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Donan Audace J.R. Ahouangnimon

Dakar, Senegal
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About Donan
Donan Audace J.R. AHOUANGNIMON est un journaliste reporter d’Images résident à Dakar. Il est actuellement pigiste à RT et couvre au quotidien l’actualité politique et économique mais il est aussi passionnée de culture.
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Un marché annuel permet au producteur locaux de trouver des débouchés. Des acteurs internationaux y participent aussi.

Le financement des petites et moyennes entreprises au Sénégal préoccupe les acteurs du secteur. Ils se consultent en la faveur d'un forum pour évaluer les mécanismes qui permettent de mettre à disposition des entrepreneurs des ressources nécessaires.

Africa, at the Heart of Global Supply Chains

16 Aug 2023  |  reussirbusiness.com
African economies have the potential to become major players in global supply chains, as indicated by the latest UNCTAD report. Africa's rich subsoil in materials necessary for technology industries is attracting manufacturers seeking aluminum, cobalt, copper, and other useful minerals. However, to benefit from these resources, African countries must overcome obstacles in mining codes and foster local partnerships. The report also emphasizes the need for Africa to develop infrastructure and skills to process raw materials locally rather than exporting them for processing. Additionally, it highlights the importance of investing in renewable energy, noting that only 2% of global investments in renewables are directed to Africa. UNCTAD also suggests debt relief for African countries to enable more flexible budgeting.

Onion, a condiment whose price is dizzying

07 Aug 2023  |  reussirbusiness.com
The price of onions in Senegal has seen a significant increase, with costs rising from 500 CFA francs in January to 1,300 CFA francs in August, and even reaching 2,000 CFA francs per kilo in Ziguinchor within three days. The Ministry of Commerce and the Agence de régulation des marchés (ARM) attribute the price hike to the end of the local onion production season and a scarcity of the product internationally. Despite lifting the import ban on July 11, 2023, the market remains tense. The ARM has received 80 containers, or 2,400 tonnes, of onions at the Port of Dakar, with a total of 10,000 tonnes expected. They also plan to fix onion prices if stock tensions continue. The article questions whether these measures will be sufficient to prevent merchants from speculating on prices during market tensions.

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