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Dinesh Dubey

Mumbai, India
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About Dinesh
Dinesh Dubey is a journalist based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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Metro Newspaper site Metro.news has a new online home on Metro.co.uk

12 Jun 2024  |  Metro
Metro Newspaper's online site, metro.news, has merged with metro.co.uk, expanding its reach to 23 million unique visitors a month. Readers can continue to enjoy their favorite features and stories on the new platform and access the Metro app for the latest news, celebrity updates, sports, and features.

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Man survives horror injury after being impaled by 2.5-foot iron spike

06 Oct 2023  |  Fox News
A 20-year-old driver named Narendra survived a severe accident in Uttar Pradesh, India, where he was impaled by a 2.5-foot iron spike. The spike went through his chest and out his back, causing significant lung injuries. Medics at BHU Trauma Centre, led by Professor Siddharth Lakhotia, performed a three-hour surgery to remove the spike. Despite the severity of the injuries, Narendra is expected to make a good recovery. The accident also caused injuries to his face, eye, and foot. Professor S.K. Mathur noted the difficulty of the operation due to the bent metal pole.

Surgeons in India reattach man's foot after sawing accident severs bones, nerves, tendons

02 Oct 2023  |  Fox News
Surgeons in Mumbai, India, successfully reattached a 27-year-old carpenter's foot after a severe sawing accident. The intricate six-hour surgery involved stabilizing bones and reattaching blood vessels, followed by a second operation to repair nerves and graft skin. The patient, initially in grave danger of losing his foot, has been discharged and is recovering at home, expressing gratitude towards the medical team at RN Cooper hospital.

Doctors pull pin from girl's stomach after she accidentally swallowed it while talking

21 Jan 2023  |  Fox News
Doctors successfully removed a pin from the stomach of 13-year-old Sameera Makamdar in Vasai, India, after she accidentally swallowed it while talking. The pin, which was held between her teeth while draping a scarf, pierced her stomach wall but did not cause major injuries. Dr. Rajeev Hingorani and his team at Cardinal Gracious Memorial Hospital performed an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy to safely retrieve the pin. The incident highlights the importance of timely medical intervention to avoid more invasive procedures.

Moment angry family attack doctor after Covid victim died 'from lack of oxygen' in India

28 Apr 2021  |  mirror.co.uk
A family of a Covid-19 victim attacked Dr. Siddhant Totla outside Prime Hospital in Pune, India, due to suspicions of the patient's death from a delay in oxygen supply. The 65-year-old patient had been treated in an ambulance but was declared dead before hospital admission. The family assaulted the doctor with a metal pole and vandalized a security cabin. No arrests have been made. The incident occurred amidst India's severe second wave of Covid-19, with record-breaking case numbers and deaths, and a strained healthcare system.

Mum dies after shard pierces stomach when she accidentally runs into a glass door

16 Jun 2020  |  mirror.co.uk
Beena Jiju Paul, a 46-year-old mother, died after accidentally running into a glass door at the Bank of Baroda in Perumbavoor, India, and falling onto a shard of glass that pierced her stomach. Despite being rushed to Perumbavoor Taluk Hospital, she succumbed to her injuries. The incident was captured on graphic footage showing her surrounded by a pool of blood. The Perumbavoor police have registered a case of unnatural death.

Moment villagers use JCB to rescue baby elephant fallen down well

01 Feb 2020  |  Birmingham Live
A baby elephant was rescued from a 20ft well by villagers using a JCB digger in the Ganjam district of east India. The elephant, which had been part of a herd, was found trapped and was later freed after a six-hour rescue mission. Following the rescue, the elephant ran towards a nearby forest, and villagers scared off the rest of the herd.

Boy, 10, dubbed 'human snake' because he sheds his skin every six weeks

13 Jan 2020  |  The Mirror
A ten-year-old boy named Jagannath from the Ganjam district in India suffers from lamellar ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin condition causing his skin to shed every four to six weeks. The condition forces him to bathe hourly and apply moisturizer every three hours. His father, Prabhakar Pradhan, cannot afford treatment, and there is no known cure. Dr. Rakhesh from Aster MIMS hospital in Kerala confirms the rarity and incurability of the condition, though it can be managed with creams and medications to improve quality of life.

Toddler survives fall from moving car before crawling into oncoming traffic in India

09 Sep 2019  |  7NEWS
A one-year-old girl in Southern India survived with minor head injuries after falling from a moving car and crawling into oncoming traffic. The incident occurred on September 7 and was captured on CCTV footage. The toddler was rescued by a bystander and received medical treatment. The local police were alerted, and the child was eventually reunited with her parents, who had reported her missing to the authorities.

Toddler lucky to be alive after falling from car and crawling into oncoming traffic

09 Sep 2019  |  The Mirror
A one-year-old girl in Southern India survived with minor head injuries after falling from a moving jeep and crawling into oncoming traffic. The incident, captured on CCTV, occurred on a dark, unlit road in the Munnar region. The toddler was rescued by a bystander, received medical treatment, and was later reunited with her parents, who had reported her missing to the police. Sub-inspector Santosh KM confirmed the family reunion.

