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Derrick Silimina

Lusaka, Zambia
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About Derrick
DERRICK SILIMINA is a journalist based in Lusaka, Zambia.

Sisters' bookshop, media programming evangelize Zambia's Catholics

26 May 2024  |  Global Sisters Report
In Lusaka, Zambia, the Paulines Catholic Bookshop, managed by the Pious Society of the Daughters of St. Paul, plays a significant role in evangelizing local Catholics through diverse literature and media programming. The bookshop offers a wide range of books, including religious, psychological, and self-help genres, and produces radio and television programs to reach a broader audience. The initiative has received positive feedback, indicating its success in spreading the Gospel and enhancing the reading culture among both Catholics and non-Catholics. Customers appreciate the informative and up-to-date materials available, contributing to their spiritual and intellectual growth.

Invisible hand in drug shortages

25 May 2024  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
Zambia is experiencing a severe drug shortage in public health facilities, with stock levels significantly below the World Health Organization's minimum threshold. The shortage affects essential medicines like insulin and painkillers, causing distress among patients. Critics attribute the crisis to corruption and embezzlement within the drug supply chain, with some calling for a 'State of Emergency' to address the issue. The government acknowledges the problem but is hesitant to declare an emergency, instead announcing new procurements to mitigate the shortage.

Zambia Leverages High-Tech in Agriculture

03 May 2024  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) is focusing on improving agricultural yields by leveraging technology and has organized the 2023 AgriTech Expo in Chisamba district. The event, which is one of the largest agricultural trade fairs in sub-Saharan Africa, aims to connect farmers across Zambia, promote economic integration, and boost trade and investment in the agricultural sector. ZNFU President Jervis Zimba highlighted the potential for agriculture to provide employment opportunities, especially for youth and women, and to strengthen the continent's industrial base. The expo featured live demonstrations, workshops, and seminars, emphasizing the importance of technologically advanced farming tools for sustainable and economically viable production.

Sisters in Zambia improve access to health care, particularly for those with HIV/AIDS

19 Apr 2024  |  www.globalsistersreport.org
In Lusaka, Zambia, Our Lady's Health Centre, managed by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, is providing crucial healthcare services, particularly antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS patients. The centre, located in the impoverished Kalingalinga township, has implemented innovative strategies to overcome stigma and improve access to medication. With a range of services including general clinic, obstetrics, and dental care, the centre has attracted patients from across the region. The dedication of the sisters and medical staff, driven by their faith, has been pivotal in treating and supporting patients, with many expressing gratitude for the quality care received.

Sisters nurture young children in Zambia by teaching mothers parenting skills

05 Apr 2024  |  globalsistersreport.org
In Zambia, where nearly 30% of adolescent girls become pregnant by age 18, St. Dominic's Mission Hospital, founded by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has been instrumental in teaching parenting skills to mothers like Anabel Mwamba. The hospital participates in the SCORE-ECD program, sponsored by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and coordinated by Catholic Relief Services, which aims to improve early childhood development. Sr. Christabel Kazembe, a project manager and Sister of Mercy, oversees community health volunteers and lead mothers in executing the program, which has benefited over 1,600 mothers across various provinces. The program focuses on nutrition, maternal mental health, and child development, catering to vulnerable children, including those with disabilities or HIV/AIDS.

Southern India's farming nuns promote eco-centric spirituality, organic farming

04 Apr 2024  |  globalsistersreport.org
The Helpers of Mount Rosary congregation in Karnataka, India, promotes organic farming and eco-centric spirituality. Founded in 1990, the congregation serves poor farmers and has developed 40 acres of agricultural land. They train villagers in modern organic farming and celebrate World Environment Day by planting trees and distributing saplings. The nuns have formed self-help groups for women and engage in voluntary farming. They also host international students, like Valerie Gastager from Germany, to learn tropical agriculture. The congregation, which has over 125 sisters, is awaiting pontifical status and has houses in Austria and Italy.

Sisters in Zambia support children with disabilities

03 Apr 2024  |  globalsistersreport.org
In Zambia, the Bauleni Special Needs Project and School, managed by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, provides comprehensive support for children with disabilities, including education, psychosocial support, and job skills training. The school is unique in offering services for children with deaf-blindness and multiple disabilities. It also runs income-generating ventures to ensure sustainability. The project has positively impacted families, offering hope and care to those with severe developmental needs.

SMEs can tap into tax incentives, says ZRA

19 Mar 2024  |  solwezitoday.com
The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is encouraging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to utilize tax incentives available to them. During a Business Clinic in Kalumbila District, ZRA Assistant Tax Consultant Christian Bwalya highlighted the complexity of business taxation compared to employee taxation and outlined various tax categories and reliefs available to SMEs. The Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry notes that SMEs account for a significant portion of Zambia's businesses, GDP, and employment. Tax incentives are part of ZRA's efforts to support local and international SMEs in establishing their ventures and contributing to state revenue for social services.

Roadmap on Zambia’s energy transition minerals underway

27 Feb 2024  |  solwezitoday.com
Zambia is developing a roadmap to leverage its mineral resources for economic transformation, focusing on energy transition minerals. Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane revealed that the World Bank is collaborating with Zambia's finance and mines ministries to create a guide for the country's energy transition agenda. Zambia, facing climate challenges like el-nino, aims to capitalize on opportunities by utilizing its copper, nickel, and cobalt reserves. A memorandum of understanding with the Democratic Republic of Congo aims to produce electric vehicle batteries through a cross-border integrated value chain. The roadmap will address policy bottlenecks, suggest reforms, and highlight investment and capacity-building areas.

