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Diane Walsh

Paris, France
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About Diane
Diane Walsh, MA, is an accomplished journalist and academic with a background in social justice, environmental activism and human rights. As an executive of Mediageode GT Inc, a multimedia company with press bases in Washington and Vancouver, she specializes in regional and international outreach. Walsh's career has seen her published across the U.S., Canada, and Africa, with mobile assignments in several European cities. A long-standing member of the Foreign Press Association in London and a current member of the National Press Club in DC as of 2017, she has also held United Nations media accreditation at UN New York and UN Geneva. 
Walsh's reporting has spanned a variety of critical issues, from transportation safety to the ethical treatment of animals, and from renewable energy solutions to the intricacies of international relations. Her articles have not only highlighted the plight of captive marine animals and critiqued the entertainment industry but also supported legislative efforts to improve animal welfare. Her insightful analysis of UN Global Goals, political unrest in places like East Asia, and the nomination of US Supreme Court judges has underscored her expertise in diplomatic relations and sociopolitical interest stories.
Dedicated to advocacy and education, Walsh has been involved with Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation. As a foreign correspondent, she has reported on the challenges faced by small NGOs in West Africa and the cultural shock experienced by beluga whales in captivity. Walsh's work continues to raise awareness about environmental policy, cultural preservation, and the social and political climate affecting various communities. Her respected voice in journalism is a testament to her commitment to informing and inspiring action towards a more just and sustainable world. For freelance inquiries into her deep background research and investigative services, Walsh can be reached on her website and @dwalshmedia on social media platforms.
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Lower Island News, “Concerns surface over Canada’s political face to the world,”, June-July 2010, Vol. 27, Issue #2

The Beluga’s Culture Shock

07 Apr 2023  |  An indy journalist's Blog
Diane Walsh discusses the concept of culture shock as it applies to beluga whales in captivity, particularly focusing on the case of Maris, a beluga whale that died suddenly at the Georgia Aquarium. The article critiques the practice of keeping belugas in captivity for profit and research, questioning the ethical implications and the impact on the animals' well-being. It references PETA's stance on the issue and the Georgia Aquarium's response to Maris's death. The article also touches on the broader issues of animal rights and personhood, and the recent decision by the Vancouver Aquarium to stop keeping whales and dolphins after public outcry. Walsh encourages readers to consider the perspective of the beluga and apply human social theory to understand the plight of captive animals.


Diane Walsh

04 Nov 2022  |  www.vancouverobserver.com
The Vancouver Observer, a local news outlet that has been operational for 11 years, is ceasing its independent operations. The team responsible for the Vancouver Observer is transitioning to a new role at Canada's National Observer, where they will continue their reporting, particularly focusing on Vancouver culture. The message also includes a note of gratitude to the readers for their support throughout the years of the Vancouver Observer's existence.


Jasper van't Hof music clip from April 9th 2011 Versonnex France

An interesting commentary - notes on the use of bees in warfare including an academic reference to Anthropologist Dr. Kosek’s work on the subject area. Link to work here: https://anthrosource.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1548-1360.2010.01073.

Anthropology - The ontological turn in 2022 revisited








Hemp Lifestyle Magazine (Dionne Payne, Publisher) posted with permission 1st May 2012 Issue 05 hemplifestylemagazine.com A Hemp Textile Economy in British Columbia? (pg. 13 -14)

mf magazine https://musicfashionmagazine.com/


St Andrews, UK

Threatened, Attacked, Criticized - Josée Gavi, founder of the NGO AMEVI-TOGO, tirelessly fights against FGM

25 Nov 2019  |  montreal.mediacoop.ca
Josée Gavi, the founder of the Togolese NGO AMEVI-TOGO, is deeply involved in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). Despite threats and a lack of resources, her organization works at the grassroots level to raise awareness and promote the abandonment of FGM in Togo and beyond. AMEVI-TOGO operates without the support of larger organizations like UNICEF and TOSTAN, and seeks to break the isolation of small NGOs by advocating for better resource allocation and consistent sensitization campaigns. Gavi emphasizes the need for global civil society to understand the real needs of the fight against FGM and to support the work of small organizations on the ground.

Mediageode GTInc, FPA, London 2014-2019

NPC, Washington DC

UN Special Article by Diane Walsh, Foreign Correspondent

25 Nov 2019  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article by Diane Walsh, a foreign correspondent, delves into the complexities of United Nations peacekeeping operations. It discusses the challenges faced by the UN in executing peacekeeping missions, including the need for reform and the difficulties in maintaining neutrality and effectiveness. The piece highlights the importance of these operations in maintaining international peace and security, while also pointing out the criticisms and obstacles that the UN encounters. The author provides an in-depth analysis of the operational aspects of peacekeeping and the political intricacies involved in deploying these missions around the world.

