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Dimo Silva Aurelio, is a South Sudanese freelance journalist, who has written extensively on South Sudan's conflict and human rights issues in the Country, he visited refugees in camps in Uganda who gave their accounts of the conflict.

Before the conflict broke out in South Sudan in 2013, he worked as a reporter and editor with the Catholic Radio Network’s Voice of Hope, a community-based radio station in Wau and Torit mentoring junior reporters and helping them built their profession. 

 Since April 2015, he regularly contributes to Voice of America’s South Sudan in Focus program and currently writes for The Globe and the Defense posts. Dimo graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bahr El-Ghazal in 2015. Before he realized his passion for journalism, he had wanted to become a Catholic priest and had studied in a Seminary School.

Dimo Silva has interviewed prominent South Sudanese leaders and religious leaders on South Sudan's conflict including the emeritus Bishop Paride Taban of the Catholic Diocese of Torit, Metropolitan Bishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu in Northern Uganda and Daniel Bul of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. 

Dimo Silva looks forward to making outstanding steps that could help shape democracy in South Sudan by informing the citizens and stimulating their thinking to make a free and informed decision on issues affecting the Country socially, economically and politically.


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