Devon Delfino

I am a journalist based in the Bay Area (Calif.). I write about culture, race, gender, the environment, personal finance, lifestyle and careers as a freelancer.

I graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication (‘15) and was subsequently handpicked to participate in NerdWallet’s Writer Startup Program. I ended up working at the company for nearly two years, putting my service-journalism skills to use first in the higher education and student loan beat and later as a general personal-finance reporter.

I took the opportunity to write about the issues affecting women, minorities, low-income individuals and first-generation students as often as I could. I pioneered new content formats and even started a social-media ready series of profiles about people who’ve paid off student debt. I covered financial news and dug into 1,000-line spreadsheets, immersed myself in the shady world of paid surveys, talked to presidents of lending companies and financial planners as well as debt advocates and people struggling with debt and fluctuating incomes.

My work has been featured in the LA Times, Mashable, Business Insider, MarketWatch and USA Today, among others. Feel free to reach out regarding article assignments, project proposals or if you have any questions. (Email works best —



Reported feature for the Establishment about the relationship between intimate partner violence and the money taboo.


Reported feature for Teen Vogue about the unstable nature of financial aid packages (includes service-journalism information about what to watch out for as a soon-to-be college student.)


Article and tool (which I built from scratch) to help readers save money for vacation.


Article and tool (which I built from scratch) to help readers figure out where they can, and should, sell their stuff online to earn extra cash.


In-depth feature article about how to manage money when you earn minimum wage.


Service-journalism article about free money offers and the potential danger they pose for consumers, picked up by FOX Business.


Service-journalism explainer about the differences between refinancing and consolidating student loans, picked up by MarketWatch.


News article, written on tight deadline, about a new report from the CFPB about student loan servicers. This was published by the L.A. Times.

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