The Royal Commonwealth Society, London UK

#FreeHongKong – the path of Non-Violent Resistance

12 Nov 2019  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article provides a comprehensive overview of the political unrest in Hong Kong, detailing the region's unique legal system, historical context, and the recent protests sparked by the Proposed Extradition Bill of 2019. It highlights the #FreeHongKong movement, the Umbrella Movement, and the concerns over China's influence and the perceived erosion of Hong Kong's autonomy. The piece discusses the tactics used by protesters, the response from law enforcement, and the international attention the protests have garnered. It also touches on the violent incidents that have occurred, including a man being set on fire, and the broader implications for Hong Kong's democratic aspirations and its relationship with China.

Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Honors FGM Activists

30 Oct 2018  |  Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation: Preventing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Supporting Survivors, Since 2010
The Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation held a 2-day event focused on the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM). The event started with the Global Woman Awards at the Milken Institute of George Washington University, despite inclement weather. The ceremony included speeches, a film screening, and a keynote presentation by Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, who addressed religious misconceptions about FGM. Awards were presented in various categories, recognizing individuals and organizations for their contributions to the fight against FGM. The second day's 5K Walk To End FGM was canceled due to severe weather, but the event still celebrated the highest fundraisers and expressed gratitude to sponsors and supporters. The article emphasizes the importance of education, advocacy, and medical support in combating FGM.

FGM Book Launch

01 Dec 2015  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article discusses the launch of a book on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by the Lower Island News in Canada. It highlights the issue of FGM as a cultural practice that has severe health consequences for women and girls. The book aims to raise awareness and educate readers about the practice, its implications, and the need for its eradication. The event featured speakers who are experts on the subject, and it was attended by individuals who are passionate about ending FGM. The article emphasizes the importance of community engagement and education in combating this practice.

Diane's Conversation on SeaWorld

01 Dec 2015  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article discusses the controversy surrounding SeaWorld, particularly focusing on the treatment of orcas in captivity. It highlights the impact of the documentary 'Blackfish' on public perception and SeaWorld's declining attendance and revenue. The journalist explores the company's response to the criticism, including the end of orca breeding programs and the introduction of new attractions. The article also touches on the legislative efforts to ban orca captivity and the broader implications for animal rights and entertainment.

Art Perceptions: Banksy Essay

01 Jan 2015  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article is an in-depth analysis of the work of the street artist known as Banksy. It explores the cultural significance of Banksy's art and its impact on contemporary art and society. The journalist investigates the mysterious identity of Banksy, the political and social commentary embedded in his work, and the public's reception to his art. The article also discusses the commercialization of street art and the legal battles surrounding the ownership and protection of Banksy's work. It delves into the paradox of Banksy's fame versus his anonymity and the challenges that arise from this dynamic.

Hempcrete: The Future of Sustainable Building?

31 Oct 2014  |  Cannabis Digest
Diane Walsh discusses the use of industrial hemp, specifically hempcrete, as a sustainable building material. Hempcrete is a composite made from hemp hurds and lime, offering a low-carbon footprint and energy savings over traditional concrete. The article explores the potential of hemp in construction, the need for research and design guidance, and the barriers to mainstream adoption due to social stigma and lack of expertise. It highlights the environmental benefits of hemp as a renewable resource and its various applications in building construction. The article also references studies and developments in the field, including a project at the University of Bath and the construction of a community hemp house in South Dakota. The piece underscores the importance of reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry and the role hemp composites could play in achieving this goal.

Proposed New TV Series on Reality for Whales in Captivity

01 May 2014  |  OB Rag
Raul Julia Levy of Julia Productions is developing a reality TV series titled 'Captivity', focusing on the lives of whales in captivity and the entertainment industry surrounding it. The series, which is in the negotiation phase with potential networks, aims to raise awareness about the social and ethical issues of whale captivity. The project is being legally overseen by the Law Office of Brian G. Raymond and involves actor Richard Grieco as a business partner. Interest from Relativity Media LCC has been reported, and the series will feature expert marine biologists and former trainers who oppose cetacean captivity. The show will highlight facilities in the U.S., Spain, and France, and is inspired by the documentary 'Blackfish', advocating for the release of captive cetaceans into sanctuaries.

