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Diana Ramos

Quito, Ecuador
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About Diana
Diana Ramos is a journalist based in Quito, Ecuador.
I love photography, researching and writing texts. I specialize in issues related to migration and refugees, as well as economy, politics, cooking and tourism, I also write about Cuba.
English Spanish
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Life expectancy stands at 84.5 years in the Community of Madrid

07 Mar 2024  |  Noticias de Madrid
Life expectancy in the Community of Madrid has increased to 84.5 years, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), marking a 0.3-year rise from the previous year. This positions Madrid as one of the regions with the highest life expectancy in Spain, second only to Navarra. The region also saw a 2.2% decrease in mortality rates, primarily due to a reduction in cancer-related deaths. However, sexually transmitted diseases have risen by 7.9%, prompting health authorities to emphasize prevention and the use of contraceptives. Experts highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and Madrid's high-quality healthcare system as key factors in the increased life expectancy.

Toni Roldán, nuevo Senior Advisor de BCW España

12 Feb 2024  |  PR Noticias
BCW España has announced the appointment of Toni Roldán as a Senior Advisor to its Advisory Board. Roldán, a distinguished economist with extensive experience in various high-responsibility roles, including positions at Eurasia Group, the European Parliament, and the European Commission, will bring his multidisciplinary vision to the firm. His addition is expected to significantly enhance BCW España's capabilities in economics, sustainability, and public affairs. Francisco López, CEO of BCW España, expressed confidence that Roldán's expertise will provide valuable insights and opportunities for the company's clients.

Be Casa chooses Roman as its communication and public relations agency

12 Feb 2024  |  PR Noticias
Be Casa has selected Roman as its communication and public relations agency to develop a communication plan and content creation strategy aimed at positioning its brand and innovative flexible accommodation concept in Madrid. The initiative, led by Kike González from Roman's Brands&Influence team, aims to create a community of brand lovers and impact key audiences. Marino Laso, Senior Marketing Manager of Be Casa, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the alignment with their resident-focused philosophy.

Marian Marco, new director of La Casa de Carlota

07 Feb 2024  |  PR Noticias
Marian Marco, a partner at the communication consultancy Roman since March 2023, has been appointed as the new director of La Casa de Carlota, a design and branding studio known for its inclusive business model. Marco's appointment is part of Roman's strategy to increase synergies and meet growing client demand. La Casa de Carlota, acquired by Roman in 2022, has seen significant growth and is recognized for its unique designs. Marco will lead the studio into its next phase of growth and consolidation, supported by José María Batalla and Laura Murtra.

María Obispo, nueva Global Lead Culture & People de LLYC

16 Jan 2024  |  PR Noticias
María Obispo has been appointed as the new Global Lead Culture & People at LLYC, aiming to enhance employee experience, corporate culture, and talent across the consultancy's offices. Reporting to Tiago Vidal, she brings extensive experience from her previous role in Talent Engagement, where she worked on communication strategies to attract new profiles and improve team commitment. With 13 years at LLYC, María's appointment reflects the company's commitment to professional growth. Both María and Tiago express confidence in the positive impact of her new role on the company's evolution.

Evercom reaches 8.7 million euros in revenue in 2023

11 Jan 2024  |  PR Noticias
Evercom, a creative communication and marketing agency, achieved 8.7 million euros in revenue in 2023, marking an 11% growth from the previous year. The agency also saw a 12% increase in its professional team, now totaling 112 employees. Key factors for this growth include client consolidation and new service offerings. Evercom has been recognized in various industry rankings and has strengthened its international presence by joining the International Public Relations Network. The agency has also focused on internal corporate culture, emphasizing employee recognition and talent promotion. Looking ahead, Evercom aims to continue building on its creative strategies and fostering strong client relationships.

