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Diego Huertas

Diego Huertas is a photographer and journalist based in Bogota, Colombia.
I like to tell stories through photographies. I'm professional in audiovisual media with emphasis in film and television. 

I have ten years of experience in documentary, social, journalistic, portrait and aerial photography. 

Throughout my career i have worked in unimaginable scenarios that it have marked my life significantly, one of the most representative is to belong a foundation of doctors who operate cleft lip and palate. Having the opportunity to register the before and after of hundreds of childrens lives that are in vulnerable conditions has forged me a new character of empathy for the world. 

I'm willing to travel anywhere in the country and world.

Photography Drone Footage
Current Affairs Technology Science & Environment Natural Disasters Film & Theatre Sports Food & Drink Music War Reporter Health & Fitness Media Training Social Cultural Breaking News Travel

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