Bank of Zambia launches Monetary Policy Report

26 Feb 2024  |  solwezitoday.com
The Bank of Zambia has introduced a Monetary Policy Report, which offers a detailed analysis of inflation trends over the next two years, based on domestic and global macroeconomic conditions. BoZ Governor Denny Kalyalya emphasized that the report aims to improve the bank's transparency and accountability, and to provide a reliable reference for policymakers, researchers, and the public. The launch event took place in Lusaka, highlighting the importance of a forward-looking monetary policy to stabilize inflation expectations in Zambia.

Sisters in Zambia support children with disabilities

01 Nov 2023  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
In Zambia, the Bauleni Special Needs Project and School, managed by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, provides comprehensive support for children with disabilities, including education, psychosocial support, and job skills training. The school, recognized for its inclusive approach, caters to over 200 children with disabilities and offers in-service training for its staff. It also runs income-generating ventures to ensure sustainability. Families of disabled children, such as those of Changa and Josephat Chitabo, have found hope and support through the school's services.

FQM Enterprise Nickel Concentrator Fires Up

15 Sep 2023  |  solwezitoday.com
The Zambian government has commissioned First Quantum Minerals' new Enterprise nickel mine concentrator in Kalumbila, which is expected to process four million tonnes of ore and produce around 32,000 tonnes of nickel annually, creating an estimated 700 permanent jobs. This development positions Zambia as the largest nickel producer in Africa and the 10th largest globally. The mine, which was commissioned a year after President Hakainde Hichilema initiated the project, is seen as a significant step in Zambia's participation in the global electric vehicle ecosystem. UK Trade Commissioner for Africa John Humphrey highlighted the investment's importance for the clean energy transition. Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe, along with other government officials, attended the commissioning, emphasizing the timely completion of the project and its role in diversifying Zambia's economy.

Desperate for alternative energy sources

01 Sep 2023  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
South Africans are seeking alternative energy sources amid persistent power outages by Eskom, affecting all societal aspects. Entrepreneurs like Bongani Malinga and Nothando Simelani face significant business challenges due to unreliable power. BRICS, including South Africa, is working on a new global multilateral architecture to address investment challenges, with a focus on sustainable development and energy security. The 2022 BRICS Investment Report highlights the group's role in driving global growth. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasizes the need for sustainable development and mutual trade. The country is transitioning to a low carbon economy and addressing climate change risks. The BRICS Energy Ministers Meeting aims to facilitate energy trade and investment. The upcoming 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa will prioritize greener energy transitions. The New Development Bank, established by BRICS, funds infrastructure projects, with South Africa receiving significant investment for development and improving trade linkages with BRICS partners.

Chamber of Mines promotes First Aid for safety

14 Aug 2023  |  lusakatimes.com
Zambia's mining industry has experienced a concerning increase in accidents, with 12 fatalities and 14 serious incidents reported by June, prompting Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe to emphasize the non-negotiable nature of occupational health and safety. At the 16th Intercompany Mining First-Aid Competition in Kalumbila District, Kabuswe and Chamber of Mines President Godwin Beene highlighted the importance of safety practices and collaboration. Lubambe Copper Mine Support Services won the competition, with other teams also recognized for their commitment to safety.

Solwezi Cellphone Repair Business Takes Off

01 Jul 2022  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
Francisco Mwansa, a self-taught mobile phone repairer in Solwezi, Zambia, has grown his business since 2016 to a value of over K5,000. He gained experience at COMESA before starting his own venture and has benefited from business development training sponsored by Kansanshi Mining Plc. Mwansa is in the process of registering a cooperative and plans to expand his business, which currently brings in a weekly profit of about K700.

Training tailors, cooks or service staff

25 Apr 2022  |  www.dandc.eu
The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family in Lusaka, Zambia, are addressing poverty and gender inequality by providing skills training to women and girls in Chawama, one of Lusaka's largest slums. Their Cheshire Divine Providence Home includes a Homecraft training school offering courses in cookery, tailoring, handicraft, and knitting. Over 100 students enroll annually, with many finding employment in the service industry or starting their own businesses. The program is celebrated for its role in empowering participants to improve their lives and pursue their dreams, despite financial challenges.

Planning with a Heart for Veggies and Fruits

01 Apr 2022  |  mbuyotimedia.blogspot.com
Roger Musemvu, an entrepreneur from North-Western Province, Zambia, has successfully ventured into vegetable farming in Solwezi, cultivating carrots and green maize. With initial investments for inputs and irrigation, he has seen profitable returns and expanded into cabbages and tomatoes. Musemvu participated in a business development training program funded by Kansanshi Mine Limited and executed by Fortune World Investment limited, which improved his time and records management. He plans to further expand his business, including a variety of crops and a nursery of fruits, and intends to formally register his business.

Zambia Daily Mail News Website – Without Fear or Favor

11 Oct 2019  |  www.daily-mail.co.zm
The article expresses solidarity with the nation and the residents of Chingola, Zambia, following a tragic mining accident at Seseli. Approximately 31 individuals, including boys, lost their lives while attempting to extract minerals from an open-pit mining site. The incident has evidently caused significant distress within the local community and has raised concerns regarding mining safety and regulations.

An article on one of the modern utility trucks

Defining Moments: Hulu's New Series on the Struggles Behind Success

11 Oct 2019  |  www.ozy.com
The article introduces 'Defining Moments', a series exclusive to Hulu that features in-depth interviews with successful individuals who share their personal struggles and moments of adversity on their path to success. The show aims to inspire viewers by revealing the vulnerable and real experiences of its guests, touching on topics like identity, family, and dignity, and highlighting how these individuals overcame challenges to emerge stronger. 'Defining Moments' encourages viewers to find their voice and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background or aspirations.

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