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Izmir, Turkey

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Deniz Kılıç

Deniz Kılıç is a journalist based in İzmir, Turkey. What I would like to focus on is disadvantageous groups or people especially refugees,human rights problems and basically what is wrong in the world is a task to fix for me.


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How Catholics are celebrating Christmas in Turkey?


Las Tesis started in Chile and spread all over the world. Female activist perform Las Tesis in Izmir, Turkey. I recorded for


Basmane which is a district of Izmir has been a transit center for refugees for almost 10 years but who lived there before? What happened in a century? Where went these people? All these questions will be answered in this investigative news.


İzmir is a transit point which refugees are using for to the enter europe. If refugees are failed to cross the sea, they are buried to cemetery which called 412.

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