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Devi Seitaram

Kingston, Jamaica
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About Devi
25 year old Journalism graduate with 8 years combined experience in print, TV and radio with some experience in public relations and social media marketing. 

I am presently working in Kingston, Jamaica as a public relations consultant and radio producer/reporter/announcer.

I'm competent in using the AP news style for print journalism and is able to write meta data for online. 

Also very competent in social media promotion and management as well as public relations campaigns on social media.
Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop
Fact Checking

Rvssian Blasts Kyle Butler Over Claims He Stole Dutty Money & Gatekeeping Dancehall

06 Apr 2024  |  bahamasspectator.com
Dancehall producer Rvssian is accused by Kyle Butler of stealing work from up-and-coming producers and gatekeeping the industry. Butler criticizes Rvssian for not being a composer and taking credit for others' work, while Rvssian dismisses the gatekeeping claim, citing the internet's role in artist success. Rvssian defends his production of Dutty Money Riddim, showing evidence from 2009, and mocks Butler's financial claims. Butler plans to respond with a new track.

Asian Doll Accuses Jada Kingdom Of Doing Drugs, Leaked Tape In Twitter Spat

31 Mar 2024  |  caribbeanetroundup.com
Asian Doll has accused Jada Kingdom of drug use and other personal allegations following Stefflon Don's diss track. Jada Kingdom denied the claims and responded with her own accusations. The dispute has led to a series of heated exchanges on Twitter, with other individuals and past incidents being brought into the spotlight. Pardison Fontaine, who was also mentioned in the diss track, has become a topic of discussion among fans. Jada hinted at going to the studio after the spat, suggesting the feud may continue.

Rvssian Did Not Authorized Demarco Song With Shenseea

31 Mar 2024  |  bahamasspectator.com
Dancehall artist Demarco released a track with Shenseea titled 'Waiting For You' without authorization from Rvssian, head of Rich Immigrants label. Despite requesting clearance and teasing a genre switch, Demarco proceeded to release the song on YouTube, which has garnered views. Shenseea and Rvssian have recently re-followed each other on social media after a two-year fallout. Rvssian, busy with the Dutty Money Riddim, has not yet authorized the song but has a history of supporting Shenseea's career. Demarco expressed frustration over the lack of clearance and reflected on his early career interactions with Rvssian.

Gunna and Chloe Bailey Reunited Sparks Relationship Rumors, Spotted Holding Hands

30 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Chloe Bailey and Gunna were spotted together at Offset's show in Los Angeles, reigniting dating rumors. They had previously sparked rumors in late 2022 and collaborated on a track, 'You & Me.' Gunna, who faced legal issues and took an Alford Plea in a racketeering case, has been keeping a low profile but recently appeared at public events. Fans speculate about their relationship status, with some expressing support. Gunna is also set to feature on Normani's track '1:59.'

Rick Ross Welcomes Baby Girl With Cierra Nichole

29 Mar 2024  |  britishcaribbeannews.com
Cierra Nichole announced the birth of her and rapper Rick Ross's baby girl, Au’mei Moon Roberts, on Instagram. Born on November 14, the baby weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. While Ross has not publicly acknowledged the child, he has five other children from previous relationships. Cierra Nichole, who is also a contractor and interior designer, has two older daughters. Rick Ross's relationship status has been a topic of interest, with recent links to Cristina Mackey and a past relationship with Pretty Vee.

Yung Miami, Diddy Tried To Recruit Chrisean Rock For Sex Work, Blueface Mom Claims

29 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Karlissa Saffold, Blueface's mother, has accused Diddy and Yung Miami of attempting to recruit Chrisean Rock for illicit activities, including drug trafficking. Saffold's allegations are not supported by evidence and come amidst a separate claim that Yung Miami trafficked drugs for Diddy. Yung Miami has denied these allegations, and Chrisean Rock has not responded to the claims.