Art Exhibition and Symposium at UN Tackles Female Genital Mutilation

03 Mar 2014  |  thelasource.com
The article discusses the Global Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation's (GAFGM) efforts to raise awareness about the issue of FGM through an art exhibition and a symposium. The exhibition, held at the UN in Geneva, featured works from Canadian First Nations artists, European, and African artists, and coincided with International Zero Tolerance Day of FGM. The symposium aimed to create a university chair specializing in FGM studies and to evaluate programs working towards the abandonment of FGM. The article highlights the participation of various artists and dignitaries, including UN representatives and the Executive Director of UNAIDS.

Vancouver Aims to Become Canada's Greenest City with Nature-Inspired Architecture and German Technology

20 Jan 2014  |  thelasource.com
Vancouver is striving to become the greenest city in Canada by 2020 with its Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, which includes making new buildings carbon neutral and reducing emissions in existing buildings by 20% from 2007 levels. Architect-biologist David Wong emphasizes the importance of natural systems in urban ecology and green architecture. The Passivhaus Institut in Germany has developed technologies that exceed LEED Platinum energy efficiency standards, influencing green building practices in Vancouver. Canada's first certified Passivhaus, the Austria House, and the Rainbow Passive House duplex are examples of this influence. Vancouver's new building bylaws are pushing for increased energy efficiency, as noted by Ayme Sharma from Marken Projects.

Cultural open house – traditions preserved and shared

06 Jan 2014  |  thelasource.com
The article discusses the role of cultural centres in Vancouver, highlighting Place Maillardville, the Polish Community Centre, and the Hellenic Community of Vancouver. Place Maillardville is a hub for the Francophone community, offering a range of services and activities, including language courses and the Le Festival du Bois. The Polish Community Centre, established in 1926, aims to preserve Polish culture and assist immigrants. The Hellenic Community Centre, part of the Greek community since 1977, provides a variety of programs and services, including language lessons and traditional activities. These centres not only preserve their own cultures but also invite intercultural participation, contributing to the multicultural fabric of Vancouver.

Messages for UN Women - in pictures

02 Mar 2011  |  www.theguardian.com
The article is an invitation to participate in a collective message-sharing initiative in honor of the launch of the new NGO, UN Women, and the centennial celebration of International Women's Day. The initiative aims to gather insights from women around the globe on the most pressing issues they face. Contributors are encouraged to share their stories, inspirations, motivations, and challenges by joining a dedicated Flickr group. This call to action seeks to amplify women's voices and experiences on a significant platform.

The Glass Wall: The People vs. Obama’s Supreme Court nomination

03 Jun 2009  |  Gloria Feldt
Diane Walsh's article discusses the concerns surrounding Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the US Supreme Court, particularly in relation to her stance on abortion rights and her judicial philosophy. The article highlights the lack of clarity regarding Sotomayor's views on Roe vs. Wade and reproductive rights, despite the significant implications her confirmation could have. Walsh interviews Gloria Feldt, former president of US Planned Parenthood, to gain insight into the potential threats Sotomayor's confirmation might pose to abortion rights. Feldt expresses skepticism about Sotomayor's commitment to pro-choice principles, citing Obama's failure to ask her relevant questions and her past rulings. The article also touches on Sotomayor's career trajectory and the political implications of her nomination. Feldt emphasizes the need for continued advocacy and questioning to ensure women's rights are protected in the judiciary.

Follow The Leader

14 Sep 2008  |  CURVE
Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party, discusses her commitment to environmental issues, human rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. She emphasizes the Green Party's alignment with social justice and world peace, and its support for gay rights, which she sees as non-controversial human rights. May criticizes the Conservative Party of Canada for its history of intolerance and homophobia. She also mentions her upcoming attendance at the Global Greens gathering in Brazil and expresses optimism about the Green Party's growth in Canada. May reflects on her political activism since childhood, influenced by her mother's involvement in anti-nuclear and civil rights movements, and her admiration for Green pioneer Petra Kelly.

Solar Taxi: Around the World with the Sun

01 Jul 2008  |  An indy journalist's Blog
The article discusses the journey of Louis Palmer and his 'Solar Taxi', a vehicle powered entirely by solar energy. Palmer's aim is to raise awareness about climate change and promote renewable energy solutions. The Solar Taxi has traveled across multiple countries and has been supported by various organizations, including UNEP and Greenpeace. The vehicle uses solar panels provided by Q'Cells, and the journey is part of a broader initiative to encourage the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol. The article highlights the challenges and successes of Palmer's mission, emphasizing the potential of solar power in reducing carbon emissions and combating global warming.

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