for oil, gas, grazing and timber rights on lands held in common by tribal communities. It's a different battlefront than the better-known class-action lawsuit filed by Montana Blackfeet leader Elouise Cobell, which represents individual Natives whose resources were mismanaged by the agency. As the funds began rolling in, however, conflict, not celebration, ensued.


Arizona Aloha Festival has grown to become one of Arizona’s largest Pacific Islander cultural festivals


People are generally living longer in tribal communities, but life spans still greatly lag more affluent counties


After decades of trying to reach a settlement on water adjudication with the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe, small progress is being made, but big challenges still remain, including opposition from grassroots tribal groups.


Nature has long been the Chumash Indian’s companion and co-creator. Using materials gathered from natural sources, the Chumash people — inhabitants of the Central California coast and Channel Islands for 10,000 or so years —have been creating intricate regalia that speak to their culture and also nature’s own cycles.


I tried a $120 product for knee pain. Here's what happened.


The California Indian Basketweavers Association is enjoying a sorely-needed rejuvenation with major funding for Native-made baskets

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