50 Cent Seeks Full Custody Of Son Sire With Daphne Joy Over Diddy’s Allegation

28 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
50 Cent is seeking full custody of his son Sire Jackson following allegations in a lawsuit that his son's mother, Daphne Joy, was involved in sex work. The lawsuit, filed by Rodney Jones, also implicates other women and has led to reactions from various parties, including 50 Cent and legal representatives of Universal Music Group and Motown Records. The rapper has expressed his disapproval of Joy's alleged actions and her association with Diddy, whom he has criticized in the past. Joy has not responded to the recent claims, while legal representatives have dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Young Thug’s Baby Mother Cleotrapa Denies Fighting Mariah The Scientist

28 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
One of Young Thug's baby mothers, Cleotrapa, has denied being involved in a physical altercation with his current girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist, at an Atlanta bar lounge. A video of Mariah in a scuffle went viral, but Cleotrapa refuted the claims on Twitter, indicating they are friends. Meanwhile, Mariah The Scientist is on a break from her tour due to losing her voice and has faced criticism for postponing shows.

Yung Miami Accused Of Transporting ‘Pink Cocaine’ For Diddy In Lawsuit

27 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
City Girls rapper Yung Miami is accused of transporting cocaine for Diddy, her boyfriend and former Bad Boy Records label mogul, in an amended lawsuit filed by producer Rodney Jones. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment by Diddy, drug trafficking, prostitution, and sexual activities with minors. Homeland Security raided Diddy's homes following the arrest of his employee Brendan Paul, who was named as his drug dealer. The lawsuit also claims Yung Miami was a paid sex worker for Diddy, along with others, and received payments for these services. Diddy, who has been linked romantically to multiple women including Daphne Joy, has previously denied the allegations, dismissing them as a shakedown.

Rapper Fredo Bang Calls Out Jada Kingdom & Asian Doll Over $35K Claims

26 Mar 2024  |  caribbeanetroundup.com
Rapper Fredo Bang has publicly denied allegations that he paid Jada Kingdom for sex, refuting claims made amidst a rehashed beef between Jada Kingdom and Asian Doll. The dispute involves accusations of selling sex to rappers, with figures of $10,000 and $35,000 mentioned. Fredo Bang insists he did not pay for intimacy, responding to tweets and challenging the veracity of the claims. Jada Kingdom has not responded to Fredo Bang's statements.

50 Cent Reacts To Diddy’s Alleged ‘Mule’ Arrested For Drug Possession

26 Mar 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
An associate of Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Brendan Paul, was arrested for drug possession at a Miami airport, while federal authorities raided Diddy's homes in Miami and Los Angeles. Diddy's sons were also arrested. Allegations include sex trafficking and drug distribution, with lawsuits filed by ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura and Rodney Jones. Diddy has not responded to the allegations. 50 Cent commented on the situation, and reports indicate Diddy sold his shares in Revolt TV.

T.I., Tiny Harris Sued For Allegedly Spiking Woman’s Drink Before Sexually Assaulted Her

22 Mar 2024  |  britishcaribbeannews.com
A woman, identified as Jane Doe, has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta power couple T.I. and Tiny Harris, alleging they drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2005. The incident reportedly occurred after a night out in Los Angeles, where the woman, then a member of the U.S. Air Force, claims her drink was spiked before being taken to a hotel for a threesome. The Harrises have denied the allegations, stating they have been threatened with the lawsuit for three years and maintain their innocence. The lawsuit is filed under the California Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, which allows victims to sue even after the statute of limitations for sex crimes has expired.

Byron Messia Says Teejay Capping About Their Altercation In New Interview

16 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Byron Messia addresses Teejay's comments about their altercation, emphasizing he doesn't want things to escalate. Teejay had accused Byron of being confrontational, but Byron refutes this, expressing frustration and seeking divine help to control his emotions. The conflict began over claims of having the biggest dancehall song last summer, with both artists achieving significant career milestones. Teejay secured a Warner Music record deal and was named the Face of Dancehall by Billboard, while Byron Messia earned several Billboard achievements.