Doctors save biker impaled by metal rod

07 Nov 2018  |  foxnews.com
Kanubhai Khodabhai Bhil, a 38-year-old motorcyclist from Patan, Gujarat, India, was impaled by a metal rod from his bike after swerving to avoid an animal. The rod pierced his chest and abdomen, and he was taken to Ahmedabad Hospital where doctors performed a two-and-a-half-hour surgery. Despite the severity of the injury, Mr. Bhil was allowed to eat food just three days after the surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Dr. Hitendra Desai, an assistant professor of surgery, noted the rarity of such a surgery.

Horrific moment man loses hand falling on saw while fleeing charging bull

07 Nov 2018  |  mirror.co.uk
A man named Rauf lost his hand to a saw blade while fleeing from a charging bull in Manipuram, India. The severed hand was quickly preserved in ice by onlookers, and plastic surgeons at Aster MIMS Kozhikode, led by Dr Krishnakumar, performed a rare two-stage surgery to reattach it. Rauf regained 90 percent functionality of his hand and is expected to recover fully with physiotherapy.

Man ‘trying to take selfie' dies after being mauled by bear

03 May 2018  |  The Independent
A man named Prabhu Bhatara was mauled to death by a bear in Odisha, India, after attempting to take a selfie with the injured animal. Despite warnings from his fellow passengers, Bhatara approached the bear, leading to a fatal attack. The incident highlights the dangers associated with taking selfies, particularly in risky situations. India has the highest rate of selfie-related deaths, with 60% of global incidents occurring there between 2014 and 2016. The article also discusses other dangerous selfie incidents and the broader issue of animal abuse in organized animal selfies.

Woman miraculously survives being impaled on five foot metal rod going through her NECK

07 Dec 2017  |  The Mirror
Radhika Devi survived a severe accident where she was impaled by a five-foot metal rod that went through her neck. After falling from her house's terrace, the rod pierced through her chest and neck, narrowly missing her windpipe. Neighbors quickly took her to the hospital, where Dr. Ajay Alok and his team spent three-and-a-half hours surgically removing the rod. The timely medical intervention saved her life, and she is now recovering.

Motorcyclist miraculously recovers after falling off bike and getting impaled by metal rod through his neck and mouth

30 Nov 2017  |  independent.co.uk
Suresh, a 35-year-old motorcyclist and farmer from Andhra Pradesh's East Godavari district in India, miraculously recovered after being impaled by a metal rod through his neck and mouth following a road accident. He was trying to avoid a collision with a three-wheeler when he lost control and hit a pile of construction materials. Passers-by rushed him to Kakinada Hospital, where surgeons successfully removed the rod. Suresh expressed gratitude to the good samaritans and doctors who saved his life.

Surgeons operating on man for stomach bug shocked to find hundreds of coins and nails inside him

28 Nov 2017  |  The Independent
Surgeons at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India, discovered 263 coins, 100 nails, and other foreign objects in the stomach of Maksud Khan, a 35-year-old man suffering from abdominal pain. Khan, who is believed to have mental health issues, had been ingesting these objects over time. The surgical team, led by Dr Priyank Sharma, successfully removed 7kg of foreign objects. Khan, now out of danger, has vowed to stop this behavior. A similar case was reported in Bathinda in 2015.

Gruesome footage shows 2kg hairball the size of a MELON removed from teenager's stomach

'Fit and healthy' teenager drops dead after doing push-ups at gym as horrified friends fight to save him

19 Jun 2017  |  The Mirror
A 19-year-old engineering student, Ajinkya Lolge, collapsed and died from a probable cardiac arrest while doing push-ups at a gym in Nasik, India. Despite immediate assistance from friends and gym staff, he could not be revived. His father, Pandurang Lolge, expressed shock and disbelief over the sudden death of his healthy son. Medical professionals await the autopsy report to confirm the exact cause of death.

Leopard brutally mauls forest ranger and a boy in India

18 Apr 2017  |  dailymail.co.uk
A leopard attacked a boy named Milan Rana and a forest ranger, Bijay Khuntia, in Bolangir district, Orissa, India. Another man, Satyajit Kundakel, incurred minor injuries. The leopard was eventually tranquilized and caged after a 12-hour rescue operation. The incident began when the leopard entered a villager's house, leading to the attacks. The forest department faced challenges due to the disturbance caused by villagers during the operation.

Baby girl born with heart beating outside of her body due to bizarre birth defect

07 Apr 2017  |  Daily Record
A baby girl named Hemlata was born with Ectopia Cordis, a rare condition where the heart is located outside the chest, in Madhya Pradesh on April 5. Her parents, Premkumari and Arvind Patel, were aware of an abnormality from an ultrasound but could not afford further tests. Hemlata has a 50% chance of survival and is awaiting surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. Surgeon Dr. R.S. Tripathi explained the condition and mentioned that the baby was sent to AIIMS with a doctor due to her serious condition.

Indian animal marriage ceremony that cost £180,000 revealed

31 Mar 2016  |  www.dailymail.co.uk
In Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, a lavish wedding ceremony between Poonam, a cow, and Arjun, a bull, was held, costing around £180,000. The event, attended by 300 guests, was organized by a charity to protest against cow slaughter, a significant issue in Hindu-majority India where cows are sacred. The wedding featured Brahmin priests, a wedding invitation, and a feast for guests. Poonam's owner, Vijaybhai, expressed his willingness to spend lavishly on the ceremony to highlight the cultural value of cows.

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