Santa Casa may lose more than 50 million in Brazil

21 Dec 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Ana Jorge, the provider of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), acknowledges that the institution's international operations in Brazil and Peru may result in losses exceeding 50 million euros. She does not rule out additional contingencies as a forensic audit of Santa Casa Global, the holding company created for international partnerships, continues.

Montenegro wants to see a prepared PS and leaves a barb at those who appear 'with a clean face' selling illusions

17 Dec 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Luís Montenegro, leader of the PSD, criticized the new socialist secretary-general Pedro Nuno Santos for lack of preparation and for selling illusions to the Portuguese people. Montenegro emphasized the need for a profound debate and for the public to understand who is more prepared. He dismissed the focus on the right in Santos' inaugural speech and highlighted the differences between the current government's policies and those of the PS. Montenegro also responded to criticisms from the BE regarding the return of service time for teachers, noting that PSD had proposed this in September without any foresight of elections or political crisis.

Pilar Llácer, new Director of Culture, People and Talent Engagement Europe at LLYC

14 Dec 2023  |  PR Noticias
Pilar Llácer has been appointed as the Director of Culture, People, and Talent Engagement Europe at LLYC, where she will focus on enhancing corporate relationships and attracting top talent sustainably. Her extensive experience in HR and innovative vision are expected to address client challenges and evolve LLYC's value proposition. She will also oversee LLYC's executive education programs. Reporting to Jorge López Zafra and Iñaki Ortega, Llácer aims to leverage communication to build better organizations. Her background includes roles at Catenon, PwC, CapGemini, and EAE Business School, and she is an author of several books on HR and business ethics.

LLYC and Galderma winners at the AMCO Awards 2023

27 Nov 2023  |  PR Noticias
LLYC México and Galderma were recognized at the AMCO Awards 2023 for their project 'The Power of Data Science in Beauty' in the category of internal-external communication plan. The award highlights LLYC's global efforts to provide strategic solutions based on creativity. Luis Anaya, Senior Healthcare Director for the Northern Region at LLYC, emphasized the importance of innovation in health topics. The AMCO Awards, organized by the Mexican Association of Communicators, honor the best practices in corporate communication in Mexico. The winning campaign focused on AI research in the aesthetic industry, helping Galderma understand the market potential and define commercial strategies.

ISDI chooses Ogilvy Barcelona for brand strategy redefinition

27 Nov 2023  |  PR Noticias
ISDI has partnered with Ogilvy Barcelona to redefine its brand strategy, aiming to enhance its digital presence and user experience. This collaboration underscores ISDI's commitment to digital talent and innovation, with a focus on integrating AI methodologies across its programs. Ogilvy Barcelona's role will involve significant improvements in UX and UI, reflecting ISDI's dynamic positioning in the digital education sector.

Galamba to Escária: 'We have a very delicate situation in Sines'

09 Nov 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The article discusses a delicate situation in Sines involving João Galamba, then Secretary of State for Energy, and Vítor Escária, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister António Costa. The issue revolves around a conflict between AICEP and ICNF regarding the classification of an industrial park as a conservation area, which impacts the Start Campus project. The article details the efforts and pressures exerted by various government officials to resolve the impasse, ultimately leading to a favorable environmental impact declaration for the project in August 2023.

The Housing Fuse

12 Oct 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Reflecting on the events of March 12, 2011, when a generation protested against precariousness, labor instability, and low wages, the article highlights that many of these issues have worsened over the past twelve years. Despite the absence of an external financial rescue, the current economic and social problems in Portugal are more concerning and risk igniting social unrest.

The Triumph of Balanced Budgets and Money in the Pocket

10 Oct 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The Portuguese government presented its third State Budget under an absolute majority, focusing on increasing incomes and pensions while maintaining fiscal prudence. The budget aims to ensure a stable economic path and address societal needs, but the measures for income tax reduction are seen as minimal. The government's emphasis on a public debt below 100% of GDP and a budget surplus for 2023 is highlighted as a strategy to secure political stability and electoral gains. Public investment is set to increase, but remains relatively low as a percentage of GDP. A significant change is the removal of mandatory financial authorizations for certain expenditures, aimed at improving public service efficiency.

