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Kingston, Jamaica

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Devi Seitaram

25 year old Journalism graduate with 8 years combined experience in print, TV and radio with some experience in public relations and social media marketing. 

I am presently working in Kingston, Jamaica as a public relations consultant and radio producer/reporter/announcer.

I'm competent in using the AP news style for print journalism and is able to write meta data for online. 

Also very competent in social media promotion and management as well as public relations campaigns on social media.



Crime in one of the popular markets in Kingston Jamaica.


Radio story taken off Nationwide 90 FM website written and voiced by me. The story stems from a claim by the opposition leader in Jamaica that many Jamaicans could no longer afford chicken parts to cook so now they are buying the left over parts of fish, usually the spine to cook and eat.


News article from the Guyana Times about a cultural phenemenon that's underreported in Guyana- arranged marriages and domestic violence/ sexual abuse to victims mostly young women.


News reporting in Guyana, 2010. Includes news writing, voicing and stand up. A story on the state of the controversial Le Repentir Cemetary.

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