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Dipanjan Das

Kolkata, India
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About Dipanjan
I am an independent journalist with bylines across UK and US based newspapers like Dailymail, NYPost, Mirror, The Independent to mention a few.
Bihari Bengali English
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing
Current Affairs Technology Natural Disasters

B2B Sales: Digital Customer Experience Takes Center Stage

27 Jul 2022  |  salestechstar.com
The future of B2B sales is increasingly digital, with a focus on providing an impressive digital customer experience (Digital CX). The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital-first sales, necessitating the end of traditional outside sales and the rise of insights-led selling. Companies must adapt by simplifying the sales process, developing a sharp CX methodology, and defining CX governance. The article highlights the importance of understanding customer needs throughout the lifecycle and leveraging data for real-time marketing and engagement. Successful digital CX strategies can lead to competitive advantages and are essential for acquiring and retaining customers.

'Inseparable' twin brothers spurn wedding proposals from other women to wed identical twin sisters

26 Oct 2018  |  Mail Online
Identical twin brothers Leiju and Liju Chirayath from Palakkad, India, have lived their lives doing everything together, including a vow to marry identical twin sisters. They met Hima and Lima through a twins group on Orkut and after three years of friendship, they proposed. Their parents decided which brother would marry which sister. The couples married in August 2012 and settled in the same house in Palakkad, Kerala. They have since had children and the sisters have opened a teaching centre. The families enjoy living together and the brothers continue to share a strong bond, often wearing the same clothes and traveling together.

Two arrested in connection with murder of Liga Skromane in India

03 May 2018  |  independent.ie
Two men, Udayan and Umesh, have been arrested by Kerala State Police in connection with the murder of Liga Skromane, a Dublin resident found dead in a mangrove forest on April 21. The investigation, led by State Police chief Loknath Behera and IG Manoj Abraham, revealed that the suspects lured Skromane to an isolated area, drugged, sexually assaulted, and strangled her. The accused have been charged with first-degree murder, rape, and under the NDPS Act. The case is being built on circumstantial and scientific evidence, with no eyewitnesses due to the location's isolation.

Factory worker died after colleague inserted industrial air hose in his bottom in 'prank gone wrong'

20 Mar 2018  |  The Mirror
A factory worker in New Delhi, India, died from internal injuries after a colleague allegedly inserted an industrial air hose into his bottom as a prank. The victim, known as Ravinder, suffered stomach pains before the air jet damaged his vital organs, leading to hemorrhage and death. The incident occurred when Ravinder bent down to pick up wood, and his colleague, Anjan Misra, allegedly performed the act. Ravinder was taken to the hospital where he died the same day. Two arrests have been made by Delhi Police.

Construction worker survives being impaled by pole through his groin

15 Mar 2018  |  nypost.com
Salim Sheikh, a 33-year-old construction worker in India, survived a horrific accident where he was impaled by a 4-foot steel rod that went through his groin and emerged near his neck. Despite the rod piercing his small intestine, colon, liver, diaphragm, and lung, surgeons successfully removed it in a five-hour operation. Sheikh was discharged to the general ward after two days in ICU and is expected to make a full recovery. The accident occurred in Nashik, Maharashtra, and after initial treatment at a local health center, Sheikh was transferred to Mumbai's JJ Hospital for surgery. His condition is reported as satisfactory.

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