Ethics Committee of the Bank of Portugal evaluates invitation to Centeno

06 Oct 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The Ethics Committee of the Bank of Portugal is set to evaluate potential conflicts of interest regarding Prime Minister António Costa's invitation to Governor Mário Centeno to replace him, amidst political criticism. The committee, led by Rui Vilar, will issue a decision following an extraordinary meeting. Opposition parties, including PSD and PAN, have criticized Centeno's independence, with leaders like Joaquim Miranda Sarmento and Rodrigo Saraiva expressing concerns over political influence and governance ethics.

List of zero VAT expanded to gluten-free, dietetic products and vegetable drinks

03 Oct 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The Portuguese government has proposed expanding the list of essential goods benefiting from zero VAT to include gluten-free foods, vegetable-based drinks, and certain dietetic products. This proposal, which entered Parliament last Friday, will be debated and voted on this Tuesday. The expansion follows negotiations between the government and opposition parties, including PAN, PSD, and Bloco de Esquerda, who presented various proposals.

The Easiest Path

18 Sep 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Criticizes the Portuguese government's approach to economic support, arguing that indiscriminate aid is an easy but incorrect solution that merely prolongs economic pain. Highlights the President's pressure on the government regarding fuel support and the Finance Minister's promises to mitigate the impact of rising interest rates.

Politics and collective entertainment: The last opinion article by Teodora Cardoso

10 Sep 2023  |  jornaldenegocios.pt
Teodora Cardoso, former president of the Conselho de Finanças Públicas, expressed disenchantment with Portuguese politics in her last opinion article, highlighting the economy's vulnerability and criticizing the government's economic performance and management of public spending. Teodora Cardoso passed away at the age of 81 in Lisbon.

Carlos Moreira da Silva: 'I don't have political capacity'

12 Jul 2023  |  jornaldenegocios.pt
Carlos Moreira da Silva, the owner of BA Glass, reflects on his strict upbringing and its impact on his management style. He recalls his education at a boarding school in Oliveira de Azeméis after being held back at age 12. Silva, who crossed paths with Valente de Oliveira early in his career, has always declined political roles despite being approached, citing a lack of political capacity and a disdain for bureaucracy. He considers his entry into Barbosa & Almeida, purchased from Belmiro de Azevedo, as his greatest success. The interview is part of the Negócios Sustentabilidade 20|30 initiative, which includes conferences on ESG topics and sustainability concerns.

Carlos Moreira da Silva: 'There is a compliance requirement that is a bit sickly'

12 Jul 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Carlos Moreira da Silva, the entrepreneur and owner of BA Glass, discusses the excessive compliance requirements in business, which he finds somewhat sickly. He reflects on his 22-year tenure at BA Glass, his management philosophy, and his preference for private companies over public ones due to the heavy regulatory burden. The interview is part of the Negócios Sustentabilidade 20|30 initiative, which focuses on ESG themes and sustainability in business.

Mota-Engil signs 140 million contract with Petrobras

07 Jun 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Mota-Engil has secured a new contract worth €140 million with Brazilian oil company Petrobras for offshore maintenance services, to be executed over 1,490 days. This contract is part of a consortium mainly owned by Petrobras and aligns with Mota-Engil's medium to long-term cooperation strategy with Tier 1 clients. The contract boosts Mota-Engil's business in Latin America, which has already generated €890 million in new contracts this year. CEO Carlos Mota dos Santos aims to maintain a high order book and focus on profitability, with significant growth expected in 2023.