Chrisean Rock Caught Sitting On Bandhunta Izzy’s Lap, Zonnique Fans React

16 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Chrisean Rock was seen getting cozy with Bandhunta Izzy, the father of Zonnique Pullins' child, after apparently ending her relationship with K Suave and covering up a tattoo of his name. Blueface, Rock's baby father, is currently incarcerated. Rock and Izzy's interaction at an afterparty sparked discussions on social media, with some speculating about their relationship due to their shared Baltimore background. Bandhunta Izzy faced scrutiny over comments about his relationship with Zonnique, who later indicated on Twitter her interest in women. Rock also expressed her interest in finding a new man in an Instagram Stories video.

Rvssian Not Interested In Working With Alkaline: ‘Mi good ova yah so’

16 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall producer Rvssian, known for his association with Vybz Kartel, has expressed disinterest in collaborating with artist Alkaline during an interview with Questimes. Alkaline, who rose to fame around 2015 and has since gained international success and ownership of his publishing, was indirectly shaded by Rvssian. The history of tension between Rvssian and Alkaline includes a past incident where Alkaline dissed Tony Matterhorn for playing a Vybz Kartel song, and Kartel's subsequent Instagram post calling Alkaline a 'copycat.' Alkaline's fans have defended him, stating he does not need hype from Rvssian.

Teejay Seemingly Calls Popcaan A Gatekeeper In Dancehall and Rapper Groupie

15 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall artist Teejay discusses overcoming significant personal and professional challenges, including leaving Jamaica due to criminal threats and navigating the music industry with the help of Sharon Burke from Solid Agency. He credits Burke with helping him regain control of his publishing rights and setting him on a better financial path. Teejay also addresses the concept of gatekeeping in the dancehall industry, shading Popcaan for his connections with visiting rappers. He emphasizes the importance of hard work and networking over accusations of gatekeeping.

Rvssian Blast Kyle Butler Over Claims He Stole Dutty Money & Gatekeeping Dancehall

15 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall producer Rvssian faces accusations from upcoming producer Kyle Butler, who claims Rvssian steals work from younger producers and takes undue credit. Butler specifically points to the Dutty Money Riddim as an example. Rvssian refutes these claims, showcasing evidence of his work and responding to Butler's comments with humor and criticism. The dispute has sparked a heated exchange on social media, with both parties defending their positions and fans weighing in on the controversy.

Rick Ross Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Shade Pretty Vee & Tia Kemp

14 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Tia Kemp, Rick Ross' baby mother, mocked his current girlfriend Cristina Mackey's cooking skills on Instagram Live, suggesting Mackey learn to make more fulfilling meals. Mackey responded by defending her relationship with Ross and her decision to live with him, while also addressing Kemp's criticism and denying shading any of Ross's exes, including comedian Pretty Vee. Mackey emphasized her unique relationship with Ross, noting the lack of public displays of affection between Ross and his exes compared to their relationship. Ross has not publicly confirmed or denied his relationship with Mackey.

Stefflon Don Namedrops Skillibeng In New Jada Kingdom Diss Song

14 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Stefflon Don continues her feud with Jada Kingdom by releasing a new diss track titled 'Dead Gyal Talking,' where she accuses Jada of various personal issues and mocks her. Despite previously indicating she would stop the clash, Stefflon returns with strong accusations and personal attacks. Jada Kingdom responds by mocking Stefflon on Instagram Live, suggesting she has won the clash. The diss track includes references to other artists and personal anecdotes, intensifying the ongoing celebrity feud.

Rvssian and Shenseea Haven’t Spoken In Two Years, Producer Talks Fallout

13 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall producer Rvssian revealed on the Let's Be Honest Podcast that he has not spoken to artist Shenseea for two years due to creative differences and her decision to pursue hip hop/pop music. Despite the lack of communication, Rvssian, who signed Shenseea to his label Rich Immigrants under Interscope Records, still approves her music and videos. Shenseea's shift from dancehall to hip hop/pop has been met with criticism from fans, and she has yet to achieve a major hit in her new genre despite collaborations with artists like Kanye West and Megan Thee Stallion. Rvssian also discussed his work with other artists and his success as a reggaeton producer.

