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A girl who dropped out of school because she can’t get her hair done because of the teachings of her church when there is a measure taken by the Ministry of Education that recommends that students get their hair done.



A commissioner opp 1 of the city of Bujumbura, accused of having killed with a gun his wife, mother of 6 children in Kanyosha commune. The Ministry of Public Security rejects this barbarity.



Sometimes, blindness in children depends on the fact that their mothers do not do pre-natal consultations.



Disprove a rumor circulating on social media that there is a cow speaking with an audible voice so that she can communicate with humans.


An armed attack on the Burundo-Congolese border of Gatumba on the night of 15 September 2018.An unidentified person died in the field, according to the government of Burundi, who said that the attack was carried out by bandits.

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