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Athens, Greece

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Despina Papageorgiou

I am a freelancer journalist based in Athens, Greece.
During my journalistic career, numerous reportage pieces –with topics varying from the secret budget of the Greek ministry of Foreign Affairs to water privatization and police violence– have been published in the Greek press. I love investigating journalism.
Moreover, many op-eds and analyses of mine on world political developments and Greek politics have also been published. 
My work significantly includes numerous interviews with worldwide renowned politicians, intellectuals, artists and activists. Among others, I have interviewed Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Isabel Allende, Antonio Negri, Thomas Piketty, Etienne Balibar, James Galbraith, Tony Benn, Waris Dirie. 
I have of course also conducted numerous interviews with high profile individuals from Greece (mainly politicians, among them an extensive interview-portrait of the “First Partisan of Europe” Manolis Glezos, prime minister Alexis Tsipras and also interviews with intellectuals as well as with people with significant political and/or social action).
With an educational background in Philosophy, International Relations & Development and Acting/Drama, and having also lived, apart from Greece, in Britain and Denmark, I believe I possess the skills needed to be a good journalist. 
For me, journalism is not about being objective; it's about monitoring power. I am a journalist not only by profession; I am a journalist at heart.


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My blog, where I publish a small sample of my work, initially published in newspapers, magazines, news portals etc

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