Usain Bolt Shares Somber Message A Year After Losing $12 Million To Fraud

12 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Usain Bolt, Olympic legend and dancehall music producer, remains resilient a year after losing US$12 million in an investment fraud at Stocks and Securities Limited. The case, which has drawn public outrage and is under investigation by multiple organizations including the FBI, involves manager Jean Ann Panton who is awaiting trial. Bolt, the world's fastest man and father of three, expressed his frustration over the unresolved theft on Instagram and is considering a career in athletics coaching.

Asian Doll Accuses Jada Kingdom Of Doing Drugs, Leaked Tape In Twitter Spat

11 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Asian Doll has accused Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom of drug use and other personal misconducts in a Twitter spat, following allegations made in a diss track by Stefflon Don. Jada Kingdom denied the claims and responded with her own accusations against Asian Doll. The exchange included personal attacks and the sharing of private messages. Pardison Fontaine, who was also mentioned in the diss track, has become a topic of discussion among fans. Jada hinted at going to the studio after the online altercation.

Stefflon Don Waves White Flag After Jada Kingdom’s Diss Track ‘Steff Lazarus’

11 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall artists Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don have ended their feud following Jada Kingdom's release of a diss track titled 'Steff Lazarus,' which Stefflon Don criticized for containing lies. The track accused Stefflon Don of various personal and professional misconducts, leading her to refuse further engagement in the clash. Both artists and Stefflon Don's mother addressed the allegations on social media, with the dancehall community calling for peace between the two.

Jada Kingdom Reacts To Anthony B Trashing Beef With Stefflon Don

11 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Anthony B expresses disapproval of the lyrical clash between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don, which he views as harmful to the global image of reggae and dancehall music. He questions why there is a need to pit black women against each other in the music industry. Sean Paul also calls for peace, emphasizing the importance of women in Jamaican culture. Anthony B's song 'Wha Dat - woman ah fight over man?' reflects his stance against the feud.

Jada Kingdom Samples Aidonia, Burna Boy In Vicious Stefflon Don Diss Song

09 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Jada Kingdom released a diss track titled 'London Bed' targeting Stefflon Don, addressing personal and professional grievances, including their respective relationships with Burna Boy. The track samples audio from Aidonia and Burna Boy, and has been well-received by dancehall fans, who praised Jada's lyrical prowess and delivery. The feud appears to be fueled by past romantic entanglements with Burna Boy, with Jada's song containing sharp insults and personal attacks on Stefflon Don.

Jada Kingdom Calls Out Stefflon Don Says Burna Boy Is For ‘Everybody’

07 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Jada Kingdom addresses Stefflon Don's diss track, suggesting it targets her due to past interactions with Burna Boy. She clarifies her stance, emphasizing that Burna Boy is not exclusive to anyone and criticizes Stefflon Don for bringing up old issues. Jada dismisses the diss track as weak and expresses no intention to respond musically.

DJ Black Boi Defends Shenseea Amid Jada Kingdom Comparison

05 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
DJ Black Boi defended Shenseea against critics comparing her to Jada Kingdom after both artists released tracks on the Dutty Money Riddim. The riddim has been popular since Rvssian's release of new hits from various artists. Fans quickly compared Shenseea and Jada Kingdom's tracks, leading to mixed opinions on social media. Shenseea's team expressed annoyance at the comparisons, emphasizing her influence on other female artists using the riddim. Shenseea has not publicly responded to the comparisons or the speculation about her relationship with Rvssian, which is rumored to have soured over her 'Alpha' album release last year.

Beenie Man Explains Why He Proposed To Camille Lee, DHQ Carlene Reacts

05 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Dancehall Queen Carlene expressed her support for Beenie Man and his fiancée Camille Lee following their engagement. Beenie Man, who proposed to Lee in a simple ceremony, shared his thoughts on the importance of commitment. The couple has known each other for 23 years and started dating in 2021. Carlene, the mother of Beenie Man's daughter Crystal, praised Lee for caring about her daughter and Beenie Man. The article also touches on Beenie Man's past relationships, including his marriage to D'Angel.