António Ramalho joins consultancy Alvarez & Marsal

08 May 2023  |  jornaldenegocios.pt
António Ramalho, former CEO of Novo Banco, is set to join international consultancy Alvarez & Marsal, specializing in financial institutions and restructuring processes. He will also serve as vice-president of Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) and FIL Design. Alvarez & Marsal is opening an office in Portugal, with Mário Trinca as the Managing Director. The firm is known for its expertise in turnaround management, corporate restructuring, and performance improvement, and publishes the Banking Pulse Report. In the U.S., it supported the new CEO of crypto brokerage FTX in restructuring efforts. In Portugal, Novo Banco hired the firm for the sale of its Spanish branch and an independent report on real estate asset sales.

Galamba: Marcelo's doubts about 'homegrown talent'

02 May 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The article discusses the political tension in Portugal following the appointment of João Galamba and Marina Gonçalves by Prime Minister António Costa. President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa had previously warned about the risks of these appointments. The controversy escalated with incidents involving the Ministry of Infrastructure, including the theft of a classified computer. Costa, who was on vacation in Italy, defended the actions taken by the authorities. The article highlights the ongoing discussions and the potential implications for the government.

Galamba denies accusations and puts deputy in check

28 Apr 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The exchange of accusations between the Ministry of Infrastructure and former deputy Frederico Pinheiro escalated after Pinheiro accused Minister João Galamba of attempting to withhold information from the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on TAP. Galamba denied these accusations and questioned Pinheiro's credibility. The Ministry clarified that all requested documents were provided to the committee and explained Pinheiro's dismissal was due to his repeated denial of meeting notes' existence, which could have led to incorrect responses to the committee. Pinheiro contested this, stating he had informed Galamba about the notes on April 5, following a revelation by former TAP CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener.

Former deputy of Galamba denies having assaulted or stolen a computer

28 Apr 2023  |  jornaldenegocios.pt
Frederico Pinheiro, former deputy to the Minister of Infrastructure, denies assaulting staff in João Galamba's office or stealing a computer. He claims he was defending himself after being grabbed and emphasizes that he returned the computer on his own initiative. Pinheiro recounts being prevented from leaving the building and calling the police to assist his exit. He was allowed by the police to take the computer, which he later voluntarily returned upon realizing it might contain classified information.

Porta 65 adjusted and with applications open all year round

30 Mar 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
The Portuguese government is adjusting the Porta 65 youth rental program to allow applications for support from the Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana (IHRU) to be open year-round. Additionally, a new form of support will be created for families with income losses and greater financial vulnerability. The traditional Porta 65 program will no longer have fixed application periods, and the requirement for the candidate's permanent residence to match their tax address will be removed. The Porta 65+ program will provide permanent support under similar terms but will be available regardless of age, targeting those with significant income drops or single-parent families. These changes are expected to take effect from June.

Alexandra Reis will return compensation but disagrees with IGF

06 Mar 2023  |  www.jornaldenegocios.pt
Alexandra Reis, former administrator of TAP, disagrees with the conclusions of the Inspeção-Geral de Finanças (IGF) regarding her compensation but will return the amount to avoid any suspicion. She argues that the IGF's report misrepresents the circumstances of her departure and maintains that her actions were lawful and in good faith. Despite her disagreement, she will comply with the IGF's directive to return 450,110.26 euros.



What it's like to be a migrant in Ecuador

Opposition of Cuban opponents to the Ecuadorian government

Opposition Guillermo Lasso: 'Cubans and Venezuelans are welcome'

21 Mar 2017  |  www.14ymedio.com
Ecuadorian opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso, speaking at the Universidad de las Américas, stated that if elected on April 2, he would maintain the policy of 'universal citizenship' and welcome migrants from Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba who wish to undertake ventures in Ecuador. He clarified his stance on Cuban migration, supporting free human mobility, a principle established by former President Rafael Correa. Lasso criticized the current government's practice of paying the Cuban government for medical services provided by Cuban professionals in Ecuador, who receive meager salaries, and plans to end this outsourcing. Ecuador has traditional communities of American, Colombian, and Peruvian immigrants, with significant Cuban and Venezuelan colonies emerging over the last decade.

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