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Diego Huertas

Bogota, Colombia
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About Diego
Diego Huertas is a photographer and journalist based in Bogota, Colombia.
I like to tell stories through photographies. I'm professional in audiovisual media with emphasis in film and television. 

I have ten years of experience in documentary, social, journalistic, portrait and aerial photography. 

Throughout my career i have worked in unimaginable scenarios that it have marked my life significantly, one of the most representative is to belong a foundation of doctors who operate cleft lip and palate. Having the opportunity to register the before and after of hundreds of childrens lives that are in vulnerable conditions has forged me a new character of empathy for the world. 

I'm willing to travel anywhere in the country and world.
Photography Drone Footage
Current Affairs Technology Science & Environment

Lo que estamos viviendo es inhumano": Venezolanos retenidos en buses al norte de Bogotá

This is not an isolated incident: Venezuelan opposition on damage to consulate in Bogotá

29 Jul 2020  |  Voz de América
Members of the Venezuelan opposition party Voluntad Popular, formerly led by interim president Juan Guaidó, denounced the vandalism of the Venezuelan consulate in Bogotá, Colombia. Liodys Porras, a party coordinator, claimed the damage is part of a strategy by Nicolás Maduro's government to undermine peace in Colombia and destabilize bilateral relations. The consulate was closed in February 2019, and since then, there have been reports of looting and destruction of property. The Colombian government has pledged to investigate the incident and reinforce security, while the Venezuelan government has blamed Colombia for the loss of property and documents. The Venezuelan embassy in Colombia has requested increased security for its diplomatic buildings.

Colombia: Number of Venezuelans decreased for the second month, but not massively

30 Jun 2020  |  Voz de América
Juan Francisco Espinosa, director of Migración Colombia, reported a 4.3% decrease in the number of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, marking the second consecutive month of decline. As of April, there were 1,788,380 Venezuelan migrants, a 1% decrease from March. Over 81,000 have voluntarily returned to Venezuela since the pandemic border closures in mid-March. The Colombian authority has faced challenges due to Venezuelan government restrictions on the return of its citizens, limiting the number of buses to the border to avoid overcrowding. Despite mobility restrictions, Colombia is working on organized processes respecting human rights for migrants' movement. Espinosa estimates that 80% of those who leave will return to Colombia due to worsening conditions in Venezuela. Efforts are being made to increase the regular migrant population in Colombia, which currently stands at 43%, with a focus on permit renewals, biometric identification, and social inclusion.

Colombia: Return of Venezuelans to their country 'depends on the generosity of Venezuela'

10 Jun 2020  |  Voz de América
Juan Francisco Espinosa, director of Migración Colombia, stated that the Venezuelan government's decision to restrict the entry of Venezuelan citizens affects over 80% of the mobility of Venezuelans returning to their country. Since the border closure on March 14, over 74,000 Venezuelans have returned in more than 945 buses. The return is now limited due to Venezuela's reduced capacity to receive its nationals, with entry through Norte de Santander on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, allowing 300 people each day. Colombia continues to support organized migration processes despite limited economic resources and is working with international cooperation to assist the migrant population. Espinosa emphasized the need for coordination and protection for both migrants and Colombian citizens in transit cities and border areas.

Over 400 Venezuelans in makeshift camps in Colombia ask to return to their country

09 Jun 2020  |  Voz de América
Venezuelan migrants, numbering around 410, are living in makeshift camps in Bogotá, Colombia, seeking to return to Venezuela after losing jobs and housing due to the pandemic. The Bogotá Mayor's Office has offered health care, shelter, and COVID-19 testing, which migrants have declined, fearing temporary solutions and potential stigmatization. Migrants request the International Red Cross to oversee COVID-19 testing. Migración Colombia coordinates with local authorities for legal departures, but Venezuelan border restrictions limit returns to three days a week. Over 71,000 Venezuelan migrants have returned home through voluntary return procedures coordinated by the national government and local authorities.

Colombia: Niños venezolanos acompañan a sus padres en la lucha por la supervivencia

20 Jan 2020  |  Voz de América
El artículo aborda la situación de los venezolanos que cruzan la frontera hacia Colombia en busca de mejores condiciones de vida. Colombia se ha convertido en un refugio para los venezolanos que enfrentan escasez y falta de oportunidades en su país. Diariamente, miles de venezolanos, incluyendo familias con niños pequeños, toman la decisión de cruzar la frontera con la esperanza de obtener alimentos y atención médica, o incluso para comenzar una nueva vida lejos de la crisis que afecta a Venezuela.

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