Reggae Artist Cocoa Tea Family Addresses Death Rumors, Ask For Prayers

04 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
The family of reggae artist Cocoa Tea, whose real name is Colvin Scott, has addressed rumors of his death, confirming he is hospitalized but alive. His wife, Malvia Scott, has asked for prayers and privacy. Cocoa Tea, a Florida resident, has been speculated to be ill since October. The 64-year-old artist, known for hits like 'Rocking Dolly' and 'Jah Made Them That Way,' has significantly contributed to reggae music, including founding the Roaring Lion label.

YSL Co-Founder Trontavious Stephens Testified In Young Thug’s Trial

03 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Trontavious Stephens, co-founder of Young Slime Life, testified in the trial of rapper Young Thug and others, discussing the origins of the group and its evolution from the Roc Crew gang. Stephens, who took an Alford Plea to avoid jail, detailed his background, gang activities, and interactions with other defendants. He clarified statements made to police in 2014 and discussed his plea deal, which prevents him from invoking the Fifth Amendment. The prosecution presented evidence, including Stephens's statement and his role in a 2014 armed robbery. Seven defendants remain in the trial, facing various charges related to conspiracy, gang activity, and murder.

What’s Under Young Thug’s Shirt? Courtroom Clip Sparks Debate

03 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
During the resumed YSL racketeering trial at Fulton County Superior Court, attention was drawn to an unidentified object under rapper Young Thug's shirt, leading to speculation about its nature. The trial continued after a delay due to defendant Shannon Stillwell's stabbing. Young Thug appeared healthy and interacted with his lawyer, Brian Steel. Cathy Russon of Law & Crime Network highlighted the object's presence. Meanwhile, Young Thug affiliate Trontavious Stephens testified as part of an Alford Plea deal, admitting to past crimes for YSL.

Demarco Blames ‘Crosses’ Foota Hype For His Beef With Mavado

03 Jan 2024  |  urbanislandz.com
Demarco, a dancehall artiste/producer, attributes his past conflict with Mavado to the influence of selector Foota Hype. During an Instagram Live chat, Demarco expressed his frustration with Mavado's lack of response to his attempts to collaborate, which he claims led him to release diss tracks at Foota Hype's suggestion. The dispute has escalated to personal attacks, and fans have criticized Demarco for not taking responsibility for his actions. Foota Hype has yet to respond to Demarco's claims.

DDG Tells Fans 'Mind Your Business' Reacts To Halle Bailey Having Daughter Rumors

31 Dec 2023  |  urbanislandz.com
Rapper DDG expressed frustration over fans' speculation about him and Halle Bailey having a baby girl, following rumors and a video suggesting the birth of a baby boy. DDG emphasized the importance of privacy and questioned why fans are so invested in their personal lives. He also responded to comments about his suitability for Halle. The couple has not confirmed the birth or a pregnancy, which many believe was kept private due to Halle's Disney Little Mermaid deal.

News article from the Guyana Times about a cultural phenemenon that's underreported in Guyana- arranged marriages and domestic violence/ sexual abuse to victims mostly young women.

News reporting in Guyana, 2010. Includes news writing, voicing and stand up. A story on the state of the controversial Le Repentir Cemetary.

Coronation Vendors Demand Improved Security

29 Jul 2015  |  nationwideradiojm.com
Vendors at the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston are urging the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and the West Kingston Police to enhance security following the fatal stabbing of a 60-year-old vendor known as 'Monica' from St. Thomas. Despite being robbed of her ring, the $1500 in her bag was left untouched. Criminals are reportedly using the market as a hideout and are frequently stealing from the vendors.

Yes! Fish Back Exists & It's in High Demand!

20 Mar 2015  |  nationwideradiojm.com
Vendors report high demand for 'fish back,' a product highlighted by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness in Parliament as indicative of the poor's worsening condition. Rainforest Seafood in Downtown Kingston sells over a thousand pounds weekly, often unable to meet demand. Holness's budget presentation introduced many Parliamentarians to 'fish back,' now sought after due to the unaffordability of 'chicken back.' The product's popularity is seen as evidence of impoverishment under the Simpson Miller Administration. 'Fish back' is available at various outlets, including Rainforest Seafood, and sells for 39 dollars a pound in the corporate area.

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