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Delia Robertson

Johannesburg, South Africa
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About Delia
Delia Robertson is a journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has more than three decades experience covering sub-Saharan Africa with a strong focus on southern Africa.

One of Delia's strengths is her versatility. Most of her experience has been in broadcasting, but she can as easily produce copy for print, the web, or academic journals. Strong suits are in-depth analytical pieces and features.

She is also a skilled, thorough researcher.

Delia was among a small group of people who launched and ran 1st TV, Zimbabwe - a cheeky and highly successful short term free-to-air television station whose mission was to bring accurate news and information to Zimbabweans in the 2013 election period.

From time to time, Delia teaches at the Institute for Advanced Journalism in Johannesburg, and she is a content producer for bdlive.co.za
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Kopanang Community Trust: A Beacon of Hope for South African Women

05 Apr 2023  |  Global Sisters Report
The article tells the story of Sr. Sheila Flynn, an Irish native and Dominican sister, who co-founded the Kopanang Community Trust in South Africa. The Trust, established in 2001, empowers women, many of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS or domestic abuse, through the creation of embroidery. These women, living in deep poverty, gain not only an income but also access to various training programs. The article highlights the personal journey of Patience Nomonde, a member of Kopanang, who has been able to improve her living conditions and manage her HIV status with the support of the community. The Trust's success is attributed to its focus on relationships and conflict resolution. The project also engages international students through immersion visits, broadening its impact. The author emphasizes the sustainability of the project and its significant impact on the lives of the women involved.

Why are doctors able to violate a terminally ill patient’s right to die?

06 Feb 2018  |  BusinessLIVE
The article discusses the case of the author's sister, who died a year ago due to complications from a Meckel’s diverticulum, a condition that was not diagnosed throughout her life. The author questions why doctors are able to violate a terminally ill patient's right to die, reflecting on the circumstances of their sister's death after major surgery.

8 May, 2012 Voice of America Delia Robertson South Africa’s high court has ordered prosecutors to investigate Zimbabwean officials who alleged committed torture and human rights abuses in the run-up to Zimbabwe’s violent and disputed 2008 elections. The decision has important practical, political and diplomatic implications for South Africa Report picked up by Southern Africa Litigation Centre

Reporter's notebook memorializing Walter Sisulu who died on 5 May 2003. Mr Sisulu was one of South Africa's most remarkable sons who was arrested several times for his opposition to apartheid, lastly on on 11 July 1663 at Liliesleaf farm, Rivonia. Following the infamous Rivonia trial, he was imprisoned until 15 October 1989 - he was among the first group of senior African National Congress leaders released from prison in the runup to the unbanning of the ANC and release of Nelson Mandela. This page includes a link to the audio on Sound Cloud. At the time Delia was a correspondent with the Voice of America - the link to the report on the VOA website is here: http://www.voanews.com/content/a-13-a-2003-05-16-38-remembering-66851572/375893.html

South African Poor Protest Conditions

27 Oct 2009  |  abahlali.org
The article discusses the ongoing protests by poor South Africans, which have continued from the winter into warmer months. These protests, often violent, are a response to the government's failure to deliver basic services and communicate effectively with communities. Steven Friedman, director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, and Sbu Zikode, president of Abahlali base Mjondolo, highlight the issues of poor communication and the government's lack of understanding of the people's needs. Despite the government's efforts to build houses and provide services, the protests reflect deeper issues such as corruption, land competition, and unrealistic expectations set by political promises. The current national government, led by President Jacob Zuma, is showing signs of a more open dialogue approach. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's mid-year budget report acknowledges the loss of jobs and reduced revenue, emphasizing the need for extraordinary efforts to meet the needs of the poor, including better communication between government officials and citizens.

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