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Lagos, Nigeria

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Demola Sanyaolu

Demola Sanyaolu is a journalist.
Also an Actor, Publicist, IT/Media Consultant, Public Speaker, Red Carpet Hosting Specialist, Social Media Strategist

* Host/Producer of The Backstage Story Show, Nollyparrot, Political Binoculars, Nolly Praise Groove, Candid Satire on Nollywood Radio France (
* Host/Producer of Backstage Story Television (
* Host/Producer of Pathway To Wealth, The Backstage Story Show, Bo Se Nlo (Yoruba talkshow) on BCP Radio (

Graduate of Cambridge International College, Jersey, UK (Computers & IT in Business and Management)
Google trained (Digital Marketing/Strategy)
Electronic Media Content Owners Association, Nigeria (Production Management & Editing)


English Yoruba

A young talented Nigerian discovers how WIRELESS ELECTRICITY can conquer epileptic electricity in the country. He makes prototype of wireless devices to charge mobile phones. His big picture is liberating 160 million Nigerians from the clutches of the electricity cabals who have held the nation captive through sabotage of the power sector


What Nigerians Say!!! Is a vox pop program that feels the pulse of citizens on topical issues affecting their lives either directly or indirectly. This episode allows Nigerians to vent their opinion on foreign medical trips by Nigerian leaders despite banning political appointees from such medical trips.


Bliss Talk is a program that digs deep into the challenges of couples in marriage and how they can manage the influence of family ties. Dr (Mrs) Tonia Smart is a marriage counselor and the series is quite educating and enlightening.


Tunde Kelani is an outstanding filmmaker in Nigeria. It has not been a bed of roses for him and he pours out his mind on various issues pertaining his childhood, sojourn in the arena of filmmaking and the way forward for Nigerian filmmakers.


Victor Olaotan is a veteran Nigerian actor. He saw the movie industry grow into a beautiful edifice. He shares his adventure on this short yet exclusive interview


Tobore is a prolific writer and an investigative journalist. She narrates her ordeal while trying to do an undercover human trafficking report. She escaped death by whiskers and the toll of that event is still having its grip on her psychologically. An exclusive interview


PMAN crisis. The Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is entangled in a web of corruption crisis. The current president exposes the behind-the-scene atrocities and those behind it. Exclusively on this channel


Xenophobia in South Africa (2017) The Misconceptions and the realities. Why do Africans hate one another? What actually happened? A Nigerian in South Africa and a South African indigene and journalist share their true understanding of what is actually happening

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