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Delphine Nyobé

Delphine Nyobé is a journalist based in Conakry, Guinea.
I'm also an artist, poetress and actress borned and raised in France.
I wanted to come on the Continent to show positive actions in Culture (Music, theatre, design, fashion)
We can hear that Africa is the future, it's up to us, journalist in Africa to change the point of view of the world on us, on our Continent.
Live and work in Guinea is an opportunity because Guinea is quite close because of politics but this country needs to be known worlwide. A glowing country with a lot of great musicians (West Africa is known for the best Kora players in the world...)
Living there, i am close from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and i can go and work in those places if i have to.

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